“I want to talk to Kristine Daly in private,” Karen Daly said. “I’ll go to the front and wait for you then. If you need anything, let me know.” Mr. Wilis smiled as he finished speaking. He then turned around and left. Karen Daly took a deep breath and returned to the window again. Kristine Daly quietly looked over to the window from the inside of the room, and her eyes were deadly. Karen Daly looked at Kristine’s face. Looking at her disfigured face, she thought of a lot of things in the past. Once upon a time, Kristine was outstanding and bright like a diamond. At that time, many boys wanted to pursue her, but they were rejected by her. Until then, Karen Daly finally knew that Kristine Daly had always liked Charlie Gook; her life goal was to marry Charlie Gook. “Are you here to make fun of me?” Kristine suddenly laughed. Her laughter sounded particularly horrible in this quiet yard. Karen’s mind was wandering somewhere, but when Kristine’s cold and hateful voice came to her ears, she came back to her senses. She saw that Kristine’s eyes were still calm, but the expression on her face was so ferocious that it made people sick. Karen was holding back the nausea in her stomach and said calmly, “Yes.” If Kristine Daly wanted to think ill of her intentions, just let her be. She never cared what Kristine thought of her anyway. To be honest, Karen Daly did not know why she came to see Kristine. Perhaps she wanted to see what happened to the person who had hurt her so deeply Perhaps she wanted to see if she really went crazy or was just faking it. Or maybe it was because both Kristine and her shared the same blood from their mother. Kristine Daly was the only person in the world who was biologically related to her. She could not understand this complicated emotion. She could not understand even if she kept thinking and did not want to ruminate on it. “It’s a pity that you’re going to be disappointed.” Kristine Daly glared at Karen Daly angrily, then laughed and said, “I’m telling you, I’m not crazy. I’m very sane.” Karen Daly said, “Look at yourself, you’re locked up here. Does it make any difference whether you’re crazy or not?” “It’s Mr. Wilis. All of this was because of him. He was the one who asked me to kill Charlie Gook. It’s him. Everything is because of him.” Kristine burst out laughing so hard that there were tears streaming down her cheeks. “Not only Charlie Gook betrayed me, now there’s Mr. Wilis. Why are all the men in the world so scary?” Karen: “…” “Karen, don’t be too happy yet. As long as I’m alive, I’ll find a way to make you suffer.” Kristine Daly added. “Kristine, It’s all your fault that caused you the consequences today. Do you still think it’s someone else’s fault?” Karen Daly said. “If it wasn’t for your existence, how could my mother not love me? How could Charlie not love me? If it wasn’t for you, how could those people who grew up with us see me as invisible?” Kristine Daly suddenly rushed over to the window crazily and shouted. Karen took two steps back, shook her head and sighed, “It’s not that those people don’t care about you, but you’ve only set your eyes on the person you care about and couldn’t see anyone else.” “Karen Daly, don’t freaking pretend to know everything. If you really could accept it, why’d you leave Beaford City? Why’d you leave your mother behind for years? If you’re really so understanding, how come you never forgive Charlie?” Listening to Kristine’s words, Karen Daly laughed. “If I don’t leave Beaford City, was I just going to stay and be harmed by all of you? Why should I forgive Charlie Gook? He’s not worth my forgiveness.” Kristine’s eyes fell on the lean figure coming from behind Karen. She suddenly laughed and said, “Karen Daly, you should remember that Charlie Gook used to treat you so well, but he threw you under the bus anyhow. You’ll see, your husband will become the second Charlie soon.” Karen had never regarded Kevin Kyle and Charlie Gook as the same kind of people. She was furious when she heard Kristine’s words. Up until the circumstances today, Kristine Daly was still thinking of cursing her. This woman deserved her outcome. “Karen Just as Karen was about to refute, she heard Kevin Kyle calling her name. Her body stiffened slightly. She took a deep breath quietly before turning around to look at him. He stood a few steps behind her. He was wearing a silver-gray suit as usual and stood straight. He squinted his eyes, and he seemed to be angry. She didn’t know how long he had been here. She didn’t know how much did he hear. “Kevin, wh..why are you here?” In addition to worry, Karen Daly was more surprised. It didn’t take long for Kevin to come after her. That was to say, he followed closely behind her on the flight. Kristine Daly laughed and said, “Karen, you had just left him for a while and your man is here now. He really loves you. I really want to see how miserable you will be when he abandons you in the future.” Kevin Kyle came over and held Karen Daly’s hand tightly with his hand. He looked at Kristine with gloomy eyes and said coldly. “I’m afraid that you will be disappointed. I will take good care of my wife and it will never change for the rest of my life. Kevin’s voice was very soft. It didn’t sound angry but it was powerful. The strong aura from him instantly suppressed Kristine’s arrogance. She opened her mouth but could not say a word. Kevin Kyle turned to look at Karen Daly. The fierceness in his eyes disappeared in an instant. He then grabbed her hand and left. Looking at them from behind, especially when she saw the way Kevin Kyle carefully protecting Karen, Kristine Daly couldn’t get her eyes off them. She thought in her heart that she used to be so close to that man If she had not let go of it easily in the past, if she had tried harder, everything that Karen had now might have belonged to her. Along the way, Kevin Kyle kept silent and did not look at Karen Daly. It was not until he got into the car that his deep and angry eyes fell on her. Karen Daly felt extremely uncomfortable under his gaze. She opened her mouth and said, “Kevin, I..” “Karen Daly, do you see me as your husband?” Kevin Kyle said coldly. If she had treated him as her husband, why did she take care of everything on her own and never tell him anything? She hid everything in her heart and locked herself in her own world. The door of her heart was not willing to welcome him. He really wanted to enter her world and shelter her from the outside, but she didn’t want to give him a chance. “I don’t see you as my husband? Then what do you think I see you as? An ATM? Money?” Karen bit her lip and stared at him furiously.

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