Karen Daly’s eyes were blindfolded all the time. She could not tell where she was at this time, but from the cold breeze, she could feel that there should be a large cold storage facility near her. The kidnappers didn’t give her a hard time, so she just sat there and didn’t provoke them. Only in this way could she protect the child and herself well. Half an hour later, the kidnappers called Kevin Kyle again. When she heard Kevin Kyle’s voice, Karen Daly said in a hurry, “Kevin” This time, she just called out Kevin’s name, and the kidnappers grabbed the phone back. She heard them say loudly, “Mr. Kyle, is the money ready?” Karen Daly couldn’t hear what the other end of the phone said. She heard the kidnapper say, “Send the money to the trash can in front of No. 20 on Glory Street, and leave immediately after that. If you dare to play tricks-” Speaking of this, the kidnapper stretched out his hand and pulled Karen Daly’s long hair hard. Karen Daly was in pain, but she didn’t want to let Kevin Kyle worry about her anymore. She gritted her teeth and held her pain back, but didn’t make a sound. Karen Daly didn’t cry out in pain. This could not threaten Kevin Kyle. The chief of the kidnappers didn’t think much about it and slapped Karen Daly in the face. Karen Daly’s fair skin left a red palm print immediately The kidnapper said again, “Mr. Kyle, I just gave her a slap. If you don’t hurry up, I might have cut her belly.” When he spoke, he even scratched Karen Daly’s belly with a knife, which scared her so much that she stiffened and did not dare to move After the threatening words, Karen Daly did not know what Kevin Kyle had said. The kidnapper handed Karen Daly her mobile phone again, and rarely, he did not put on the speaker “Karen, don’t think about anything, don’t do anything, and don’t be afraid. I will soon come to you and the child, do you understand?” Kevin Kyle’s voice passed from the phone earpiece to Karen Daly’s ear. For the first time, his voice was not as low and sexy as it used to be, but was so firm and careful. Listening to Kevin Kyle’s voice, for some reason, Karen Daly suddenly had an impulse to cry. She sniffed and nodded hard. “Kevin, I won’t be afraid, and the baby won’t be afraid either. We will wait for you to come.” After Karen Daly finished her words, the kidnappers took her cell phone away again and quickly turned it off. After hanging up the phone, the three kidnappers sat by the side and smoked. After smoking one cigarette after another, their hearts were getting more and more anxious. They knew very well that the woman they kidnapped was from the Kyle Family, Rovio Corporation Inc’s Leo Kyle’s woman. Yes, Leo Kyle. They had never seen him, but they had a clear understanding of his legend. How could the decisive man in the business easily let them go? At this time, his wife was in their hands, and he had to follow their orders. Once they return his wife to him, what kind of way would he take to deal with them? The three men seemed to think of the same thing at the same time, and they raised their heads at the same time. They looked at each other, and finally, their eyes fell on Karen Daly. With this idea in mind, the three of them were so nervous that they swallowed saliva. They had come to this point, so they must take the money. As for this woman- She had seen their faces and if they went back to identify them. Then they might be arrested no matter where they fled to with money A kidnapper looked at his chief and asked, “Brother Kaleb, what should we do after we get the money?” “You tell me.” Brother Kaleb fixed his eyes on Karen Daly and raised his hand, motioned a sign to kill her. In order to prevent people from speaking and prevent the Kyle Family from finding out who they were, the best way was to keep the woman in front of him silent forever and never speak again. Karen Daly’s eyes were still blindfolded, so she didn’t see the gesture that the kidnapper just made, but she could feel the strange look they cast on her. Especially when she felt that their eyes fell on her abdomen, she was so nervous that she was in cold sweats. She kept taking gulps to calm down. She prayed in her heart that Kevin Kyle must come quickly and protect their child. “Brother Kaleb, this is the woman of Leo Kyle. She is really good-looking. Anyway, she will not live for a long time. Why don’t you let us have a taste?” As he spoke, he walked to her briefly walked to her side, and looked down at her from a high position. Hearing someone lust over her, Karen Daly’s heart, which had been calmed down for a long time, started to beat fast again, which made her so nervous that she was in cold sweat. Feeling the kidnapper approaching her, she instinctively shrank back, trying to keep a safe distance from him. However, just as she moved, her chin was pinched by someone. A particularly rough hand touched her face. “This skin is f**king soft. I have never done such a delicate woman.” Karen Daly suppressed the fear and tension in her heart. She waved the hand groping her face away and stepping back again. However, she did not know that there was a wall behind her. She had only taken a step back and had already reached the dead end. The disgusting kidnapper caught up with her again. He pressed one hand on her shoulder and the other on her round belly. He maliciously pressed it down and said, “If you try to avoid again, i’ll dig out what’s in your belly first.” “If you want money, we will give you all the money you want. But if you dare to hurt my baby, you can’t escape even if you flee to the ends of the earth. You should know that better than me.” Karen Daly was so scared that her heart was trembling, but she did not allow herself to be scared. She was a mother now, and she had to protect her own child. Before the kidnappers took any further action, she put her hands on her belly and said, “You kidnapped me just for money, and I just want to live a good life. As long as you don’t mess around, I promise that you can get the money and I promise that Kevin Kyle won’t blame you.” “Arjun, let her go,” the chief of the kidnappers said. They were outlaws. Maybe they didn’t take their lives as important as others, but they were human beings. The reason why they kidnapped her was that they wanted money and a better life. They couldn’t take a risk. “Brother Kaleb?” asked another kidnapper. The chief of the kidnappers took a drag on the cigarette and put out the cigarette butt. He said, “Lock her in the ice storage. Whether she is alive or not depends on her fate.” It was at least -20 degrees Celsius in the cold storage room. She was not dressed for warmth, so if they threw Karen Daly into the cold storage she would be frozen..

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