Karen Daly was carried into a van by two men. Before they could sit steadily in the van, the driver started the van and headed out Karen Daly was blindfolded by them before she could even react. Her eyes could not see anything, which made her even more worried. Her heart beat so fast like it was about to jump out of her chest. Subconsciously, she held her round belly with both hands. If she was alone, she would never be as scared as she was now. But now she was not alone. She still had the child in her belly. She could stand being injured, but she would never let these people hurt her child. Her child would come to this world in two months, and the child would soon meet its parents. No matter what, she had to protect her child at all costs. Karen Daly could not see, so she could only rely on her sense of hearing to try to find out where she was. She felt that it was noisy around, and the car moved very slowly. They might be in the traffic on a main street of the city. After a long time, the car finally accelerated and moved fast. After about half an hour, the car suddenly shook violently. After jolting, the car finally stopped. Karen Daly got out of the car again and was dragged to a place. Before she could stand firm, someone said, “I asked you to kidnap the girl from the Kyle family. Why did you kidnap a pregnant woman?” “Brother Kaleb, this woman is pregnant with the child of Rovio’s chairperson, Leo Kyle. Wouldn’t she be worth more than that little girl?” The one who spoke was the man who came here with Karen Daly. Karen Daly sensed that the man who was called Brother Kaleb was approaching her. He walked around her and asked, “You said she is pregnant with Leo Kyle’s child? How can you be so sure of that?” “The security of Seaview Bay did their jobs too well, we couldn’t follow them inside, so we waited outside for the little girl to come out. Today, when she came out, she brought along a pregnant woman, and she kept calling her sister-in-law. Before this, there was also news that Leo Kyle was married, so we were more sure of the fact that she is Leo Kyle’s woman.” The other man explained. Karen Daly was suddenly pinched by the chin, and the corners of her mouth twitched because of the pain. Then she heard Brother Kaleb say, “Is the child in your belly Leo Kyle’s?” After listening to the conversation of these three people, Karen Daly captured two keywords. One was the little girl of the Kyle Family, and the other was that they were valuable. It seemed that their original plan was to kidnap Mia Kyle in order to blackmail the Kyle family. After understanding the situation, Karen Daly breathed a sigh of relief. As long as they didn’t kidnap her for revenge, they wouldn’t kill her nor her child unless there was no other way. At of now, they were not sure about the relationship between her and Kevin Kyle, so they were not sure how much she was worth. They were waiting for her answer. Karen Daly finally understood why the Kyle family was so low-key. They never showed their faces in front of the camera, which saved a lot of unnecessary trouble. Mia Kyle had never shown her face in front of the camera as a member of the Kyle family. The name she used when filming was also her stage name, Polaris. Everyone knew that the leader of Rovio was Leo Kyle, the only successor of the Kyle Family. However, few people knew that Leo Kyle had another name, Kevin. She had only known the truth of Kevin Kyle after being married to him. The irrelevant people outside did not matter. Karen Daly was thinking about how to answer when she heard someone say, “Call Leo Kyle with her cell phone.” Kevin Kyle sat upright, with green veins appearing on his hands as he clenched them tightly. He looked straight with a scary gaze, and his whole body exuded a cold chill. He didn’t say a word, but he had already analyzed the situation from the news he just received and excluded those who might hurt Karen Daly. As for Mr. Wilis and Kristine Daly in Beaford City, he had spies with them, so they would not have the opportunity to hurt Karen Daly. As for Samuel Daly who escaped, there were only his records of leaving the country, but no records of him entering the country. Samuel Daly would not dare to return to the country for the time being, so it was impossible for him to do this. If that was the case, who else would do something to Karen Daly? While he was thinking, he had arrived at the scene of the accident. Kevin Kyle got off the car, and Amelia Gray and Nick Black, who followed him, had also arrived. Nick Black said, “Boss, we’ve already sealed all the main traffic channels of Chatterton Town as per your instructions. It’s absolutely impossible for anyone to get out.” Amelia Gray handed over the tablet computer and clicked on the video she had just received. She said, “Boss, this is a video taken from the shopping malls monitor. As of now, we can confirm that your wife was taken out of the shopping mall by two men. But these two men have been prepared, and none of the cameras have their faces.” In the surveillance video, Karen Daly was wearing a white dress. She was caught in the middle by two men and forced to leave through the back door of the shopping mall. At the moment they went out, Karen Daly suddenly looked back. Just as she turned her head, the surveillance camera captured her face. She bit her lip tightly, looking nervous and scared Seeing Karen Daly’s reaction, Kevin Kyle felt his head go numb. He was so distressed. He had already made up his mind to protect her for the rest of his life and to never let her suffer, but he “Brother – Mia Kyle ran over in a hurry. At of now, her face was also pale. She was both worried and afraid. Kevin Kyle gave her a cold look, which made her tremble. Mia Kyle bit her lips and said, “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let sister-in-law go shopping with me. If we hadn’t gone shopping, such a thing would never have happened.” “If anything bad happens to her, you…” Looking at Mia Kyle, Kevin Kyle said coldly. “…” Mia Kyle pursed her lips. Emotions of grievance and fear flooded her heart. Since she was young, her brother would always punish her and scold her. However, those punishments and scoldings were all because he loved her dearly. But what he said earlier, made Mia Kyle feel that he was a stranger to her. If anything happened to her sister-in-law or the child, her brother might twist her neck with one hand. Buzz… The phone suddenly rang, Kevin Kyle picked it up and saw that it was Karen Daly’s number. He answered it quickly and heard Karen Daly’s nervous voice coming from the phone, “Kevin Kyle, our child and …” Before Karen Daly could finish her sentence, her phone was grabbed by the kidnappers. Kevin Kyle knew that someone snatched the phone away, “Mr. Kyle, if your wife and your child are safe, prepare a hundred million dollars in cash to the place we have appointed.” Kevin Kyle slightly narrowed his eyes and said slowly word by word, “As long as you can guarantee their safety, I will give you a few million more.”.

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