Karen Daly looked at her phone, which had been robbed, and rushed over to take it back, but was pushed away by her assistant The assistant’s strength was too strong, so Karen Daly was pushed over by him and lost her balance. She leaned back and hit the door with her head, which made her feel dizzy. She also understood the reason why Grandpa Kyle had not taken action yet. It was not that he didn’t know how to take action, but that he was waiting for the right time. When her child was due and when Kevin Kyle was not by her side, he would execute his plan in a flawless way. When Kevin Kyle came back after his work, he would not blame his grandfather. However, Karen Daly was still glad that Grandpa Kyle had a little sympathy. He would not take action until the child was carried to full term. At least, her child would be safe. Karen Daly had never understood that her background was really so unacceptable for Grandpa Kyle. Perhaps there were some reasons that she didn’t know, so Grandpa Kyle tried his best to push her away from Kevin Kyle. This was supposed to be a desperate situation, but Karen Daly suddenly smiled, hard and desperate. She looked at the smiling assistant and said, “You have already made a decision. Is there any room for me to make a choice?” The assistant still maintained a polite smile and said, “You can rest assured. The child is healthy and growing on full term. If the baby is taken out of the belly in advance, it can still grow up healthily. And this baby is the blood of the Kyle family anyway. Don’t worry, without you, the Kyle family will raise him well.” Karen Daly clenched her fists, gnashed her teeth and said, “But on the premise that I won’t resist?” “You’re so smart, Young Mistress. No wonder Young Master likes you so much.” The assistant praised sincerely, Karen Daly felt as if she was trembling. ” What if I’m not willing to do that?” “Although this is the first grandchild of the Kyle family, it is a pity… but this child will definitely not be the only one.” The assistant paused and smiled more gently and affectionately. “The young mistress also knows that according to the status of the Kyle family, young master will not lack any women, and could have more children.” The assistant’s smile was like a vicious centipede, holding Karen Daly’s heart tightly. Karen Daly took a deep breath to calm herself Based on the status of the Kyle family, they could find any woman for Kevin Kyle, no matter if it was a rich lady, a noble lady, or even a noble princess… They would not lack children… Karen Daly held on to her round belly. Not long ago, Kevin Kyle’s warm hand was still on it, and there was a smile on his lips. His eyes were as gentle as the spring breeze. He looked at her and said in a low but sweet voice, “Baby, be good. Don’t mess with mom.” However, in just a few days… how did everything change? She only felt a wave of despair sweeping over her. Even when she left Beaford City a few years ago, she had never experienced such despair which was worse than death. “Kevin Kyle.” She couldn’t help but gently read these two words. She didn’t know whether she wanted to draw strength from them or… say goodbye. “Young Master is not here now. No matter how you call him, it’s impossible for him to come back.” Hearing Karen Daly say Kevin Kyle’s name, the assistant explained thoughtfully. “Grandpa sent him away on purpose, right?” In a trance, she asked simply “The young master protected you so closely, and it took the Grandpa Kyle a lot of effort to send him away. Are you satisfied with this answer?” She was satisfied, really! “For the sake of a little woman like me, you have spent so much effort on it. How can I not be satisfied and not be flattered?” The sadness and despair in her heart seemed to have turned into anger. She stared at the assistant fiercely, as if she was going to dig a hole in his face. “Aren’t you afraid that Kevin Kyle will find out?” “Ah?” The assistant exclaimed as if he was scared by Karen Daly. But in a flash, he smiled again. “If he finds out how could Young Mistress still be here? Furthermore, this is the Young Master’s most trusted grandfather, he definitely would not think ill of him.” He would not think ill of his grandfather. These words, like the final verdict, pushed Karen Daly straight into the abyss. Suddenly, she was drained of all her strength and could no longer resist. Yes, we were betrayed by our most trusted family… Kevin Kyle, Kevin Kyle, why are we all so miserable? We are indeed born to be a couple. Tears rolled down silently like broken moonlight. Seeing that Karen Daly didn’t talk too much, the assistant’s gentle smile finally had another meaning – that was sarcasm. This stupid woman thought highly of herself. She didn’t match with the Young Master at all. Why could she marry the Young Master? After thinking about it, the assistant shook his head, took out his mobile phone, dialed a number, and said, “Elder Master, Young Madam encountered a car accident on the way to the hospital, and she was seriously injured and fainted. The last sentence she said before she fell into a coma is to let us keep the baby.” His words were serious, full of anxiety, and even a little sad – they were really following through an act here. “What are you pretending?” Karen Daly couldn’t believe this assistant could perform in such a way Indeed, the car accident was the most common way to get rid of her. Because she was worried about her friend’s safety, she was involved in the car accident, and then died before she tried her best to protect her baby. Bravo! It was a perfect script. If she was not the main lead, she would have clapped her hands and praised the play. Karen Daly stroked her stomach, but she did not have the chance to see her child, nor could she see Kevin Kyle for the last time Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice sounded her ears. “Karen Daly, trust me, we will be happy.” “Karen Daly, your past has nothing to do with me. What care about is your future.” “Karen Daly, wait for me at home with the baby…” “Kevin Kyle, will there be a future for us? Will there be a future for me? When the call was over, the door was opened again. Before Karen Daly could react, two people injected some drugs into her. She struggled hard to stop those people from injecting her with medicine, but in this narrow space, she had no room to struggle at all. She could only watch helplessly as a few needles were quickly injected into her body. “No, don’t.” She roared like a helpless small animal, but it was useless. Those people were ruthless, just following the orders of their superiors. Karen Daly held her belly tightly. She really wanted to see the child who was about to come to this world. She really wanted to see Kevin Kyle again. She told him personally that she really didn’t want to leave him. She really wanted to go with him for the rest of her life, but she didn’t have a chance. Karen Daly’s consciousness was getting more and more blurred, and everything in front of her turned blank “Kevin Kyle-” Karen Daly’s lips moved, but she couldn’t call out Kevin Kyle’s name anymore. She was dying.

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