“Then please go and prepare cash first, Mr. Kyle. We will contact you half an hour later and inform you to send the money to the place we have appointed. Don’t play any tricks, otherwise-Ah-” Hearing Karen Daly’s scream, Kevin Kyle tightened his grip holding his mobile phone. Blue veins appeared on his temples. “You want money, I’ll give it to you. But if you dare to hurt her, I’ll let your whole family die with you.” Kevin Kyle’s voice sounded not much different compared to what it did usually, but even the people around him who were familiar with him were scared, taking a few steps back. Mia Kyle was no exception. Hanging up the phone, Kevin Kyle’s sharp eyes swept over the people behind him. Nick Black immediately stepped forward and said, “Boss, we have found the specific location of the signal. Do you want to take action immediately?” “Pass this down, without my order, no one is allowed to act rashly. Contact the bank to prepare cash immediately and get the car to collect the money.” Kevin Kyle immediately changed his way to save Karen Daly when he knew that the kidnapper was after money. Karen Daly was in their hands. He couldn’t attack them by force, so he had to give the money to the kidnapper first. The most important thing was to rescue Karen Daly safely. As for other things His lips curled up in an extremely cold arc, and his eyes flashed a kind of bloodthirstiness that had never appeared in his eyes. If they dared to touch his woman, he would let them live in purgatory for the rest of their lives, and there would never be a day when they could turn over. Mia Kyle wanted to follow her, but her brother didn’t have time to keep eyes on her. She knew that she wouldn’t be of much help if she went there, and she might become their burden. Over the years, the elders had never restricted her freedom. Most of the time, she was only accompanied by Jacky Ball, because no one knew her identity, No one knew that she was a member of the Kyle Family, so naturally, no one would want to kidnap her. Today, such a thing happened. She didn’t know whether those people came for her or for Karen Daly. If they came for her, but kidnapped Karen Daly, then Thinking of this, Mia Kyle was so sad that tears welled up in her eyes. However, she just held back her tears. It’s not the time to cry. Just as Mia Kyle was sad, a car with a military sign stopped on the side of the road. The door of the driver’s seat opened, and a man in a military uniform got off the car. He slammed the door shut. He was strong and tall, about 1.8 meters tall. He was in his thirties and had outstanding facial features. He has thick black eyebrows with a serious look. He was wearing a military uniform, but it made people feel that he was arrogant. Few people could show their righteousness and arrogance perfectly at the same time, but this man in military uniform did it. From a distance, Mia Kyle saw him. He was still the same as she remembered. He was so good looking that she couldn’t move her sight away from him. The man’s eyes also fell on Mia Kyle at the instant. Unlike Mia Kyle, he looked away from her with a glance and no longer entangled with her sight. If it was another occasion, Mia Kyle would have rushed to him and thrown herself into his arms. She would have asked about him and told him about her yearning for him. However, on such an occasion today, she was both worried and scared. Especially when she saw him, she had never felt so wronged before. She bit her lips and wanted to cry She hadn’t seen him for more than a year. She had thought of countless scenes when she met him again, but she didn’t expect to see him again under such circumstances. He took a few steps and came to her side. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said in a deep voice, “You called me because you want to cry and show it to me?” Mia Kyle looked at him and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Neil Brown, I’m very sad, anxious and scared. Don’t you know how to comfort me nicely?” Growing up, Mia Kyle grew up under the care of her family, She had never encountered a kidnapping before, but she was only 18 years old. How could she not be afraid? Neil Brown said, “I don’t know.” Mia Kyle was so angry that she stomped her feet. “Then what are you doing here?” Neil Brown said, “To see you cry.” Hearing what Neil Brown said, Mia Kyle instantly forgot what she was worried about earlier. She gritted her teeth, rushed over, raised her foot, and stomped hard on Neil Brown’s feet. “I’ll let you see me crying.” That wasn’t enough. Mia Kyle clenched her fists and punched Neil Brown a few more times. She shouted while she punched him, “Even if you don’t comfort me, how dare you laugh at me?” Mia Kyle’s strength and anger were like a child’s tantrums to Neil Brown. If he wanted to avoid, he could easily do so, but he didn’t move and let Mia Kyle vent her anger as much as she could As they were fighting, Mia Kyle burst into tears again. “What should I do if something happened my sister-in-law and baby?” Neil Brown pushed her away from his arms and wiped away the tears from her eyes with his rough fingers, which had been holding the gun for years. “If you cry like this, can your sister-in-law come back?” Mia Kyle was so angry at his words that she gritted her teeth and said, “Neil Brown, do you want me to blow you up?” Neil Brown asked, “With your tears?” Mia Kyle raised her hand and wiped her tears hard. She was so angry that she gritted through her teeth and said, “You,” Neil Brown said, “How about me? Bite me two more times? Give me two punches? So that your sister-in-law can come back?” Mia Kyle, “..” “With your brother and me around, your sister-in-law will be fine.” Looking at Mia Kyle’s angry face, Neil Brown said this in a serious tone. As for Chatterton Town’s safety, the Brown Family had been stationed in Chatterton Town and controlled the military forces of Chatterton Town. Nowadays, the Kyle Family’s Rovio Corporation Inc had once again devoted all its strength to Chatterton Town, holding onto the economic lifeline of the city strongly. The Kyle family and the Brown Family, one of whom was engaged in business and the other in politics, were both families who were very popular in their own fields. In Chatterton Town, no one dared to hurt them. Of course, those who didn’t care about their lives were an exception “Really?” Mia Kyle sniffed and said, “I know you’re all very powerful, but i’m still worried.” “Get in the car.” Neil Brown didn’t answer her question. He dragged her into the car and said, “I’ll send you back first. It will be a greatest help if you can save us more trouble.” Mia Kyle, “But.” Neil Brown said, “If there’s another but, i’ll throw you out of the window.” Mia Kyle gritted her teeth and thought, “I must be blind.” Otherwise, how could she like such an overbearing and hostile man?.

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