Kevin Kyle went on a business trip. Mia Kyle also began her filming schedule a few days ago. Mama Kyle was not in good health, and the family became much quieter in an instant. Karen Daly really wanted to help take care of Mama Kyle, but her stomach was getting heavier and heavier. Mama Kyle also empathized with her and let her have a good rest. Karen Daly didn’t want to go out to walk around in the yard. If she met Grandpa Kyle, it would affect her mood. It was really boring to stay in the room, so she thought of Faye Reed. She didn’t know what Faye Reed was busy with. Last night, she sent several messages to Faye Reed, but she didn’t reply. So she decided to call her to ask. Karen Daly picked up the phone and called it, but no one answered it. She called for a few times before someone answered the call. Sebastian Spencer’s voice came from the phone. “Karen, what’s the matter?” Suddenly hearing Sebastian Spencer’s voice, Karen Daly was stunned and said, “Sebastian, is Faye Reed here? I want to talk to her.” “Faye Reed is busy right now,” Sebastian Spencer said. Sebastian Spencer’s voice was very deep, as if he was trying his best to hold back something. Last night, Faye Reed did not reply to her texts, and today, she did not answer the phone. Karen Daly guessed that something might have happened to them, so she asked again, “Sebastian, did you argue with Faye?” They used to quarrel, but soon they would make up. Faye Reed was a person who didn’t bear grudges, so Sebastian Spencer could stay with her these years. Faye Reed could call shots if she wanted to. They would never drag out a fight. Sebastian Spencer looked at the two men who were guarding Faye Reed’s sickbed. They made a gesture with their hands, meaning that if he did not follow their orders, they would cut off Faye Reed’s oxygen supply. Last night before Faye Reed fainted, the last sentence she said was that he should not tell Karen Daly about this. She didn’t want Karen Daly to be anxious so that it wouldn’t affect her baby. But in the current situation, Sebastian Spencer had no other choice. If he didn’t tell Karen Daly the truth, Faye Reed would be in danger. Sebastian Spencer had no choice but to tell the truth. “Yesterday afternoon, when we were about to get off work, the studio suddenly caught fire. Faye .” “How is Faye?” Karen Daly was so anxious that she jumped up. Her stomach ached because she jumped too fast, but she didn’t notice it because she was too anxious. After waiting for a long time, Sebastian Spencer said, “Faye Reed was burned by the fire. She is still in the intensive care unit at this time. It is very likely that..” Coincidentally, when those people were threatening him to call Karen Daly, Karen Daly’s call happened to come in. He wanted to delay for a little longer, but there was nothing he could do. “Which hospital is she in? I’ll go there now.” Although she promised Kevin Kyle that she would not go out during this period of time, Karen Daly thought that Faye Reed was in danger. How could she sit still? “Karen Daly, you don’t have to come over. Faye Reed doesn’t want you to worry the most.” Sebastian Spencer hoped that Karen Daly could understand his hint, but he also understood Karen Daly’s character. If something happened to Faye Reed, she would not sit by and do nothing. The strange thing was that the fire came so suddenly and happened without any signs. Everyone else was fine beside Faye Reed. “Sebastian, she is seriously injured. I’m her best friend, if I don’t visit her, I’m too ruthless.” When Karen Daly left her hometown, it was Faye Reed who accompanied her to Chatterton Town. Now it’s the time to accompany Faye Reed. “The First People’s Hospital in Chatterton Town. Sebastian Spencer reported the address and looked at the two people who were guarding Faye Reed’s bed. One of them said, “If you cooperate with us, everything will be fine. Don’t even try to fight back, the result would not be favorable.” Sebastian Spencer clenched his fists, full of hatred, anger, and guilt. Now, he could only pray for Karen Daly to be safe and sound. Hanging up the phone, Karen Daly quickly changed her clothes, turned around and walked out, but after taking only two steps, she felt her stomach hurt. She pursed her lips and endured the pain and said, “Baby, don’t be naughty. Mom is going to see Aunt Faye. Can you be quiet?” The baby in her belly seemed to be able to understand Karen Daly’s words. Sure enough, it was a little more obedient and stopped torturing her. Kevin’s mother had been ill these days, so Karen Daly did not disturb her. When she went downstairs, she saw Grandpa Kyle sitting in the living room and reading the newspaper. She greeted Grandpa Kyle politely and said, “Grandpa, I have something to do. I need to go out for a while.” Grandpa Kyle stared at Karen Daly for a few seconds, then smiled and said kindly, “Be careful on the way and come home early Grandpa Kyle’s smile was especially kind, as if he was wearing a well-carved mask. He was calm to the point of perfection, but also very fake. Karen Daly paused for a moment. She felt that Grandpa Kyle’s smile was very scary, but she still nodded and said, “Okay.” Karen Daly asked the driver to send her to the People’s Hospital of Chatterton Town. Karen Daly did not know that Faye Reed’s ward had already been controlled. It was not until Sebastian Spencer told her the situation that the hospital continued to provide Faye Reed medicine. “Young Madam, be careful. Something bad may happen later, but don’t worry. It won’t hurt you and your baby.” When the car drove to the main street of the city, the driver looked at Karen Daly from the rearview mirror and suddenly spoke strangely. “What do you mean?” Karen Daly faintly felt uneasy, but before she could react, several cars beside her suddenly collided with each other. The car she was sitting in was not hit, but it was blocked in the middle and could not go further “What’s going on?” Karen Daly subconsciously covered her stomach. When she had just finished asking, the door was opened, and Grandpa Kyle’s assistant sat next to her. “What, what do you want to do?” Karen Daly never thought that Grandpa Kyle’s assistant would be here. She seemed to understand something for a moment, but it was too late. She had fallen into someone else’s trap. The assistant said, “We can only protect one, it’s either the child or you. Who do you want to protect?” Karen Daly gritted her teeth and glared at the assistant angrily. “The child has to be okay, and I have to be okay as well. Both of us have to be safe.” “Elder Master told us that we can only protect one.” The assistant sneered and said, “If you insist on protecting yourself, we don’t mind killing the child in your belly.” “I’ll see who dares to do that!” Karen Daly quietly touched her phone and wanted to call Kevin Kyle. Now only Kevin Kyle could save her and her baby, and she couldn’t trust other people. But as soon as she moved, the assistant grabbed her hand and grabbed the phone. He said, “Grandpa Kyle had been waiting for this opportunity for half a year. Don’t have any hope.” Karen Daly gritted her teeth and glared at her assistant. “How dare you!” The assistant said, “I’ll give you one last chance. Do you want to protect your child or not?”.

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