The child’s face was small, her hands and feet were small, and her body was small. Compared with him, he seemed to be a giant, and she was a little doll. Kevin Kyle held her in his arms clumsily, but she cried and fell asleep in his arms. When she fell asleep, she was mumbling, as if to tell him that she was so sad and no one cared about her. Kevin Kyle stared at the little child for a long time and could not help but lower his head to kiss her face. Maybe it was because of his stubble, that she tilted her head and fell asleep again. Now the child was still young, and it was hard to tell whether she looked like him or Karen Daly. But no matter who she looked like, it was the most precious gift Karen Daly gave to him. A few days later, in a cemetery in the Chatterton Town. Kevin Kyle stood in front of Karen Daly’s tombstone with his daughter in his arms and stood with Karen Daly for a long time. Then he said, “Karen, I have named our daughter, Karen Joy Kyle. I only hope she can live a simple and happy life.” As soon as Kevin Kyle finished speaking, Nick Black came over and said respectfully, “Director Kevin, the matter you asked us to investigate has already been settled. Miss Reed’s studio suddenly caught fire, and there was no trace of anyone doing it. Furthermore, we couldn’t find any trace of anyone meddling in Mrs. Kyle’s car accident.” Kevin Kyle sneered and said, “Faye was burned by the fire. Karen had a car accident on her way to see her. It was perfect timing. It seemed that God specially arranged this time to take Karen Daly’s life. Who did Karen Daly offend to make God treat her like this?” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Nick Black nodded and said, “Director Kevin, what should we do now?” Kevin Kyle looked at the child in his arms. Seeing that she slept so deeply and sweetly, his heart thumped. If Karen Daly was here, how pleasant would that be? Kevin Kyle’s left hand clenched into a fist as he tried to resist the pain in his heart. After a long while, he took a deep breath and whispered, “She must be alive.” What he said was a declarative sentence and his tone was positive. Hearing this, Nick Black was slightly stunned, but he didn’t say anything. What could he say? Assure Director Kevin that Karen Daly was really gone? “Go find her.” Kevin Kyle raised his head and looked at Nick Black. His eyes were dead serious. “Even if you turn over the whole earth for me, you must find her for me.” After that, Kevin Kyle felt that Nick Black’s eyes were full of confusion, as if he was looking at a madman. All of a sudden, Kevin Kyle felt that it was a little funny. Maybe he was really crazy, especially with the definite evidence, but he always felt that Karen Daly was not dead. He really felt that… she was still there, but he didn’t know where she was. She was waiting for him, waiting for him to find her, and waiting for him to save her. … This time, he must not let her down again. Even if the whole world felt that he was crazy, even if the truth was crucial, he would not hesitate to do so. Kevin Kyle’s left hand was still clenched into a fist. In a trance, Kevin Kyle saw a picture, Karen Daly and he holding their child’s hands and strolling under the sunset. It was so beautiful. The Kyle family, who used to be happy, was all immersed in the haze these days, and everyone’s mind was on Kevin Kyle. Kevin’s mother was worried about her son so much so that she kept wiping away her tears quietly. She was very clear about her son’s character. He had little to say since he was a child. He kept everything in his heart and never confided in anyone else. Now they knew that Kevin Kyle was sad, but they couldn’t find any way to persuade him and comfort him. They could only watch him recover his bloody wound alone. Kevin’s father patted Kevin’s mother on the back, comforting her, “Rana, Matthew is such a grown-up person. He knows how to adjust his mood. He will be fine.” “Will he be fine? What do you think he’s been through these days? He’s living like a walking dead. If he hadn’t been watched by me..” Rana cried in her husband’s arms when she said that Kevin Kyle had been locked up at home for a few days. “Mom, don’t worry. Now that brother had buried my sister-in law, it proved that he has decided to let it go. We have to believe in him. He will definitely cheer up soon.” Mia Kyle also held her mother’s hand and tried to persuade her. In fact, she also felt sorry for her brother. She had not had a girlfriend for so many years. Now she finally