It was said that pregnancy could affect one’s cognitive abilities, and Karen Daly thought that she was really stupid recently. Kevin Kyle had not gone to work in the company these days, but she only realized it today. Kevin Kyle did not go to the company, so Amelia Gray and Nick Black came to the house. The study room at home became their temporary office. After breakfast in the morning, Kevin Kyle accompanied Karen Daly to walk around and then went off to the study room to do his work. Karen Daly was not idle either. Mia Kyle pulled her along to practice her script with her. Mia Kyle’s new script was about Cinderella. She said it would be a story that an ordinary girl married into a rich and powerful family through hardships and finally ended up with the male lead. The girl was not born rich, but she had been working hard all the time. At the school’s speech meeting, she met the male lead for the first time, so the two of them started a love story with a great disparity in status. When the male lead’s family knew the existence of the girl, they felt that the girl was not worthy of the male lead, so they tried their best to break them up. They even threatened the girl with the girl’s family. The girl was forced to break up with the male lead. Fortunately, the male lead had a firm mind on the girl. After experiencing all kinds of ups and downs, the hero’s family finally acknowledged the girl’s good attitude. The male lead married the girl with great glory, which made many people envy her. Mia Kyle had been spoiled by the whole family since she was a child. She had never suffered any grievance. After several times, she still couldn’t play a good role, especially with her psychological expressions. It was not perfect. After practicing a few times, Mia Kyle still couldn’t reach her goal. She fell on the sofa dejectedly and kicked her leg in anger. “Karen, why can’t I play this role well?” Karen Daly said, “Mia Kyle, why don’t you put yourself in the shoes of the position of the heroine. Think about it carefully. If you were her, what should you do when you encounter such a thing?” Mia Kyle blurted out without thinking, “I think this heroine is too silly. His family doesn’t agree, and wanted them to break up, and the hero was hurt so badly that he almost gave up her. If I were her, I would take the bomb and blow up their house directly. Whoever stands in my way, I’ll kill them.” Hearing Mia Kyle’s words, Karen Daly burst into laughter. “Mia, you’re talking about your personality, but now you’re going to act the heroine in the script. She’s different from you when she was born and received different education since she was a child. Besides, she has not much support. She can only rely on herself no matter what she does.” Mia Kyle was born with a silver spoon. If the director wanted her to act as a spoiled young lady of a rich family, she would definitely be able to pick that roll up. The identity of the heroine in the script was a life Mia Kyle had never experienced before. It was hard to play. However, Karen Daly was different from Mia Kyle. Karen Daly’s family background was similar to that of the female lead, or even worse than that of the female lead. But the only thing that was stronger than the female lead was that she would never break up with Kevin Kyle for the sake of her family. Regardless of the time, her determination to spend the rest of her life with Kevin Kyle was so firm that no one could change it. Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Mia Kyle thought it was quite reasonable. She touched her forehead and thought carefully, feeling the life of the heroine with her heart and feeling the helplessness of the heroine. When she practiced with Karen Daly again, Mia Kyle was much more satisfied with her performance. At least, she understood that not everyone in the world was as lucky as her. She was abandoned by her biological parents, and she could meet a family like the Kyle family. She could also win everyone’s favor. As for the relationship between her and Neil Brown, the most important thing was not her family’s attitude. She believed that if she liked him, her grandfather and parents would definitely agree. The most important thing was Neil Brown’s attitude towards her. Thinking of Neil Brown, Mia Kyle gnashed her teeth in anger. That dude knew that she liked him, but he asked her to fall in love with someone else. “Mia Kyle, are you thinking of Neil Brown again?” Karen Daly asked. it was estimated that only Neil Brown that could make Mia Kyle react this way besides Kevin Kyle, who always punished her to learn etiquette and reflect on her misdeeds. “Yeah, I thought of him again. Karen, wait for me for a moment. I’ll call him,” Mia Kyle took out her mobile phone and called Neil Brown. As soon as the phone was connected, she said in a hurry, “I’m missing you, Neil Brown.” “Miss Kyle, the Commander is busy. He doesn’t have time to pick up your call.” Mia Kyle heard a familiar voice came through the phone. It was the Deputy General of Neil Brown. “Since he’s busy, please tell him for me. I miss him. I like him. I’ll marry him in my life.” After that, Mia Kyle hung up the phone. Neil Brown didn’t answer her phone. In the future, she would say the same thing no matter who answered the phone. She wanted everyone to know that he was her man. No one else would dare to covet her. Mia Kyle’s straightforward attitude really opened up Karen Daly’s eyes. She respected Mia Kyle’s attitude to pursue true love, but she was worried that Mia Kyle would get hurt. Karen Daly thought for a moment and said, “Mia Kyle, it’s not a good idea to blindly entangle with him. First of all, we have to be sure of his attitude towards you and see what he thinks of you.” “Whether he likes me or not now, he will like me in the end.” Mia Kyle was very confident. She was so beautiful and cute, and Neil Brown was not really blind. How could he not like her? Karen Daly said, “Mia Kyle, love is very strange. Sometimes being the best is not enough.” Karen Daly was not a meddlesome person. She was worried that Mia Kyle’s enthusiasm would be extinguished by Neil Brown. She didn’t want Mia Kyle to get hurt, so she hoped that Mia Kyle could always be the happiest girl. “That’s right. My brother could find someone like you. Love is really a strange thing.” In the past, Grandpa Kyle wanted to pair her with Kevin Kyle. As she thought of his cold face, she felt chills again. “Madam, Miss, Mr. Ken is here. He said that the young master had asked him to come.” Aunt Anne led a man into the house. “Mr. Ken?” Karen Daly and Mia Kyle looked at the door at the same time. “Mrs. Kyle, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” George’s thin and tall figure walked in from outside the house. He had a smile on his face, just like a few months ago when Karen Daly saw him. He was just like a frivolous person. “Hello, Mr. Ken!” Karen Daly stood up and smiled politely. “Aunt Anne, please go upstairs and invite Kevin Kyle downstairs. “Actually, I’m here to see you, Mrs. Kyle. It doesn’t matter if Matthew is here or not.” George’s eyes fell on her round belly and said with a smile, “The last time I saw you, I haven’t heard any good news. I didn’t expect to see you again and your belly is so big. Congratulations.” Karen Daly nodded and said with a smile, “Thank you, Mr. Ken!”.

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