On the dinner table, there were plenty of dishes, such as sauteed chicken, clam chowder, porridge, some vegetables, and more. They were all good for pregnant women. Mia Kyle ate the food bit by bit and looked at the two of them from time to time. Her brother ate so happily with her sister-in-law even though the food tasted awful. The two of them even fed each other from time to time. The most incredible thing was that her brother, who use to be a germaphobe, even ate the leftovers of her sister-in-law. Before her brother got married, every time he ate, there were always people preparing food especially for him. When they were having a meal together, they would always use a serving spoon. But now, he ate the leftovers of Karen Daly and enjoyed it. His face was full of enjoyment, which looked so odd. Seeing that the couple were so happy and affectionate, and thinking about Neil Brown and herself, Mia Kyle feldt annoyed. “Can they be more considerate of me, a single person without anyone’s love?” Suddenly, she thought about the elders at home. If they were here, at least they loved her. She would not be as pitiful as she was now. “Brother, Sister-in-Law, grandpa and our parents are very worried after hearing that Karen was kidnapped. They will be here in two days, Mia Kyle said. Grandpa Kyle had called Mia Kyle yesterday to ask her how was she doing in the film. Mia Kyle spilled the beans, so Grandpa Kyle heard about Karen Daly’s abduction. Especially when he learned that the kidnapper originally wanted to kidnap Mia Kyle, Grandpa Kyle was furious, so he decided to come. “I will send someone to prepare for them in advance.” Kevin Kyle said, he too thought it was reasonable to hear that his family would come back. Karen Daly’s belly was getting bigger day by day, and she was going to give birth in less than two months. It would be great if there were more people in the family to take care of her When she suddenly heard that Grandpa Kyle would come, Karen Daly’s heart skipped a beat. Her hand, which was holding her spoon, paused slightly On the day she confirmed that she was pregnant, Grandpa Kyle had asked her to leave Kevin Kyle, but she refused. After that, Grandpa Kyle did not seek her out again, nor did she receive any news from him. She did not know if he had given up or if he had other ideas? Thinking of this, Karen Daly touched her round belly subconsciously. The child was still not yet due, so she was not at ease and was very worried about any accidents. However, no matter what, the child in her belly was Kevin Kyle’s child. No matter how dissatisfied Grandpa Kyle was with her, he would not touch the bloodline of the Kyle family. But on second thought, the child in her womb was not only the bloodline of the Kyle Family, but also her bloodline. According to Grandpa Kyle’s idea, half of the baby’s bloodline was of a sub-par status. What if Grandpa Kyle wanted to get rid of her child? “Karen, what’s wrong?” Kevin Kyle’s voice pulled Karen Daly back from her thoughts. She turned around and looked into his caring eyes. She smiled and said, “I’m full.” Kevin Kyle put down his utensils and gracefully wiped his mouth with a tissue. “Let’s go. I’ll stroll outside with you for a while.” Karen Daly nodded. “Okay.” Because it was the coastal area, it was very hot in the daytime in Chatterton Town. In the evening, there was wind so the weather was cool. After dinner, the couple strolled on the lawns of the villa, feeling very comfortable. Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand and walked very slowly, completely in line with her rhythm. He patiently kept her company. All of Kevin Kyle’s thoughts were focused on Karen Daly, and no one knew where Karen Daly’s thoughts went. She thought of Samuel Daly, her mother who had never had a good life, and the mystery man. Who was that man? Did he know her existence? Karen Daly wanted to know, and she even wanted to find a private detective to find out who the man was. But what could she do if she found out? Her mother had never mentioned anything of that sort to her since she was a child. She just wanted her to grow up like an ordinary child. “Karen, what are you thinking about?” Kevin Kyle’s low voice interrupted Karen Daly’s thoughts again. She looked at him with a smile and said, “I’m wondering why you like grey clothes so much.” He wore a grey suit on a cold day and a grey shirt on a summer day. Couldn’t he change his choice of colour? Kevin Kyle replied, “I’m used to it.” He didn’t know when he had begun to wear grey and it had never changed. It was not that he like it, it might be a habit now, a symbol that belonged to him. Karen Daly looked at him for a long time, then cocked her head and thought, “I think you look better in white. Would you like to try it?” “Okay.” Without thinking too much, he nodded and agreed, she was able to change his habits for many years with just one sentence. He listened to her and doted on her, but there were a lot of things hidden in her heart that she couldn’t tell him clearly. After thinking for a while, Karen Daly said, “Kevin, you know that my biological father was not Samuel Daly, right?” “Yes.” Although Kevin Kyle was a little surprised to hear Karen Daly ask this question, he nodded honestly and held her tighter at the same time. He said in a low voice, “But Karen, I told you before, our life is what I only concern.” Of course, she knew that he wouldn’t care about her past. If he did, he wouldn’t have insisted on marrying her after he found out so much about her background. She asked again, “Do you know who he is?” “Yeah.” Kevin Kyle stood still, with his hands on Karen Daly’s shoulders, and said seriously, “Karen, your biological father was a good man who was responsible. But he passed away in an accident years ago, or he wouldn’t have left you or your mother behind.” “An accident years ago?” Karen Daly took in a breath and smiled helplessly. “So I’m still alone?” Kevin Kyle frowned slightly and said discontentedly, “You have the baby and.” “Of course I know that I have the baby and you, but I wish there was someone else in my family. If you dare to bully me, someone will take care of you for me.” Kevin Kyle’s jealous expression was particularly awkward and cute, and she could not help but laugh. “Silly!” Kevin Kyle gently pulled her into his arms and asked seriously, “If your biological father had another child, are you willing to see them?” “I’m afraid they don’t want to see me.” Karen Daly smiled and said No one would be happy if their father had another child with another woman. “Don’t think too much. Let’s take a walk.” Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and held her hand to continue the walk. How Karen Daly wished that he could hold her hand like this until the end of life. However, she was inexplicably panic-stricken. She always felt that such a beautiful day would leave her, and she would eventually lose him forever..

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