After wandering in the yard for about half an hour, Karen Daly broke out in a sweat and went straight to the bathroom to take a bath after returning to her room. Karen Daly had a big belly. Kevin Kyle was worried that she would slip or fall down. In the past few days, he would always help her with her bath. At the beginning, Karen Daly was very shy. When he helped her, she would be so shy that her whole body would blush. But she got used to it, because Kevin Kyle said that he had no other intentions when helping. She stood naked in front of him, but she never thought that this man’s self-control was really extraordinary That was because she had never known that every time after helping her take a bath, Kevin Kyle would return to the bathroom and take a cold shower. He was a normal man, of course, he had his needs, especially since the woman standing in front of him was his wife. How could he not think about anything else? Therefore, whenever he helped Karen Daly shower, he would always put on an unusually cold posture. In fact, it was just a cover-up of his desire for her. When Kevin Kyle’s hand touched the round belly of Karen Daly, she quietly took a breath and plucked up the courage to press his big palm down. She looked up at him with a red face and whispered, “Mr. Kyle, the doctor said that the fetus is very stable now.” “Yes, I know.” Kevin Kyle nodded with a serious look on his face, indicating that he had known it. “Do you really know?” Karen Daly asked. Looking at Kevin Kyle’s serious face, Karen Daly felt that she was talking to a wall again. Kevin Kyle talked more during this period of time, but his EQ was still low. He was forced to act this way. He was afraid that he really did not understand what she wanted to say. Sure enough, he ignored her. He took the towel back and wrapped her up. Then he carried her back to the room. After putting her on the bed, he got up and was about to leave. Karen Daly grabbed him and said, “Mr. Kyle, the doctor said that the fetus is stable. So we can.. “Go to sleep.” Kevin Kyle interrupted her and pulled her fingers away. He pulled back his hand, turned around and went to the bathroom. Karen Daly,”… It seemed that if she didn’t make it clear to him, he wouldn’t know what she was going to do. Karen Daly lay on the bed and thought about it carefully After a while, she must find a way to throw herself directly at him and not give him a chance to refuse. It didn’t take long for Kevin Kyle to come out of the bathroom. He was still the same as usual, with a white bath towel around his waist, revealing his strong abdominal muscles. He looked very sexy When he sat on the bed, Karen Daly rolled over and hugged him, but she was too shy to look at him. She lowered her head and said, “Mr. Kyle, don’t you want to do anything?” Since she was pregnant, he had never asked her for such a request. It would be very uncomfortable for a normal man to live without sex for so many months. “What are you thinking about?” Kevin Kyle asked seriously, but there was a faint smile in his eyes, but he simply lowered his head. “Don’t you want me?” Karen Daly had the courage to say these words, and her face was also red and hot. “Stop kidding.” Kevin Kyle responded. How could he not want her? But compared to his own desire, he was more worried that he would hurt the baby. Although the doctor said that since she was safe, it was appropriate to have sex, as long as it’s not too often, but he did not dare to do so. Karen Daly certainly knew what he was worried about. It was precisely because of him that she was more reluctant to see him suffer She swallowed nervously and said, “But, but I really want to..” After that, Karen Daly was so shy that she couldn’t say anything. She let go of her arm, turned over, and moved aside. Karen Daly let him go, and Kevin Kyle suddenly felt that his heart was inexplicably empty, as if there was a gust of wind blowing from his chest. He stretched out his big palm and grabbed her back to hug her. He grabbed her hand and kissed her. “If you really want to, then we should be careful.” “Mmm.” Karen Daly buried her head in his chest with a red face. Her slender and white fingers touched the bath towel around his waist, and she wanted to tear it apart. However, she was too nervous, she found it hard to took off Kevin Kyle’s bath towel. That was extremely awkward. She blushed. Kevin Kyle grabbed her hand and said softly, “Lie down and leave it to me.” “Oh..” Karen Daly nodded. Her tender cheeks had already turned red, giving off a seductive luster. Kevin Kyle was not as hasty and direct as she was. He bowed his head and kissed her. He kissed her tender lips and went down slowly. His kiss was very gentle as if she was his most important treasure. It seemed that he could break her into pieces with just a little force. His kiss was so gentle that it made Karen Daly’s heart ache. It was so gentle that she was willing to immerse herself in his tenderness for the rest of her life and never wake up. When it was over, Karen Daly’s body was covered with a layer of sweat again. Kevin Kyle wanted to carry her up to take a quick rinse, but she was lying on his chest and did not allow him to move She stretched out her finger to draw a circle in front of his chest and whispered, “Mr. Kyle, you must not have been satisfied.” He could not have his desires fulfilled for a long time, but he still tried his best to restrain himself and did take care of her. He took care of her all the time. “Don’t move anymore.” Kevin Kyle grabbed her moving hand, pressed his jaw on her head, and gently rubbed it. “Karen Daly, let’s give the child a name.” Karen Daly asked, “I thought your parents and grandfather would need to name our child?” Kevin Kyle said, “It’s our baby. I guess it’s time to change the rule.” Karen Daly remembered that because Mia Kyle didn’t follow the rules, she had often been criticized by Kevin Kyle. She didn’t expect that he would say such words today. It was really surprising. “What name do you want to give the child?” she asked again. “I’ve thought a lot about it during this period of time, but I’m not satisfied with it. Why don’t we think about it together?” In the end, he just wanted the two of them to name their child together. “Then let’s think about it tomorrow. I’m sleepy and want to sleep.” It had been a long time since she had such an exercise. In addition, she had a big belly, so Karen Daly was really tired. “Go to sleep then.” Kevin Kyle put her down, pulled the quilt over her, and gently stroked her round belly with his big palm. “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and fell asleep in a short while. Karen Daly fell asleep for a long time before Kevin Kyle turned over and got out of bed. He came to the balcony and dialed a phone number. “Tomorrow, you’ll come to Chatterton Town. “Why do you ask me to go to Chatterton Town all of a sudden? Is it because my sister wants to meet me?” George Ken’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Yes.” Kevin Kyle answered briefly and directly. Karen Daly wanted to meet her relatives. She wanted to have a greater sense of security, so he helped her to fulfill her wish.

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