found a person who he wanted, but suddenly there was no one again. He had been out on a business trip for a few days. When he came back, his wife had turned into a pile of ashes. No one could imagine the pain. It was already very good that her brother could hold on Grandpa Kyle sat aside and didn’t say a word. He slightly narrowed his eyes and no one knew what he was thinking. After a long time, he interrupted, “Maybe Karen Daly’s and Matthew’s fate has come to an end. No one should mention this person in front of Matthew in the future. It’s better to let him forget it as soon as possible.” “That’s his wife. She gave birth to a daughter for him. I’m afraid he won’t forget her in his life.” Responded Kevin’s father. He knew too well how to feel when he loved someone. He was worried about his wife’s health, and now his son faced the pain of losing his wife. Being retorted by his son, Grandpa Kyle was a little angry, but he couldn’t find any words to refute. He waved his hand and said, “I am tired. I’ll go back to the room and rest for a while. You’ll wait for him to come back.” “Grandpa, I’ll send you back to your room.” Mia Kyle helped grandpa Kyle to go upstairs. Grandpa Kyle patted her hand and said, “Mia, you should take care of your brother more often and help him take care of the child. He is a man, he doesn’t know how to take care of the child.” Mia Kyle nodded and said, “Grandpa, I will.” As soon as Grandpa Kyle went upstairs, Kevin Kyle came back. He, who had always been polite, didn’t greet his parents who were sitting in the living room, but went straight upstairs with his child in his arms. “Matthew-Kevin’s mother called him. “Mom, what’s the matter?” Kevin Kyle stopped and looked back at his mother. His tone was flat and his expression was cold, as if he had returned to the old Kevin Kyle, who was so cold that no one dared to get close to him. “About Karen..” Mama Kyle began saying. “Mom, your granddaughter’s name is Karen Joy Kyle. From now on, she will be called Karen.” Kevin Kyle interrupted Mama Kyle and said. Mama Kyle still wanted to say something, but Aunt Anne rushed in and said, “Young master, please have a look. Momo did not eat or drink these days. It seems that she’s dying.” “Momo has not been eating for a few days, and you’re only telling me this now.” Kevin Kyle looked at Aunt Anne with a gloomy face, and his eyes were fierce. “Young Master, it’s because I saw that you were -” Aunt Anne said nervously. These days, Kevin Kyle had locked himself up because of Karen’s matter, and even the Kyle family couldn’t get close to him. How could they, as servants, have a chance to inform him?Chapter 192 When he came to see Momo, Kevin Kyle almost couldn’t recognize her. It had only been a short period of time, Momo which used to be as chubby as a ball had lost a lot of weight. She stayed in her bed, weak and powerless like she was struggling to breathe “Momo – Kevin Kyle squatted beside it and gently called it while stretching out his hand to stroke her head. “Woo – Hearing Kevin Kyle’s voice, she tried hard to open her eyes. There seemed to be tears in her eyes, “Momo, don’t be afraid. I’ve called the doctor. The doctor will come soon.” Kevin Kyle picked it up and carefully held it in his arms. “Woo, woo..” She shook her little head gently, as if to say that she didn’t want to see the doctor, she wanted to live with her mother instead. It was meaningless for her to stay. She wanted to go to another world to find her mother. Kevin Kyle wanted to say something else, but after two whines, Momo closed her eyes, lowered her head, and swallowed her last breath. “Momo…” Kevin Kyle held her in his arms, clenching one hand into a fist, trying his best to restrain his heartache. Karen had gone. Now, Momo was leaving. Why didn’t she want to stay with him? —– Three years later. The world-class fashion lingerie show, which was held once every three years, was running in full swing in Milan. Apart from the glamorous models on the stage, the backstage designers were also the top figures in the industry. The works designed by the freshmen who were able to be in the upper class must be eye-catching. They were excellent, so they had the opportunity to let the models put on their works and go on the stage. The catwalk show was about to begin. The designers and models at the backstage were still busy, hoping that the models could model their designs well. There were a blend of models from different parts of the world, most of which were Caucasians. There were some