However, this time, Kevin Kyle waited for a long time, but Karen Daly did not appear again. Kevin Kyle did not want to wait any longer. He began to look for her and did not let go of every corner of the room. He turned his side and called her name, “Karen, Karen-” He searched for her again and again, but he couldn’t find her. “Kevin, I’m here. Why can’t you find me? When did you become so stupid?” Karen Daly’s voice sounded behind Kevin Kyle again. He immediately looked back, but the room was still empty and there was no shadow of her. “Karen-” He laid down on the bed, picked up the pillow that she often slept on and sniffed it, inhaling her scent from the pillow. Because he hadn’t rested for a long time, Kevin Kyle fell asleep after a while. When he was sleeping, someone poked his face with his finger and said, “Kevin, it’s fair. Why do you have such a good family background as well as such a beautiful face.” “Karen, got you!” Kevin Kyle stretched out his hand and wanted to grab her hand, but he failed again. Kevin Kyle suddenly woke up, and he was still alone in the room He could not see Karen Daly. He only felt empty in his heart, and there was a cold wind blowing from time to time. He got up and walked to Karen Daly’s desk. Beside him was a painting frame, which was her unfinished painting. Kevin Kyle picked up the brush and wanted to fill her unfinished painting. The more he painted, the more he didn’t know what he wanted to draw. “Mr. Kevin Kyle, why are you so stupid to destroy my painting? I hate you so much.” “Karen, – “Silly. Don’t talk to me.” “Karen, don’t hide anymore. Come and let me see you.” Why could he hear her voice but couldn’t see her? Where was she hiding? Why couldn’t he find her? “Kevin, this place is too big, and it will be inconvenient for us to live here. Why don’t we move back to the original place and live there?” The crisp voice rang out again. Kevin Kyle suddenly thought of something. He rushed out of the car madly and drove back to Dreamland City where they lived when they were newly married Opening the door, there were two pairs of matching slippers on the shoe rack. The big one was his, and the small one was hers. This was the first time they went shopping. She chose it. At that time, she blushed and said to him, “Mr. Kevin Kyle, are you willing to wear matching slippers with me?” At that time, he did not speak, but just nodded. He did not like to wear that kind of childish shoes, but she liked it. So he was willing to accompany her, just because she was his wife. He hoped that she would be happy. Because the house was often taken care of by their helpers, the house that had not been lived for a long time was still spotless, as if the two of them were still living here. After walking through the entrance, he looked at the kitchen for the first time. In the past, every time he came back from work, she was always busy in the kitchen. When she heard the sound of him opening the door, she popped her head out of the kitchen and greeted him. “You’re back. The dishes will be ready soon. You can wash up and set up.” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle nodded and stared in the direction of the kitchen. It seemed that Karen Daly was still busy in the kitchen. She was cooking dishes that she was good at. “Karen- He called her name, but dared not to get close to her again. After a few disappointment, he knew that as long as he got close to her, she would disappear from his eyes. “Mr. Kyle, why are you still standing? Go wash your hands. You can eat soon.” She turned back and said to him with a smile. “Okay.” Kevin Kyle nodded again, but he didn’t move. He was afraid that once he turned around, she would disappear again. “Mr. Kyle, I want to have a baby with you.” She was gone from the kitchen. She stood at the door of the bedroom and looked at him nervously and shyly. Kevin Kyle also remembered that when they came back from the hospital that day, she told him that she had become his real wife that night. She was shy, but she did something bold with him. If it weren’t for the fact that she wanted to be with him forever, she wouldn’t have done that based on her character. “Karen Daly, won’t you regret?” After she disappeared without a trace from this world, and forced him to liv without her, Kevin Kyle was suffering from an unbearable pain. He didn’t want any children, and he didn’t want any women. He only wanted her, the one and only Karen Daly, his wife! “Kevin Kyle, will we continue to go on like this? We won’t be separated, will we?” Some time ago, she always asked him such questions, and every time she asked him, her expression would be so sad. She used to be so confident, and she always said she believed in him. However, she was not so confident about their future She must have encountered something to be like this, but he didn’t see anything. Why can’t he see it? If he had guessed what was on her mind earlier, could he avoid this? What exactly happened that he didn’t know? Kevin Kyle walked into the room where they had lived for a few months. It seemed that he saw her again when she helped him to tie his necktie for the first time. She blushed with shame, lowered her head, while nervously and intently helping him. He hid in the room, looking for traces left by Karen Daly everywhere. He didn’t know how many days had passed in a daze. “Wow, wow.” The baby’s crisp cry suddenly came from outside the thick door. Kevin Kyle’s body suddenly froze, but he quickly reacted. He hurried to the bathroom to wash his face and then adjusted his clothes. He felt that he didn’t look that bad anymore, so he went to open the door. “Wow, wow-” Outside the door, the baby’s crying was still going on, but Kevin Kyle’s hand holding the door handle did not move for a long time. Kevin Kyle closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he turned the knob and opened the door. Outside the door, Karen Daly was holding his child and looking at him with a smile, but he only blinked his eyes. The person in front of him turned into Mia Kyle and a woman he did not know. The woman was holding a baby, and the baby was crying loudly. It seemed that she was very upset. “Brother, this is your baby. Give her a hug.” After Mia Kyle said that, she asked the newly-recruited nurse to give the baby to Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle looked around, but he didn’t see his baby girl. Once again, he still didn’t see the person he wanted to see. Finally, he looked away and looked at the baby in the arms of the woman. It was his and Karen Daly’s child, the only thing she left him. He stretched out his hands to hold the child, his hands were shaking He didn’t know if there was a telepathic connection. The baby who was crying earlier stopped screaming loudly as soon as he held her, but her tears were flowing, as if she had suffered a lot..

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