Mr. Wilis was very clear as to why Leo Kyle did not stand out to handle these things. Instead, they wanted to use him like a pawn. This was because Leo Kyle didn’t want his wife to see his dark side, he could not bear to bring Karen Daly, who was a girl under the positive, bright sun to the world of darkness. At first, Karen Daly went behind Leo Kyle’s back to see him, in her heart, she had secretly wanted to prevent Leo Kyle from the dark side of this world. This couple was really interesting, they would rather be left in the dark by themselves to protect their significant other. The car stopped in front of the hospital, Kevin Kyle picked Karen Daly up and rushed in. Seeing him with such an anxious expression, Karen Daly simply comforted him, “It only hurts a little, i’ll be fine, you don’t have to worry about me so much.” Kevin Kyle said in a deep voice, “Don’t talk.” Karen Daly,… She just didn’t want him to worry about her. Why was he so rude to her? Before he came, he had already contacted the hospital. When he arrived, the hospital had already prepared for their arrival. An experienced doctor gave Karen Daly a thorough examination. When the results came, both her and the baby were alright. The doctor reminded them to be more careful, to not let the pregnant woman’s mood swings be too high, otherwise it could put their lives in danger. Kevin Kyle sat on the edge of the bed with a cold face, unwilling to speak a word to her. Karen Daly was filled with grievance, she pulled his sleeve and said, “We both are fine, why are you still mad at me?” Seeing her face, Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and gently said, “If you wanted to come to Beaford City to see Kristine Daly, you could have told me, I could make the proper arrangements. Why did you come here without telling me? You are only pregnant for three months, which is also the most unstable time, if something happened to you or the baby-” Until here, Kevin Kyle could not go on. He didn’t want to imagine how crazy he would become if anything happened to her or their child. Karen Daly heard everything he said. He felt helpless, but most of it was because of his worries for her. Karen Daly hugged him and buried her head in his arms. She took a light breath and whispered, “I won’t let you worry about me or the child anymore.” Kevin Kyle held her hand tightly and said, “Karen Daly, no matter what happens in the future, you have to tell me everything.” Karen Daly nodded her head, “Okay.” In the blink of an eye, a few months quietly passed by, and Karen Daly was six months pregnant. She was only six months pregnant, but it was obvious that her belly had become particularly big. Karen Daly also looked rounder and healthier, and her skin was still fair and tender Aunt Anne and Aunt Jen, who were both experienced in this field, claimed that the more beautiful a woman became when she was pregnant, the more likely she would have a daughter. Last month, after Kevin Kyle told the Kyle family that Karen Daly was pregnant, Mia Kyle flew all the way over to help take care of Karen Day. Now, Mia Kyle’s head was on Karen Daly’s round belly. She listened carefully, and said excitedly, “I think I hear the baby s heartbeat!” Karen Daly smiled gently and said, “He must have felt his aunt’s love for him, and is greeting you!” Mia Kyle blinked her eyes and asked, “Karen, can we find out the baby’s gender now?” Karen Daly said, “We didn’t check for the gender of the child, but we will surely love the baby very much.” “I think it would be better for the baby to be a girl. If it’s a girl, she would be more like you, but if it’s a boy, he would definitely be as dull as my brother.” Mia Kyle said while she imitated Kevin Kyle’s cold personality. Karen Daly was amused by Mia Kyle and burst into laughter, “Mia, your brother is not like that.” In fact, in these few months, Kevin Kyle had changed a lot, he now knew better on how to comfort others with words. For example, last night, Kevin Kyle did what Mia Kyle did as well. He gently put his head on her belly to hear the baby’s heartbeat. What was more surprising was him talking to the baby, “Baby, it’s me, daddy, answer me if you hear me.” Not only that, but he also brought along children’s books and patiently told the baby a story. He learnt from the doctor that when the fetus was six months old, it could already have the ability to memorize, listen and learn, which was why he started to teach their baby After that, he would also play some music for the baby every day, as well as telling stories for the baby. In the past, Kevin Kyle would rather be beaten to death than do something so childish. But now, he could do it so naturally Thinking of Kevin Kyle, the smile on Karen Daly’s face became even more gentle. It was him who brought light to her life again and gave her warmth, which reminded her that her life could be happy and beautiful. “Sister-in-law, I’m going to join the filming crew tomorrow, will you go shopping with me?” This time, Mia Kyle was going to a remote holiday house to shoot her video, and it seems that she might not be able to go shopping for a long time, which was why she decided to go all out tomorrow. “Alright.” Karen Daly answered straightforwardly. Since the start of this month, Kevin Kyle did not allow her to go to the studio. Faye Reed only gave her work once every few days, so she could only stay at home all the time. She was really bored and had wanted to go out for a long time. The fetus had grown for over three months, which meant it had passed the critical stage and is currently stable. These days, she could eat, sleep, run, and walk. If it hadn’t been for her belly, no one would have shown that she was pregnant Karen Daly and Mia Kyle had not gone shopping for a long time. As soon as they brought up this topic, they were very excited. They quickly packed their things and went out. It was July, which was the hottest period of the year in Chatterton Town. But it didn’t matter. The driver directly sent them to the entrance of the shopping mall. When they entered the mall, the air-conditioner blew at their faces, and it didn’t feel like it was summer at all. In the shopping mall, Karen Daly could not see anything but baby products. In her eyes, she could only see baby clothes, baby strollers, toys and so on. Kevin Kyle had already prepared these things early on, and even renovated a room for the baby. All that was left was the arrival of the baby. Karen Daly often counted her days. It was said that every pregnancy takes up to ten months, but in truth women usually give birth after nine and a half months, and her baby was expected to arrive on the 29th of September It was July now, and there were only two months left before they could see the baby. She was really excited. Karen Daly entered the baby supplies store, and Mia Kyle was not annoyed at all. She was not short of anything, and all the things she wanted to use were prepared by specialists. They just enjoyed the fun of shopping. After strolling around for a while, Karen Daly felt a little thirsty. They found a rest area to sit, while Mia Kyle, who could still move easily, went to buy Karen Daly a drink. As soon as Mia Kyle left, two men sat on both sides of Karen Daly. She felt a dagger was pointing on her waist. One man lowered his voice and said coldly, “If you want you and your baby to be safe, you’d better follow us obediently.”.

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