As soon as Karen Daly was pushed into the cold storage, she felt a piercing coldness, which made her tremble with cold. The heavy door was slammed shut, and the surroundings were dead silent Karen Daly tore off the blindfold covering her eyes first, but there was no light in the ice storage. It was so dark that she could not see at all. With her memory, Karen Daly slowly groped back to the door of the ice storage. She touched it and touched the doorknob. She pulled it, but the thick door didn’t respond at all. She couldn’t open it at all It didn’t work once, and she pulled it several times, but still couldn’t open it. The door must have been locked from outside. She had tried hard for a long time, but it was of no use at all. She retracted her hand in disappointment. She didn’t know how long she could hold on, and she didn’t know if she could hold on until Kevin Kyle arrived. She groped and returned to a spacious spot. She touched her belly, took a deep breath, and whispered, “Baby, mom will hold on, and you have to hold on, too. Let’s wait for Dad to save us together, okay?” Now she couldn’t do anything but wait. She hoped that Kevin Kyle could arrive quickly enough to save her and her child before she was frozen into an ice stick. But as time went by, she felt so cold that she was about to lose consciousness, but she still didn’t hear good news. She didn’t want to give up, so she searched around in the darkness. Luckily, she found a military coat. She did not think too much. She immediately put on the general’s coat. After putting on the army’s coat, she did not feel warm, but she knew that this could prolong her freezing process. At the same time, Kevin Kyle asked someone to pretend to be him and send the money to the designated place of the kidnappers, and he led a group of people quietly to the place where the kidnappers and Karen Daly were. Several kidnappers were smoking and making phone calls. They were confirming whether they had gotten the money and whether the person who had given them the money was Leo Kyle. Kevin Kyle quickly looked around but did not see Karen Daly. When he saw the cold storage, he immediately guessed that Karen Daly was likely to be locked up there by the kidnappers. He didn’t know how long Karen Daly had been locked up there. He didn’t know how Karen Daly was doing now. So there was no time for him to delay. He had to settle the three people who guarded here as soon as possible. He turned over and nimbly jumped down from the wall. The three kidnappers immediately noticed him and were startled by his cold aura. But soon they reacted. Each of them picked up a wooden stick and rushed over. They scolded, “You’re looking for death.” The three kidnappers rushed over at the same time, and the three sticks swung at Kevin Kyle at the same time. Just as the sticks were about to fall on Kevin Kyle, he turned around quickly. A dramatic scene happened. Kevin Kyle, who was wearing a gray shirt and black trousers, was originally standing straight. But in an instant, Kevin Kyle had grabbed the stick quick. He waved his hand and the heads of the three kidnappers were beaten heavily. They rubbed their beaten heads and looked even more ferocious. The three of them exchanged glances and rushed to Kevin Kyle together. Kevin Kyle didn’t use a stick this time. He kicked them hard. In the blink of an eye, he stepped on a kidnapper. With one more step, he heard the sound of the kidnapper’s broken bones and screams. The other two kidnappers finally realized that they were no match for Kevin Kyle, so they turned around and ran. However, as soon as they ran, they were tripped by something and fell to the ground with a bang at the same time Kevin Kyle walked over and stepped on the hands of the two kidnappers. With a hard kick, he heard a terrible shriek like a pig being slain. When Nick Black arrived with a group of people, Kevin Kyle had already beaten down the three kidnappers. He looked at Kevin Kyle and waited for instructions, “Boss” Watch them and wait for my call.” Kevin Kyle did not hesitate as he quickly rushed to the cold storage and opened the door Kevin Kyle turned on the light and opened the door. As soon as the door of the cold storage was opened, he saw Karen Daly, who was huddled up and shivering. He strode over and held her in his trembling hands. “Karen–” Karen Daly, who was about to freeze, tried hard to open her eyes. When she saw that it was Kevin Kyle whom she had been looking forward to for a long time, tears rolled down from her eyes. She tried her best and said weakly, “Kevin, please, save our child. Don’t let anything happen to our child.” “Don’t talk.” Kevin Kyle picked her up, strode out, and carried Karen Daly to the ambulance that followed him. “Hurry up and save her and the child.” The rescue team members who came with Kevin Kyle were all excellent medical staff who had years of experience. After receiving Kevin Kyle’s order, they immediately started the first aid. Karen Daly knew that Kevin Kyle had arrived, but her consciousness was vague. She wanted to open her eyes, but she did not have the strength to do so. She wanted to talk to Kevin Kyle and ask him not to worry too much. She and the baby would be able to hold on, but she still had no strength to speak. Later, Karen Daly couldn’t hear or see anything, as if she fell into a void. “Karen, wake up, I don’t allow you to sleep!” Kevin Kyle grabbed her hand and roared hysterically. He never knew what was the feeling when he cared about a person. When he saw her smile, it was a sunny day. When he saw her sad, it was a gloomy day. When he thought that she might leave him forever, it was as if someone was stabbing his heart. It hurt so much that his heart was bleeding. The reason why he was eager to make her his wife was due to her optimism and simple principles. After experiencing harm and betrayal, she could live a positive life. They should be able to live a good life together. In the following days, he gradually found that apart from her determination and optimism, she had other strengths. At first, he wanted to treat her well because she was his wife. As a husband, he should take good care of her. However, he didn’t know that she was becoming more important to him. He didn’t want to part with her anymore. Later, he treated her well not only because she was his wife, but also because he really wanted to treat her well. “Karen- Kevin Kyle held her hand tightly and said in a low voice again, “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you and the child.” Karen Daly didn’t know how much time had passed. After a long time, she felt as if she had passed away. Suddenly, she saw the light and saw the familiar handsome face. However, he didn’t look well-groomed. Karen Daly knew he was always a neat person. It’s the first time she saw him like this. Seeing him like this, for some reason, Karen Daly’s heart sank and her heart was in a panic. “Kevin..” She opened her mouth and barley called out his name..

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