Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly had just returned to Chatterton Town when Kevin Kyle received a call from Mia Kyle, saying that the elders of the Kyle family had already arrived home. Grandpa Kyle was very angry when he heard that Kevin Kyle was running around with Karen Daly, who was pregnant. Everyone was cautious around him. Every time when Grandpa Kyle was angry, Mia Kyle would be able to make him happy soon. But this time, he was really angry Mia Kyle waited at the door of the house for a long time. Finally, when Kevin Kyle’s car arrived, she ran over and said, “Brother, Grandpa is angry, so you should be careful when you talk to him. Don’t provoke him.” The Kyle family knew that Grandpa Kyle does not get angry often, but when he started to get angry, no one could stop him. After all, he was the eldest of the Kyle family, and he had his own ego. Everyone respected him. Hearing that Grandpa Kyle was coming. Karen Daly subconsciously held Kevin Kyle’s hand tightly and looked at him with some concern. “It’s okay, don’t worry.” Kevin Kyle thought Karen Daly was worried that he would be scolded by his grandfather, so he patted her hand and comforted her. “Okay.” Karen Daly did not say anything else. She held Kevin Kyle’s hand tightly and followed him. When they returned to the living room, the family looked at them immediately. Kevin Kyle’s mother’s face looked terrible. It seemed that it was caused by the long journey and that she didn’t have a good rest. Kevin Kyle’s father’s attention was focused on Mama Kyle, and he did not look good either. He was worried about Mama Kyle. There was no expression on Grandpa Kyle’s face, but it could be seen that his anger was suppressed in his heart. Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle were the younger ones in the house so they should naturally take the initiative to greet the elders. When Kevin Kyle was about to speak, Grandpa Kyle said, “Matthew, your wife has been pregnant for seven months, and you still take her around. What if there was something wrong with her and the child? What do you think we should do then?” Grandpa Kyle’s words were meant for Kevin Kyle. Perhaps everyone thought that he was lecturing Kevin Kyle, but Karen Daly knew that Grandpa Kyle was talking to her. Kevin Kyle said in a low voice, “Grandpa, the doctor said that the baby is in good condition.” Kevin Kyle cared about Karen Daly and the baby in her belly more than anyone else. If it was dangerous, he would certainly not bring Karen Daly around. “The baby is in good condition? Don’t you know what is an accident?” Grandpa Kyle’s loud voice echoed in the room. “Dad, Karen has come back safely now. Don’t get angry. Kevin Kyle’s father quickly helped his son and daughter-in law. Grandpa Kyle said discontentedly, “Can’t I be concerned for my grand grandson and granddaughter-in-law?” “Grandpa, I will pay attention in the future. I won’t go around before giving birth to the baby again.” Karen Daly secretly glanced at Grandpa Kyle’s face and said cautiously. “Well, I know you are a sensible child. It’s Matthew’s good fortune to be able to marry you” said Grandpa Kyle. Karen Daly understood the implied meaning behind Grandpa Kyle’s words, while everyone else probably took his literal meaning What Grandpa Kyle really wanted to say was that she was not sensible, because she did not leave Kevin Kyle as what Grandpa Kyle had asked. Instead she was pregnant with Kevin Kyle’s child. Grandpa Kyle didn’t take any action for a few months. Now that they met again, he still looked like the kind Grandpa Kyle on the surface, but no one knew what he was thinking, Karen Daly guessed that Grandpa Kyle might want to keep the bloodline of the Kyle family. After she gave birth to the baby, he would force her to leave Kevin Kyle. Grandpa Kyle might have underestimated her. She was not willing to leave Kevin Kyle the moment she knew she was pregnant, and she will never be willing to leave. Karen Daly quietly raised her head and looked at Grandpa Kyle. She happened to meet Grandpa Kyle’s gaze. His gaze was sharp and frightening, but he quickly concealed it. Grandpa Kyle pretended that nothing had happened, and Karen Daly pretended that nothing had happened. She smiled and said, “Thank you, grandpa!” “Grandpa, I have a lot to tell you during this period of time. You should listen to me first.” Mia Kyle held Grandpa Kyle’s hand and acted like a spoiled child. In fact, she wanted to help her brother and sister-in-law out. “Well, well, tell me, Mia. What story do you have recently?” Only Mia Kyle could make Grandpa Kyle smile so kindly. “Dad, mom-” Karen Daly greeted Kevin Kyle’s parents again. Kevin’s mom patted the seat beside her and let Karen Daly sit next to her. She took her hand and said, “Karen, you’ve been through a lot these days.” Karen Daly shook her head and said, “Mom, I’m fine. But you don’t look well. Why don’t you go back to your room and have a rest for a while?” “Well, just some old problems. I easily get sick.” Speaking of her physical condition, Kevin’s mother glanced at her husband again. He was the one who worked harder than her over the years Although it was her who was sick, he was the one that was worried about her. Every time when she was in poor health, Kevin’s father would be more anxious than her. “Don’t force yourself. Go back to the room with me to rest first.” Kevin’s father helped his wife up and said to Karen Daly, “Karen, you are also tired. You should go to rest for a while. Mia will accompany Grandpa Kyle.” “Okay.” Karen Daly stood up and wanted to help support Mama Kyle, but was stopped by Kevin Kyle. He held her hand and led her back to the room. “Why do you look sick?” “Maybe I’m tired. I’ll take a shower and sleep for a while.” Karen Daly couldn’t tell Kevin Kyle that she was afraid of Grandpa Kyle, that’s why her face looked so terrible. “Ouch-” Hearing Karen Daly’s voice, Kevin Kyle hurried to hold her and nervously asked, “What’s wrong?” “Shh, Kevin, don’t make a noise-” Karen Daly stood still and seemed to feel something in silence. After a few seconds, she took Kevin Kyle’s hand and put it on her round belly. She said excitedly, “Kevin, do you feel it? The baby just kicked me, really, the baby kicked me a few times.” Kevin Kyle said nervously, “Really? Does it hurt a lot?” Karen Daly responded, “It won’t hurt. It’s so amazing.” Kevin Kyle immediately lowered his head and put his ears on Karen Daly’s round belly. As soon as he put them on, he felt that the baby kicked him. He smiled and said, “Karen, I feel it too.” He smiled happily, revealing a mouthful of white and neat teeth, like a youthful boy. In the past, when he smiled, he was very reserved. If you didn’t pay attention, you couldn’t see his smile at all. This was the first time that Karen Daly saw him laughing so happily, so she couldn’t move her eyes away Kevin Kyle did not notice her silly look. He put his hand on her belly and listened to it. He said, “Baby, be good. Don’t kick your mother.” Looking at Kevin Kyle’s silly look, Karen Daly smiled and said, “Mr. Kyle, you look so cute. Let me tell you, actually, the baby is not kicking me. It may have woken up and stretched herself.

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