Eurasians and Asian models, which looked equally stunning too. A model that stood out was called Heather Su, who was one of the top-performing models in the industry. She was 183 cm tall, with a perfect body and looked like an angel. Heather Su’s designer was the only newcomer designer in this fashion show, Asteria. Asteria was less than 1.7 meters tall. She was slender and her delicate face was exquisite. She had a special aura with her, she always quietly attracted others’ attention. She was busy doing the final check for Heather Su. She was so serious and focused that she didn’t notice that there was a person who had been staring at her for a long time. Her thick black hair was casually tied up in a bun, and two strands of thin hair fell down from her forehead. Perhaps it was the first time for her to take part in such a fashion show, she was a little nervous, and her forehead was covered with a layer of sweat. The work she designed was a secret, and it was approved by her peers, where they recommended her to participate in this fashion show. Many people would not get such an opportunity even if they worked hard for their whole life. However, she, who seemed to be young, managed to get this opportunity. “Asteria?” The man gently read her name, with a meaningful radian hanging on the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were fixed on her. All the attention of Asteria was focused on her model. The model went to the catwalk in her own work. When she heard the applause from the audience, she took a deep breath. After three years of hard work, her work finally went on stage, which meant that her work had gone on the way to the world. When Heather Su stepped out of the stage, she came over and gave Asteria a big hug. “Asteria, thank you for designing such a good work, this is definitely a winning glory for you.” Asteria smiled and said, “I’m not as great as you think. I just want my work to be seen by more people. I want more people to enjoy my work.” “Asteria?” A man’s voice sounded behind them. Asteria and Heather Su turned back at the same time and saw a man with black hair and brown eyes. He smiled and looked at them with a faint smile. He wore a modern suit. The shirt in the suit was in a mess, and his hair was not groomed neat too. It seemed that he had just gotten out of bed. Perhaps it was because of his unique personality that people in the fashion industry would recognize him instantly. Ivan was a genius in fashion design. When he was in his twenties years ago, he had won many international awards. At that time, no one could catch up with him. However, he was extremely arrogant and not everyone could win his favor. “Ivan, are you looking for me?” Being acknowledged by a genius master in the fashion industry, Asteria was really flattered. “Asteria?” He looked her up and down. His eyes were scanning through her, but Asteria didn’t mind. “Your name is Asteria?” Asteria nodded. “Is there any problem?” Looking straight into her eyes, Ivan asked, “What’s your real name?” Asteria said, “Well, I don’t recall having another name.” Out of respect for this genius designer, whatever Ivan asked, Asteria answered honestly. “So you grew up around here?” Ivan smiled and said, “How about having a meal together after the event?” Asteria smiled apologetically. “After the event, there will be a dinner party in our company, so I’m sorry. I can’t eat with you.” “It doesn’t matter, I can join you.” Even after being rejected, he didn’t feel embarrassed. This was his personality. He makes his own decisions, and the rest was not within his consideration. Asteria wanted to add on, but Ivan responded quick, “I don’t eat much, so don’t reject me again.” Asteria was speechless at his words. But Ivan waved his hand and said, “I’m going to do my work. See you later.” After saying that, he turned around and left. Asteria looked at his back and shook her head helplessly. It was the first time that she had met such an unreasonable person. There was no way she could reject him. Heather Su said, “Asteria, do you know Ivan?” Asteria said, “He’s so famous. It’ll be strange if I don’t know him.” Heather Su thought for a moment and said, “He rarely will take the initiative to talk to people. When others approach him, he’ll just ignore them. I think he is interested in you.” Asteria said, “Well, by that logic – Heather Su, are you also interested in me?” Heather Su shrugged with a helpless expression. “Alright, you win.”.

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