“A what?” Kevin Kyle thought. As soon as Karen Daly finished her words, she felt pain on her lips. Before she could react, she was kissed by Kevin Kyle. He broke into her mouth easily, and forced her to accept his powerful kiss. “Oh-” Karen Daly raised her fist and hit him in the chest repeatedly. “B*stard, let me go!” She scolded, but Kevin Kyle did not pay attention to her at all. He kissed her like an angry lion His kiss was too strong that Karen Daly didn’t even have the strength to struggle, but she didn’t give up easily. Karen Daly couldn’t push him away, nor could she hurt him. This man’s strength and the muscles on his body were surprisingly strong. Karen Daly was very angry. Or perhaps she was out of her mind, so she slipped one hand into the collar of his suit and scratched his chest. Kevin Kyle’s body shook slightly and he let go of her in a hurry. He pushed her away and stared at her face with his deep eyes. “B*stard!” She reached out and pinched him hard, and then raised her fist to punch him in the chest twice. “You piece of wood, don’t you know how much I care about you?” Her sudden confession surprised Kevin Kyle, and he heard her say, “I care about you. I even had dreams that you will leave me. They left me depressed when I woke up. Every time I think of the possibility that we can’t last forever, I will be heartbroken.” Kevin Kyle was shocked and said, ” Karen Daly-” “Stop, let me finish.” Karen Daly interrupted him fiercely like a small beast. “You said that you want to take care of me for a lifetime, so do I. I want to give birth to a bunch of kids and watch them grow up together. When we grow old in the future, we can travel around like your parents.” “Karen, are you, are you serious?” After a long time, Kevin Kyle stammered. Kevin Kyle, the man who once gave a speech in front of mass crowds before, he was calm, cool and confident. But now, because of Karen Daly’s simple words, he was so nervous that he even stammered. “You heard me!” Karen Daly said angrily. Kevin Kyle was so shocked that he couldn’t speak any more. He only felt that his heart was racing. It was the first time in his life that his heart pounded so fast, as if it was going to jump out of his throat. He was at a loss for words. He held her head again and kissed her hard again “Oh=”Karen Daly pushed him away. Was this man out of his mind? He kissed her whether he was happy or angry. She was almost out of breath because of his kiss. After a long time, Kevin Kyle finally let go of her. He caressed her delicate and smooth face with his rough fingers and called her name in a low voice, “Karen Daly “Then do you have anything to say?” She had taken the initiative to confess to him. As a man, shouldn’t he do something? “Okay, I know.” Kevin Kyle pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. He used so much force that it seemed as if he wanted to fuse with her. He knows? What kind of answer was that? Karen Daly wanted to bite him again, so she opened his mouth and bite him on the chest. She cursed angrily in her heart, “B*stard! How can you be so irritating!” “Kevin Kyle, my stomach seems to be in pain.” Karen Daly was scolding him in her heart. Suddenly, she felt a faint pain in her stomach, and she was so scared that her body went limp. “Uncle Watson, drive to the hospital!” Kevin Kyle shouted at the outside of the car, stroking Karen Daly’s baby bump. “Don’t be afraid, it’s nothing.” The driver, Mr. Watson, immediately got in the car and started the car to rush to the nearest hospital. As soon as their car left, Mr. Wilis, who had been gone for a long time, slowly walked out. Looking at the car that was far away, he smiled and said, “Leo Kyle, I have to thank you very much. If it weren’t for you helping me this time, how could I have reached my goal so quickly? How could Charlie Gook die in Kristine Daly’s hands so quickly?” Others didn’t know, but he was very clear that the things that had happened recently, were all controlled by Leo Kyle from Rovio Corporation Inc. The distinguished Gook Family had fallen and disappeared in such a short period of time – no one except Leo Kyle had the capability to do so. There was a trap set up by Leo Kyle, a dead end that people couldn’t get out of Since the Gook family was in trouble at the beginning, Charlie Gook sent Kristine Daly away. Kristine Daly’s betrayal to the Gook family, Bernard Gook being caught, Charlie Gook being killed, each step was carried out in accordance with the plans arranged by Leo Kyle, without any deviation If there was a mistake, it might be that he didn’t expect that his wife would suddenly come to Beaford City. In addition to worrying about his wife’s safety, Leo Kyle was also more afraid that his wife would know that he was actually the mastermind behind all this. Mr. Wilis’s eyes moved closely with their car until he could no longer see them. Then he turned around and walked inside and came to Kristine Daly’s yard again. He pushed open the courtyard door and walked in. He came to Kristine Daly’s room and sat down. He smiled and said, “How do you feel when you see that your rival is so happy now?” Kristine Daly raised her head and looked at him quietly. After staring at him for a long time, she slowly said, “I’m crazy. What do I feel? “Would you like to have a look at a video?” He asked, but he did not get Kristine Daly’s consent. He clicked on a video on his mobile phone anyhow. Charlie Gook’s curse, the screaming of Kristine Daly, and the sound of her beating Charlie Gook to death came from the video. Kristine Daly glanced at him and moved her eyes away. She was so scared that she shivered. “Wilis, you have already gotten everything you want. What on earth do you want to do? “In fact, I just wanted to tell you that the real reason you killed Charlie Gook and locked up here today. The real mastermind behind the scheme was not me, but the man who was here earlier.” Mr. Wilis smiled and said, “At the end of the day, we are just pawns used by him. When these pawns are useless, they are often regarded as abandoned chess pieces. You should know what will happen to the abandoned chess pieces better than I do. Karen Daly was the best example.” After listening to Mr. Wilis’s words, Kristine Daly did not respond for a long time. When he was about to lose patience, she said, “Does he really care about that woman so much?” Mr. Wilis said, “If he doesn’t care about her, what was it? Think about it carefully. Those who had hurt Karen Daly before, all of them were in trouble. They were either bankrupt or doomed.” Kristine Daly grabbed Mr. Wilis and asked, “How can we save ourselves?” Looking at Kristine Daly’s flustered look, Mr. Wilis smiled faintly. “If you want to help yourself, you have to behave first. Don’t catch his attention again.”

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