“Baby, are you kicking Mom or stretching?” Kevin Kyle lowered her head and kissed Karen Daly’s belly and he smiled very happily. Kevin Kyle’s smile was really beautiful and warm. Compared with him, the sunshine outside seemed to have lost its color. Looking at his smile, she reached out and touched his face. “Mr. Kyle, can you promise me one thing?” “What is it?” Kevin Kyle asked. He never made a promise easily. As long as he made a promise to Karen Daly, he would do his best. “You should smile as much as you do today. I like it.” Karen Daly expressed her love without hiding anything. She just liked him, so there was no need to hide it. Hearing Karen Daly’s words, the smile on Kevin Kyle’s face froze instantly, and he turned his head and ignored her awkwardly. Karen Daly came up to him again and smiled slyly. “You don’t want to promise me?” Kevin Kyle picked her up and said, “Go take a bath.” Karen Daly was speechless. This man was still so dull that he didn’t want to say a nice word to her. After taking a shower, she laid on the bed. When Karen Daly was about to fall asleep, he heard Kevin Kyle’s low voice, “As long as you and the child stay with me, I will try my best.” Listening to his voice, Karen Daly’s lips curled up slightly, and she smiled so happily. In the twinkling of an eye, a month passed. Karen Daly’s expected date of delivery was 29th of the following month. Soon, she could see her baby Because the elders of the Kyle family were here, especially Grandpa Kyle, Karen Daly did not like to go out during this period of time. She spent most of her time on the balcony of the room drawing flowers and plants. Just when she was immersed in her drawing, Faye Reed’s phone call came in. She heard Faye Reed say, “Karen, Mrs. Baker introduced a customer before and asked you to design a wedding dress for them. I couldn’t reject after a long time. Can you do that?” “Okay, of course.” She hadn’t been working for a long time, and Karen Daly’s hands were itching for work. When she heard the news of Faye Reed, she was very happy. Before Faye Reed could respond, Karen Daly urged, “Faye Reed, send my client’s request to my mailbox. ‘ll turn on the computer right away.” Faye Reed said, “If I arrange a job for you at this time, will your man be angry with me?” “No, he can’t even thank you enough!” Kevin Kyle was worried that she would be bored and thought of ways to make her happy. Having a job was the best way to make her happy “However, your expected date of delivery is coming soon. When I think that you’re going to be a mother soon, I’m so excited.” Faye Reed was envious and happy about Karen Daly’s current life. “Not long ago, you said that you were going to register for marriage with Sebastian Spencer. You’d better give birth to one soon after you get the marriage certificate. In the future, the children of our two families can still be friends.” Karen Daly said. Faye Reed rolled her eyes at Karen Daly and shouted discontentedly, “If you give birth to a boy, he will be the successor of Rovio Corporation Inc in the future. If you give birth to a girl, she will be the princess of the Kyle Family. We ordinary people can’t compete with your status.” “No matter who the baby is, it’s my child. You’re my sister. Of course, you’re the child’s aunt.” Karen Daly picked up Momo which was beside her feet and touched her head. “Momo, Aunt Faye said something wrong. Should we punish her?” “Woo -” Momo lazily called twice and narrowed its eyes slightly, as if she was not very willing to pay attention to her. “What’s wrong with Momo?” Faye Reed also felt unhappy on the phone. “Little one, did you hear my voice and became unhappy?” “She is angry with me.” Two days ago, Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly out for two days. They left Momo at home and forgot to tell her in advance. So the little fellow got annoyed. Faye Reed said, “Well, you could send her to me and let me help out with her for a few days.” “Woof, woof, woof -” Hearing Faye Reed saying that she was going to take her away, Momo immediately came to her senses and looked at Karen Daly’s mobile phone with an alert look. Momo only wanted to be with her mother. If anyone dared to take her away, she would bite them. Over the years, she had never bitten people. Perhaps others had forgotten that she would bite people. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you leave your mother.” Faye Reed smiled and said, “Karen, this order is not urgent. You can hand in it at any time.” Karen Daly said with a smile, “Faye Reed, how lucky I am to have a good friend like you.” “Don’t forget. Meeting Kevin Kyle is your luckiest fortune. He’s your greatest luck.” In Faye Reed’s view, she was only by Karen Daly’s side, but the person who really pulled Karen Daly out of the swamp was Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly continued, “You were all blessed equally. However, don’t talk nonsense with me. Send me the customer information and requests.” Faye Reed said, “Yes, Mrs. Kyle.” After chatting with Faye Reed, Karen Daly hung up the phone and couldn’t wait to turn on the computer to check the email. Faye Reed didn’t arrange a job for her in the past few months, so she was bored. She must finish this job in advance. She’ll prove that she still could work and make money even if she was pregnant. As soon as Karen Daly turned on the computer, Kevin Kyle came in. He held her in his arms and kissed her forehead continuously. “Kevin, what’s wrong?” Karen Daly was shocked by his sudden reaction. Kevin Kyle said, “Karen, something has happened to my business. I have to deal with it. It will take me at least a week.” Hearing that Kevin Kyle was going on a business trip, Karen Daly was panicked. She was reluctant to let him leave at this time. But thinking about it again, he had been staying at home with her these days. If it were not for something important, he would not have gone out at this time. Karen Daly smiled and said, “You go out to work. I’ll stay at home with the baby and wait for you to come back.” “Karen Daly, the baby is about to be born, 1-” Kevin Kyle did not want to leave Karen Daly and her child at this time at all. However, something serious happened in the west this time, and his employees could no longer hold the sort. He had to take charge of the work, so he had to leave. Karen Daly said, “The baby will only be born a month later. Don’t worry, I’ll stay at home every day. I won’t go anywhere. Nothing will happen to me.” Kevin Kyle grabbed her hand and raised it to his lips. He kissed her again and again. “Karen Daly, wait for me with the baby for a few days. I’ll be back soon.” Karen Daly was amused by his nervous look. “Mr. Kyle, you’re only going away for a few days. Don’t make it look like you’re apart from me, okay?” As soon as she said that, she was kissed by Kevin Kyle fiercely. He did not allow her to say such ominous words.

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