After the kidnapping incident, Kevin Kyle started to work at home, so he could have more time to take care of Karen Daly. As for Karen Daly, she just began to acknowledge her own brother and wanted to go to Beaford City to visit her late parents. Kevin Kyle decided to go with her. On the way back to the Beaford City, George Ken briefly told Karen Daly about the Ken family. Herbert Ken’s closest relative was his brother. After Herbert Ken’s accident, George Ken lived in his uncle’s house and grew up with his daughter. His uncle’s family treated him well, and he had a good relationship with his cousin. They were just like a brother and sister. After listening to it, Karen Daly was full of emotions. Actually, there were still many families with love in this world. When they arrived in the Beaford City, Karen Daly first went to visit Herbert Ken’s burial site, and then paid her respects to her late mother, Standing in front of her mother’s tombstone and looking at the cold stone tablet, Karen Daly could not help but think of the past and her mother who was smiling so happily in the photo. Karen Daly found out that when her mother smiled, she smiled so beautifully and happily, her mother must be very happy at that time. Karen Daly’s impression of her mother was that she was obedient. Every time after Samuel Daly beat and scolded But Karen Daly was luckier than her mother. She met Kevin Kyle, a man whom she could rely on for the rest of her life. Perhaps it was because she was more stubborn than her mother. She would not allow anyone to control her life, so she had the opportunity to meet Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly took a deep breath, and Kevin Kyle immediately held her waist. His low and sexy voice sounded in her ear, “Karen, you must live a happy life. That’s what my mother-in- law wants to see the most.” Karen Daly looked back at him. His face was always so handsome, his eyes were sharp, his glasses look made him exude an elegant temperament. He was so perfect that he would catch people’s breath away. Karen Daly couldn’t believe that she had owned such an excellent husband. Karen Daly held Kevin Kyle’s hand and looked towards her mother’s tombstone. She said, “Mom, do you see this? This man has always been very kind to me and I will be happy forever.” “We all know that you are very happy because Matthew loves you very much, so don’t show off in front of me, who is still single.” George Ken, who stood behind them, suddenly said. Karen Daly turned around and raised her eyebrows with a smile. “Then you’d better find me a sister-in-law as soon as possible. At that time, you can show off in front of me too.” “Women are all trouble creatures. I don’t want to get myself into trouble.” George Ken glanced at Kevin Kyle and said, “Look at this man beside you. He used to be a very cold man, but now he has completely become a slave of his wife.” “It’s my pleasure.” Kevin Kyle said calmly. His appearance was still so cold that no one dared to approach him, but his gaze was much softer. “Okay, whatever floats your boat.” Two days ago, after seeing Kevin Kyle’s ruthless means, George Ken’s shoulder was still hurting, so he had to be careful cracking jokes. After paying tributes to the parents, they had a meal with George Ken and were ready to go back to Chatterton Town. Before he left, George Ken held Karen Daly’s hand and said, “Karen, no matter when, if you need my help, come to me at any time.” “Yes, I will. Thank you, brother!” Karen Daly nodded and gave George Ken a hug. She rubbed at her brother’s chest, and she almost shed tears. For some reason, she seemed to be more and more emotional recently. “Don’t thank me. In fact, I’m just too free. I always want someone to find something to trouble me. Now that I’ve finally found the right person, should thank you.” George Ken patted Karen Daly’s back and led her out of his arms. He did not want to hug any longer. Kevin Kyle, who was next to him, looked at him with a gloomy look again. “Brother-in-law, take good care of my sister in the future. If my father and Karen’s mom were here, they would thank you as well.” Before Kevin Kyle would take her away, George Ken gently pushed Karen Daly toward him. “Karen is my wife,” Kevin Kyle said in a deep voice. Of course he would take good care of his wife, and Kevin Kyle didn’t need others to tell him. “Aren’t you two classmates and good friends?” Karen Daly glanced at the two men in front of her and said with a smile, “Why are you guys talking with much sarcasm now?” “Let’s go, it’s almost time to board the plane.” Kevin Kyle left with Karen Daly in his arms. He didn’t even want to say goodbye to George Ken. Karen Daly turned around and waved her hand. As she walked, she said, “Brother, bye. Welcome to the Chatterton Town if you have time.” “Okay, See you soon. George Ken waved at her and stood where he was watching them leave. It was his father’s wish to reconcile Karen Daly. Now that he had done it for his father, his father would be able to leave with peace “Mr. Kyle, why do I feel that you are getting prettier each day?” Karen Daly pulled Kevin Kyle and said with some amusement. George Ken was her brother. And Kevin Kyle was the one that asked them to reconcile. Why was he jealous? Kevin Kyle had nothing to say. It was not because he became more and more petty, but because he cared more and more for her. He couldn’t even bear the thought of losing her. These were the thoughts in Kevin Kyle’s mind, but he wouldn’t say it out loud, Although he had tried his best to change a lot during this period of time, he was still the Kevin Kyle who didn’t know how to talk sweetly with others.

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