Karen did not know why. The better Kevin Kyle treated her, the more unsafe she felt. She was afraid that he would no longer be by her side when she woke up one day, and she would never be able to find him again. If he didn’t treat her so well, even if he was not here anymore, she would easily adapt to it. But now Now, she found that she was getting more and more reluctant to leave him. Even though their breakup was just a dream, she felt so heartbroken. Although the break-up happened in her dream, she still felt scared at this moment. “Karen, can you tell me what you’re thinking?” Kevin frowned slightly. His eyes looked dark and deep. Karen was always absent-minded recently. Kevin Kyle knew that she was keeping something from him, but he couldn’t guess what it was She was still eating, and he was still by her side, but Kevin Kyle couldn’t see himself in her eyes. He didn’t know where was her mind at again. She was always like this recently, which worried him very much, but he could not untie the knot in her heart. He even thought about hiring someone to investigate and follow her. He wanted to see what she was doing and who had she met all day long, but he didn’t want to do something that upsets her. “I’m wondering if it’s a baby boy or girl.” Karen blinked and looked at Kevin. “Mr. Kyle, do you like boys or girls?” Seeing that the Kyle family loved Mia so much, she thought that they shouldn’t care too much on the gender of the baby. “Both,” he said. As long as it was their child, he would be very happy no matter it was a boy or a girl. “I really hope to give birth to several children at a time, so that they won’t feel lonely.” Karen tilted her head and said foolishly “Silly.” Hearing her childish and cute words, Kevin could not resist laughing He looked really handsome when he smiled. His eyebrows were like swords flying in the air, his sexy thin lips were slightly hooked, and his facial expression was much softer, as if it could melt the glacier and snow. However, he always looked aloof and cool. He seldom smiled, and she rarely had the opportunity to see him smile so happily. She felt like kissing him. With this thought, Karen quietly inhaled a mouthful of cold air, clenched her hands into fists, leaned forward to gently kiss his sexy thin lips, and stretched out her tongue to lick them. “Karen, don’t mess around!” Kevin stepped back and pushed her away. If they did something now, the consequences would be serious. “Did I do anything wrong?” Karen muttered. She just wanted to kiss him, but she didn’t think of anything more. What did he mean by asking her not to mess around? Did he think that she wanted to sleep with him? “You’ll stay at home and rest tomorrow, and you’re not allowed to go anywhere. Listen to me.” Kevin added, She pouted her lips and pretended to be dissatisfied, “What a bossy man!” The next day, Karen stayed at home and did not go to work. Whenever she had nothing to do at home, she would always think about those things in the past. She thought about it thoroughly and decided to visit Kristine in Beaford City She booked a flight online and took a taxi to the airport. She flew to Beaford City without telling Kevin Kyle. She knew that if she were to tell Kevin, he would definitely go with her. She had already caused him a lot of trouble these days, so she didn’t want to bother him anymore. After more than two hours of flight, she finally arrived at the airport of Beaford City. She felt a breeze of cold air as soon as she got off the plane. Karen knew that the weather in Beaford City during March was so cold that it would make people tremble, so she brought along a thick coat. She could not let herself freeze. When she walked out of the airport, she called Mr. Wilis and asked for Kristine’s address. Then she went straight to the mental institution. “Miss Daly, I thought that you wouldn’t come? Why are you here? It seems that I have a good sense of people. We are all sentimental by nature.” She heard Mr. Wilis’ pleasant voice as soon as she got out of the car. She turned around and saw Mr. Wilis standing on the steps, with his hand in the pocket of his pants and looking at her with a faint smile. “Where is she?” Karen did not want to talk to him about anything else. “Come with me.” After that, Mr. Wilis went inside. Karen caught up with him and was walking a few steps behind him. Looking at his tall and straight back, she had to admit that this man was also well-groomed. He was always smiling. It seemed harmless, but in fact, he was something else. Otherwise, he couldn’t have the power to cause the Gook family to suffer such a big loss and never have a chance to turn over again in the future. At the right side of the lobby, they went through a long corridor and reached the residential area of the mental hospital. After they walked through a path, a private courtyard appeared in front of them. Mr. Wilis turned around and smiled gently. “Kristine is in this yard. Do you want to go in or talk to her outside?” “Il just talk to her outside.” Karen did not forget that she was still pregnant. For the safety of the child, she would try her best to keep a distance from Kristine, Mr. Wilis asked someone to open the window. Karen took a look inside through the window. She saw Kristine sitting quietly in the room. Kristine was facing them with her back, she couldn’t see her expression. She didn’t know whether she was really out of her mind or just pretending. “Miss Daly, your sister, Karen, is here to see you.” Mr. Wilis clapped his hands and said. After a long time, Kristine turned around slowly. A ray of light flashed upon her dull eyes when saw Karen. She looked so fierce that it was scary to look at All of a sudden, she saw Kristine’s face, which looked like it was covered with caterpillars. Karen’s stomach churned and she ran to the side and vomited. She had been vomiting for a long time before she felt a little better. Mr. Wilis handed her a bottle of mineral water and said, “I thought that you should be able to handle this. I didn’t expect that you would vomit so bad just by seeing her face.” Karen grabbed the water over, took a sip of it, and said, “Did Charlie do it?” Something extremely bad happened that it could make Kristine Daly kill Charlie Gook. Karen thought about all kinds of possibilities before coming here, but she didn’t expect that Charlie would make Kristine look like this. It was clear to Karen Daly that Charlie Gook was used to being arrogant and overbearing. With that kind of personality, he would be the most tender and dotting person in the world for you when you’re standing by him. But once you turned against him and stood on his opposite side, his arrogance would be the most deadly poison and the sharpest weapon to hurt you. In the past, when she could get along with Charlie Gook, he treated her so well that it was simply not comparable to that of ordinary people. Three years later, she stood at the opposite side of him, and he would threaten her with the safety of her closest family. The fact that her mother would be forced to commit suicide must have something to do with Charlie Gook. “Except for the young master of the Gook family, who else could be so cruel?” Mr. Wilis smiled with his voice raised slightly, like he was sharing a good news..

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