Karen Daly was worried that this was just a show that Kevin Kyle and George Ken had put on to fulfill her wish and make her happy Karen Daly didn’t respond for a long time, so Kevin Kyle was a little anxious. Was it too sudden that she couldn’t accept it? Kevin Kyle patted Karen Daly’s face and said worriedly, “Karena” “I’m fine.” Karen Daly shook her head and looked at them. After a long time, she asked carefully, “Are you sure?” “Are you sure that George Ken is my half-brother?” They must not give her hope and let her down again. If so she would rather not hear such news today. “This is absolutely true.” George Ken handed a document to Karen Daly and said, “We found this document when we moved and cleaned up father’s relics two years ago. That is how we knew that you were my sister. I’ve also read this document and learned that my father wanted to take you and your mother back to have a new life, but before he could do it, he died in a car accident. So this matter was delayed for more than 20 years.” Karen Daly opened the document with a trembling hand. The first thing she saw was a photo of her mother and a man. Her mother in the photo was still very young. She had a sweet and happy smile on her face. She looked so happy. The man next to her was looking at the woman’s smiling face. His eyes were thoughtful, but it was not difficult to find the gentleness in his eyes. It was probably only when a man fell in love with a woman that he would have this kind of look. Karen Daly opened the document again and saw a handwritten letter. It was written by a person named Herbert Ken. After reading these documents, Karen Daly was shocked beyond words. It turned out that her mother had such a beautiful relationship, but those beautiful things were all ruined by Samuel Daly, that beast. Her mother swallowed the bitterness alone because she felt that she no longer deserved her childhood sweetheart. She broke up with her lover and married Samuel Daly, the beast, under the pressure of her family. Karen Daly took a deep breath and looked up at George Ken. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she didn’t say a word. “Karen, I don’t know your thoughts of me, but in my heart, you’re always my little sister.” George Ken’s words were extremely serious. “But, but don’t you blame my mother and 1?” Karen Daly said cautiously. Even if her mother and Herbert Ken were former lovers, they had broken up with each other. After that, they both married others. Then there weren’t any contact between them. But a few years later, Herbert Ken had a child with his ex again. Usually, the legal wife would not forgive him. Why did George Ken acknowledge her as his sister on behalf of his father? Karen Daly could not understand, but George Ken understood her concerns. He sighed and said, “My parents united with each other because of mutual family benefits. They respected each other like guests after their marriage. Their life was also in harmony. Later, my mother died young because of illness and my father didn’t marry another woman until this thing happened.” Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly in his arms and said, “Karen, your mother and your biological father. They were both very nice people. They had never done anything to destroy other people’s family.” “Well, I understand now.” Karen Daly nodded and raised her eyebrows with a smile, “Kevin, thank you! George – Karen Daly took a deep breath and said with great effort, “Brother, thank you too.” She thanked them for bringing such good news to her, and let her understand that her birth was not a curse. Her mother and biological father were both good people. “Then can I hug you, Mrs. Kyle?” George Ken got up and restored his usual casual expression. “Of course, Mr. Ken.” Karen Daly also stood up and looked at him with a smile. George Ken walked around the table and went to Karen Daly’s side. Under the gaze of Kevin Kyle, he hugged Karen Daly and patted her on the back. He said, “Now you have someone to rely on. If Matthew dares to bully you in the future, you can call me. I promise to deal with him for you.” “Well, I have support now.” This sudden feeling of having a family was really happy. Karen Daly smiled genuinely. Karen Daly believed that her mother would be happy for her when she saw her brother reconcile with her. George Ken held Karen Daly in his arms and did not let go. Karen Daly did not leave his arms either. Kevin Kyle, who was on the side, was unhappy. He grabbed Karen Daly back and put his arms around her waist. “Karen, you must be hungry. Let’s have lunch first.” “Matthew, I’m her brother. You were jealous even if I hugged her. You’re too petty.” George Ken shook his head and sighed again. “So what?” Kevin Kyle said without any emotion. So what if he was her biological brother? Now Karen Daly’s his wife, he would definitely protect her well. He would never let George Ken, her biological brother, have the chance to show off his care for her. “Mr. Kyle, my brother is right. You are too petty.” Karen Daly also stood on George Ken’s side. Now that she had a brother, she could occasionally be capricious and bully Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle’s face was cold, and he was not happy. Looking at Kevin Kyle’s dejected expression, George Ken laughed heartily. “Matthew, I can’t believe things like this would happen to you too. You’ve finally met your nemesis.” When Kevin Kyle went to school, he often bullied them. Now there was someone who could deal with him. This feeling was absolutely cool. Kevin Kyle put his hand on George Ken’s shoulder. With a slight push, he heard the bone crackling. Then he heard George Ken scream, “Matthew, I was wrong. I was really wrong. You are a magnanimous man. Please spare me. 1 won’t laugh at you. I won’t laugh at you anymore.” How could he forget that Kevin Kyle was good at more than three kinds of martial arts. An unhappy Kevin Kyle was definitely not a kind man Karen Daly did not know what had happened. She looked at the two of them with a confused look and asked, “What kind of riddles are you saying?” Kevin Kyle took back his hand and rubbed her head. “It’s okay. I’ll treat Mr. Ken to a big meal later.” When he spoke, there was a faint smile in Kevin Kyle’s eyes. He seemed to be very happy. Karen Daly was happy too and nodded heavily. “Okay, let’s treat my brother to a big meal together The couple walked happily at the front. Behind them, George Ken was still in deep pain that he almost fell to the ground. He reached out his hand and touched the part of his shoulder which Kevin Kyle had just squeezed. It was so painful that he gritted his teeth. He finally understood that it was fine to provoke anyone, but just not Kevin Kyle. Although Kevin Kyle always pretended to be aloof and emotionless. But when he became fierce, he could be a devil who kill without blinking an eye. However, he was also very happy. Kevin Kyle would hurt anyone, except Karen Daly, who was loved deeply by Kevin Kyle. As Karen Daly’s biological brother, he was happy. [ps: 5th Chapter had finish updating. There will be another updating at 8 o’clock tomorrow evening. I’ve read the message, and it’s clear that someone kept writing and asking about the latest content. In fact, they did not come to read but just to comment some mean things].

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