It was a hot day today, Karen Daly only had on a thin white dress for the pregnant women. The dagger was pressed close against her belly. As long as they gently put forth their strength, the dagger would be inserted into her abdomen, and then her child Thinking of this, Karen Daly’s heart was in a chaos. She was so nervous that she just breathed slowly and her body was so stiff that she dared not move. She did not know why these people were holding her hostage. For the sake of money? If that was the case, she could give all her savings in the past few years to them, as long as the child and she would be safe. Or vengeance? If it was for revenge, who would it be? Karen Daly was so nervous that her mind was in a mess. She couldn’t think of anyone else who would cause trouble for them. She looked up and happened to see a couple passing by but they did not see anything unusual. There were two security guards not far away, but she did not dare to call for help. Once she called for help made the two of them mad, there was no telling what they would do. In a short period of time, Karen Daly thought of many things, and her hands were trembling slightly. But she tried to calm herself down, to not be so scared. Before she was taken away by these two men, she must think of a way to leave behind some clues, so that Mia Kyle would know that something had happened to her. She tried for a long time, and finally calmed down a little. She really wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, but her voice was still trembling. She said, “What, what do you want to do? If you want money, I can.” “Shut up. If we hear one more word from you, we’ll cut off your d*mn tongue!” The man with the dagger pressed hard, and Karen Daly felt pain in her stomach. She quickly closed her mouth and did not dare to say another word. It was impossible to leave any clues for Mia Kyle. She could only let the two men take her away. Mia Kyle bought two bottles of water. When she came back to where Karen Daly was, she could not see her. She thought that Karen Daly had gone to the bathroom, so she sat down and waited for her. But after waiting for a while, Karen Daly still has not returned, Mia Kyle felt that something was wrong, so she called Karen Daly’s phone. When she called, all she heard was the machine’s cold voice, “The number you have dialed has been turned off. Please dial later.” She could not contact Karen Daly, so Mia Kyle quickly contacted the driver who sent them here to ask if Karen Daly had went back to the car due to fatigue. But the driver said that Karen Daly did not return to the car, nor did he see Karen Daly. After hearing the driver’s words, Mia Kyle rushed to the service center of the shopping mall and asked them to help him announce the search. After the broadcast, there was still no news of Karen Daly. Mia Kyle had been with Karen Daly for many days, so she knew that Karen Daly was not a person who would make people worry. When they separated, she would not turn her phone off, nor would she would let anyone panic for her. After thinking for a while, a bad thought came to Mia Kyle’s mind. Did something happen to Karen? Her sister-in-law was pregnant. If something happened to her, she With this thought, Mia Kyle’s mind was in a mess. It was she who brought her sister-in-law out. If something happened to her sister-in-law, she couldn’t face her brother or the elders of the Kyle family. She felt even more sorry for the baby in her sister-in-law’s belly. Mia Kyle was so anxious that she walked in circles around for a few times. It was not until then that she realized she needed help. She immediately dialed Kevin Kyle’s number Hearing Kevin Kyle’s voice, Mia Kyle said in a hurry, “Brother, I went shopping with Karen, but she suddenly disappeared. I couldn’t find her, and her cell phone was turned off.” Kevin Kyle’s low voice came from the other end of the phone, “Tell me the time and place now.” Mia Kyle was anxious, but she still reported the address clearly. When he heard it, he hung up the phone and did not give her a chance to say another more word. Mia Kyle listened to his busy tone and felt both afraid and sad. What if something really did happen to her sister-in-law? Even if she exchanged her life for her sister-in-law’s, she still would not forgive herself. What made her sad was that her brother had never hung up her phone like this before. It seemed that she could feel his anger on the other end of the phone. Mia Kyle bit her lips and thought of another person. She dialed the number of a contact. She was so anxious that she walked around in circles. Finally, he answered the phone. Neil Brown’s voice was clear. “What’s the matter?” Hearing his voice, Mia Kyle was so anxious that she burst into tears. “Neil Brown, my sister-in-law is missing. What should I do?” The person on the other side of the phone paused for a moment, and answered, “Tell me where you are and stay there. Don’t go anywhere.” When Mia Kyle called, Kevin Kyle was chairing an important meeting Everyone looked at him answering the phone with his eyebrows slightly raised, and he hung up the phone with a gloomy face. The moment he hung up the phone, the higher-ups who were in the meeting room felt an unprecedented haze. Kevin Kyle’s handsome face became gloomy and livid. Amelia Gray and Nick Black looked at each other at the same time, they felt that something bad was going to happen. Then they heard Kevin Kyle’s calm command, “Assistant Gray, send the surveillance records of Sky Shopping Complex to me immediately. Assistant Black, contact the immigration department of Chatterton Town immediately. No one is allowed to go in or out of this town, not even a fly.” While Kevin Kyle walker and commanded at the same time, he also called someone up. “Give me the best and most powerful special forces in your army as soon as possible. I’m in a hurry to use them.” Neil Brown said, “I’ve already prepared the things you need. Let’s go to the shopping mall to meet up first.” Hanging up the phone, Kevin Kyle rushed to the shopping mall without stopping, even for a moment. In his car, he clenched his fists. There seemed to be no expression on his face, or it could be said that he looked calm, but only he knew how scared he was. When he heard Mia Kyle’s news of Karen Daly’s disappearance, his mind was blank for a few seconds. He couldn’t hear any sound nor see anything. When he was a bit calmer, he felt as if his heart was grabbed by a hand, which made it difficult for him to breathe He didn’t even dare to imagine what would happen to Karen Daly- If something happened to her or their child, then his world would never be bright again. But soon, he calmed himself down. Something had happened to Karen Daly. He was her husband. He had to find her as soon as possible. He would not allow her and the child to be hurt at all..

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