“Mr. Ken, you know that my sister-in-law is pregnant. Don’t try to hit on her.” Mia Kyle jumped out and stood in front of Karen Daly. She didn’t want other men to look at her sister-in law anymore. Mia Kyle always complained about Kevin Kyle and felt that he was not good to her. He cared about everything and was very annoying, but she would still help her brother whenever required. George smiled and said, “Aren’t you Polaris? I remembered that when you were studying in the United States, you were just a little girl. It’s been a few years since we last saw each other, but you’ve grown taller and prettier.” When Kevin Kyle was in college, Mia Kyle was only about 12 years old. At that time, she was very cute and lively. She liked to follow Kevin Kyle. So it was not surprising that George still remembered her “You know me?” Mia Kyle stared at George and said, “Oh, you are that…” A name appeared in her mind. She was about to blurt it out, but she couldn’t figure out who it was. “Come on, reminded George. “So it’s you. I remember.” Mia Kyle nodded as if she suddenly realized something. “You liked to guess the thoughts of the people around you at that time. Do you still want to guess now?” George said with a smile, “Now it’s my job to guess people’s thoughts. If I don’t guess, there will not be income. So I have to continue to analyse.” Watching the two of them talking cheerfully, Karen Daly did not interrupt. Instead, she looked at George quietly. To be honest, she didn’t hate George at all. She even felt somewhat intimate with him for some reason. She didn’t want to get close to him because he analyzed people’s thoughts thoroughly. In front of him, there was almost no privacy at all. If it weren’t for the clue he gave her when they met last time, she thought that they should be friends as well. “President Kevin, let’s arrange what you’ve told us.” Hearing the voice, Karen Daly looked for the sound and saw Kevin Kyle, who was wearing a grey shirt and black trousers, leading Nick Black and Amelia Gray downstairs. They walked behind him and were still talking about work. Kevin Kyle nodded and said, “Okay. You can go and do your work first.” “Matthew, it’s been a while!” George took the lead in greeting Kevin Kyle. “It’s been a while!” Kevin Kyle nodded coldly. In front of outsiders, he was still arrogant and cold. He added, “Aunt Jen, please prepare some tea and meals for me and send them to the reception room.” George said, “We have been old friends for so many years. Don’t bother. Besides, you should know that I don’t like eating desserts.” “Karen likes it very much.” Kevin Kyle’s answer was very direct, which was to emphasize that he didn’t think much of his guest. He didn’t prepare it for him, but for his wife. George did not know what to say. As expected, he was still the familiar Matthew. “This way, please.” Kevin Kyle gestured him. He held Karen Daly’s hand and pushed the hair on her forehead behind her ear. “You should come with me.” “Brother, I’ll go too.” Mia Kyle also wanted to follow him, but he was stopped by Kevin Kyle’s cold gaze. She pouted her lips unwillingly and said with dissatisfaction in her heart, “Sister-in-law and baby are safe now, but he is still angry with me.” In the reception room, Aunt Jen brought some snacks and hot tea. Kevin Kyle picked up the snacks and fed Karen Daly. “Eat a little first.” George looked at Kevin Kyle in front of him and widened his eyes. Was this really the Matthew he knew? It was hard to believe that the cold man actually had such a gentle and considerate side. George sat opposite him. Kevin Kyle’s behavior made Karen Daly feel a little embarrassed to open her mouth. She said, “I’m not hungry. If you have something to say, i’d better go out first.” “Karen, you don’t have to go out. The thing we are talking about has something to do with you.” The person who spoke was George. This time, he was not addressing her as Mrs. Kyle, but as Karen. Karen Daly also noticed it and looked at him in confusion. “Does it have anything to do with me?” She didn’t contact George privately. He said that it had something to do with her. Was she sick again? Didn’t she know? “Don’t be too nervous. As long as Matthew is here, I won’t eat you alive.” George still said in a casual tone, trying to defuse the tense energy. However, he was right. As long as Kevin Kyle was here, why should she be worried? After some thoughts, Karen Daly put her hand into Kevin Kyle’s palm and let him hold her tightly. No matter when, as long as he stayed with her and held her hand tightly, she would no longer be afraid. “These snacks look delicious, and I would like to have a taste.” George’s eyebrows raised slightly, and he said with a smile, “Karen Daly, can I have a try? “Mr. Ken, please.” As the host, Karen Daly felt particularly embarrassed. However, Kevin Kyle did not think so, and George did not think so either. He had known Kevin Kyle for many years, so he knew Kevin Kyle’s personality. The more he was polite to him, the stranger he would be to him. George took a piece of snack with his hand and stuffed it into his mouth to eat it. Then he said with a disgusted face, “It’s your girl who likes eating sweet food. This is not suitable for us men.” “Tell me what do you like to eat. I’ll cook for you in the evening.” Karen Daly said. “It’s best to eat the food prepared by my sister, George said. “Er-Karen Daly did not answer, and thought that George’s words were not clear. “My name is George. I am the eldest son of your biological father, Herbert Ken, so I’m also your half-brother.” George suddenly changed his casual attitude and said very seriously “Wh-what?” Karen Daly looked at George in surprise. He looked serious, and it did not seem like he was lying. She looked at Kevin Kyle again. Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and nodded to her. “He is telling the truth.” “He and 1-” Karen Daly was so shocked that she couldn’t say a word. This thing happened so suddenly that Karen Daly had no mental preparation at all, so she just looked at George Ken and Kevin Kyle. Since Karen Daly knew that she was not Samuel Daly’s biological daughter, Karen Daly had been thinking about who her father was and if there were there other people in the family. What did they look like? During this period of time, she had thought of a lot of things, and never thought that she could meet her own biological brother. Moreover, judging from George’s attitude, he didn’t despise her. He even accepted her. Every time he saw Kevin Kyle and Mia Kyle, Karen Daly would think that if she had a brother, it would be a wonderful thing that he could take care of her and pamper her. At this moment, her dream came true, but she could not believe it. [ping: Worry that there will be no editor review on time. Pass four chapters in advance, and the last chapter will be immediately written down. Mua, Mua.).

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