For the past three years, Asteria had been living in Milan. She was used to the lifestyle of this city. She especially liked the fashion scene of this city. She didn’t want to leave the country. But her father treated her very well and did a lot for her. Her mother died early, and her father did not remarry to take care of her. He invested a lot in her. In order to take care of her, her father almost gave up his life and pinned all his hopes on her. He also gave her enough space and trust so that she could show her skills in the field she liked. Asteria had no way to repay such kindness. Therefore, her father was getting old and wanted to go back to his homeland. She had to accompany her father. Fortunately, her work is flexible. As long as she has a computer, a pen, and a draft, she could do her work anywhere. It was two o’clock in the afternoon when the plane arrived at the Chatterton International Airport. As soon as Samuel Daly got off the plane, he looked at Asteria with a smile and asked softly, “Karen, do you have any impression of this place?” “Yes.” Asteria nodded. “Yes?” Samuel Daly was shocked. Asteria smiled and said in a cute way, “Airports are mostly like this. There’s a lot of crowds.” Samuel Daly breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that. He patted her head and said, “You know how to joke me.” In Chatterton Town, she was not familiar with it at all. Everything was very strange to her. This kind of unfamiliarity made her feel a little uneasy and agitated. Therefore, after she settled down at home, she informed Samuel Daly and carried a backpack. She was ready to go out for a day to get familiar with the environment and crowd. Milan was a very romantic city. People there felt that they wanted to enjoy life, not to work. However, this Chatterton Town seemed like an upbeat city, When sitting in the restaurant for dinner, many people were wolfing down their food. After finishing eating, they had to rush to work This was Asteria’s impression after wandering around alone for more than half a day. However, Chatterton Town’s nature scene was not bad. For example, Noble Park was full of flowers and flowers when she visited, and the park was full of visitors. Many couples snuggled up in front of the flowers, and many parents were enjoying the warm sunshine with their children. Just as Asteria was enjoying the city, someone suddenly pulled her sleeves lightly. It was a gentle pull, like a kitten’s pull. Asteria stopped and looked back. It was a three-year-old little girl. She was very beautiful. Her big eyes seemed to be filled with gems, but also seemed to contain stars, twinkling and very dazzling under the sunshine. Her features were exquisite, and she had a very lovely ponytail. She looked sweet and innocent. Asteria looked at the little girl and could not was stunned… For some reason, she felt that this child looked a little like her. “Hello, Miss. Can you help me?” Looking at the beautiful woman, the cute little girl continued to pull Asteria’s clothes and she pouted. How could the beautiful Miss ignore her when she looked so cute? The little girl held her head high and stared at Asteria, showing a very innocent and vulnerable expression. After being stared at by the little baby girl, Asteria panicked and quickly got rid of the other thoughts in her mind. She squatted beside the little baby girl, and reached out to touch her fair and tender face. She asked softly, “Kid, what’s wrong? What do you want me to do for you? Where are your parents?” After that, Asteria looked around again. How could such a little child not be watched by adults? What if she was taken away by bad guys? “Dad’s working, and mom is flying in the sky!” The little baby girl said seriously Flying in the sky? Asteria was stunned. “Is this another saying for taking a plane?” “So are you here alone?” Asteria asked again. “No.” The little girl shook her head and smiled innocently. “Sister, aren’t you here to accompany me?” The little baby girl smiled innocently, but Asteria had a headache. It seemed that the child was completely out of control, and the person who took care of her was nowhere to be found. How could she leave such a lovely child alone… While she was thinking, the little baby girl suddenly grabbed Asteria’s hand. Her little hand was so small that she could only hold Asteria’s fingers. She shook it again, as if she wanted to attract the attention of this beautiful woman. Asteria couldn’t help but smile at her. Looking at her lovely face, she pinched it again. When she was about to speak, she heard little baby girl say in a positive way, “Give me 100 dollars!” Asteria was stunned. “Dad said, if you pinch me you’ll have to give me 100 dollars!” The little baby girl patiently explained. Looking at her serious look, Asteria finally realized that the little baby girl was talking about the pinch on her face that will cause 100 dollars. This child’s father was really short of money. How could he raise the child like this? “But I don’t have money!” Asteria teased. “Then you’ll have to help me.” “Okay, what can I do for you?” It seemed that she finally remembered something important. The little girl’s bright smile suddenly faded off. She said sadly, “My sister is bleeding. She’s going to die.” Seeing the little girl’s serious look, Asteria was shocked and hurriedly said, “Where is she? Take me there.” The little girl raised her hand and pointed to the distance, only to find a white puppy lying under a tree. “Is that your sister?” The little baby girl nodded desperately, and her watery eyes were suddenly filled with tears. “Yes, yes, my sister is in pain. Is she going to fly into the sky too?” Asteria’s heart missed a beat… It turned out that, “in the sky” meant dead. “No, it won’t.” Asteria hurriedly comforted her, “Come on, let’s save her.” After that, she held the little girl’s hand and walked to the dog. The dog sensed someone approaching and sniffed her. It wagged its tail excitedly and barked at the little owner. They didn’t know what the dog wanted. Little girl said, “Momo, be a good girl. She will help you cure your wound “Woof, woof” Asteria checked the puppy slightly and found that there was a three-centimetre-long wound on its leg. Apparently, it was scratched by some wire. After thinking for a while, she took out a regular band-aid from her bag and carefully put it on the dog “Hey little girl, what’s your name?” “Karen! Isn’t it a nice name? “Beautiful… I’ll tell you a secret, My name’s Karen as well.”

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