In the cold and bloody operating room. Karen Daly, who had long lost her consciousness, lay on the operating table. Some doctors skillfully picked up the scalpel and quickly cut open Karen Daly’s abdomen, and soon took out the baby. “Waaaa -” The baby’s cry rang in the cold operating room, especially loud and clear, as if it knew that its mother was suffering A nurse put the child into the incubator that had been prepared and carried the baby out. She said to Grandpa Kyle who was guarding outside the operating room, “The mother could not be rescued but the child is safe. It’s a girl. As she is premature, we have to keep her under observation for a while, and you cannot hold her now.” When Kevin’s mother heard that Karen had died, she was so anxious that she fainted before she could take a look at her granddaughter. Kevin’s father quickly held on to his wife and asked the doctor for help. He was in no capacity to care more about Karen Daly, who had supposedly died in the operating room. “Please help us take care of the baby. Can I go in and see Karen now?” Grandpa Kyle said to the nurse. The nurse said, “The doctor is still completing the surgery for the deceased. You should go in later.” After more than half an hour, Kevin’s father and Grandfather saw the cold body of Karen Daly, who had lost her life on the operating table. Kevin’s father only took a look at her and then turned his head away. He couldn’t bear to look at her anymore. Grandpa Kyle said, “Have you notified Matthew?” Kevin’s father shook his head and said, “Not yet. How can we talk to him about this matter? When he left, he asked us to take care of his wife and child. It’s only been a few days since he left Grandpa Kyle said again, “Then don’t inform him. Let’s cremate Karen Daly’s body first. When he comes back, he won’t be so distressed if he can’t see her body.” Kevin’s father looked at Grandpa Kyle and shook his head again. “Dad, don’t you want Matthew to see Karen for the last time?” Grandpa Kyle said, “So what if he sees Karen Daly? Seeing her like this, he will only be more distressed. If we want him to get out of grief as soon as possible, we have to take action as soon as possible.” Kevin’s father hesitated, “But-” Grandpa Kyle interrupted him and said, “No. Just listen to me. The sooner we deal with it, the better. Try to minimize the pain for Matthew as much as possible.” His old voice was as cold as a grim reaper’s blade. … Kevin Kyle came back at night, rushing from thousands of miles away When he learned that Karen Daly was in a car accident, he rushed back to Chatterton Town as fast as he could, but he couldn’t even see Karen Daly for the last time. At this moment, there was only a box of ashes in front of him. His family told him that Karen Daly had been in a car accident on her way to the hospital because she was worried about Faye Reed’s injury. She was seriously injured, so they must protect their child. The child had survived, but Karen Daly did not. She disappeared. There was only a box of ashes left. They said that this was his Karen Daly. How could this be his Karen Daly? He was not blind. Can’t he recognize his wife who was sleeping in the same bed with him every night? She could run, laugh, and cry when he left, and she would also be angry at him. She occasionally called him silly, stupid, and even called him a piece of wood. When she was very angry, she would pinch him, beat him, and kick him “Brother, how can you not eat or drink anything? This was an accident, and sister-in-law didn’t ask for it. If she sees you like this, she will be very sad.” Mia Kyle stood with him for a long time and couldn’t help but persuade him. Kevin Kyle stood upright, as if he was a lifeless sculpture, completely ignoring Mia Kyle. Oh! Kevin thought. His Karen Daly must be angry with him. She was so angry because she was about to give birth to his child, but he still ran away to work. She must be angry for this reason, so she hid and didn’t want to see him. She was really a cute silly girl. Did she think that if she hid, he would not be able to find her? He was still here. Where could she hide? Maybe she was hiding in a corner and peeping at him to make sure if he would be sad for her? Thinking of this, he shook his head and smiled helplessly. “Karen, stop playing around. Come out quickly. Let’s go to see our baby together!” He looked around with his gentle eyes. His deep voice sounded in the room. Once, Karen Daly said to him, “Mr. Kyle, you are not allowed to look at other women and smile. You can’t talk to other women in such a good voice. You are not allowed to let other women find out that you are good.” Once, Karen Daly said to him simply, “Mr. Kyle, what should I do? I really want to hide you in a place that no one could find you. Then you will be mine.” Once, Karen Daly said to him, “Mr. Kyle, how much I care about you? Don’t you know that? I care so much that when I dream of you breaking up with me, I’m very sad.” She used to say a lot of things to him. Most of the time they were together, she was talking to him. He listened to her quietly and remembered every word she said. Her voice was crisp and sweet, and there was also some sense of playfulness and innocent. Every time he heard her, he wanted to hug her so tight and fuse with her, and never separate from him again. “Karen Daly -” He shouted her name again and looked around. “Don’t hide anymore. Come out quickly, or I will be angry. After that, he waited, but after waiting for a long time, Karen Daly did not answer him. guessed that she was not here. Recently, she always stayed in the room to draw paintings, and painted flowers and plants. Occasionally, if she painted him, she would also draw the image of their children in her mind. Kevin Kyle went back to the room, which was full of the traces left by Karen Daly. The decorations were carefully arranged by her He saw her. She stood on the balcony and looked back at him with a smile. “Mr. Kyle, you’re finally back. It’s really tough for you to wait for your life. Look, I think you’ve lost a lot of weight.” Kevin Kyle nodded. “Yes, I’m back.” He walked over to her and wanted to take her into his arms, but he reached out his hand and tried to grab her, and his Karen Daly disappeared in an instant. He said in a hurry, “Karen” “Mr. Kevin Kyle, I’m here.” Her voice sounded behind him again, and she winked at him slyly. “Karen, you are pregnant. Don’t be naughty.” He turned back and approached her again. This time, he walked very slowly. and it took him a long time to come to her side. “You catch me. If you catch me, I will listen to you.” She smiled happily, like a naughty child. Kevin Kyle reached out and grabbed her again. This time, like the last time, she disappeared as soon as he met her. She was so fast that he didn’t have time to react at all. “Karen, please!” He shook his head helplessly, and the smile on his face became more and more doting. “Come on, let’s have lunch together.”.

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