At first, the little baby girl looked at Asteria with shock, and then she pointed at Asteria. “You’re Big Karen.” Then she pointed at herself. “I’m Little Karen.” Then she made a gesture with her chubby little hand and said, “We’re two Karens!” Little Karen looked very cute. Big Karen laughed out loud. “Little Karen, why didn’t your family accompany you?” Such a lovely child was left here. If it weren’t for her conscience, Asteria really wanted to take this child home and raise her. “Aunt Lynn is over there, and Brother Kobe is also over there.” Little Karen pointed to a woman and several bodyguards. Their eyes were fixed on them, and they were observing the pair. Asteria instantly understood that there were many people watching over her. Maybe the little fellow didn’t want so many people following her, so those people could only watch her from a distance. She was so small and had her own opinion. When she grew up, she would be definitely strong-minded. Asteria was trying to accompany Little Karen to go back to those people when her phone rang. She took out her mobile phone and it was her father. Asteria did not answer directly. She smiled apologetically at the little girl and said softly, “Little Karen, I’m going to work. l’l play with you in the future, okay?” “Okay!” The little baby girl agreed and said, “Daddy likes me the most, so if there is another Karen, he’ll be happy!” Asteria shook her head. She wanted to refute that statement but couldn’t afford to offend a cute, little girl. “Big Karen, thank you for saving my sister.” Little Karen looked at Big Karen with a lovely and bright smile. “My sister likes you a lot.” “Woof, woof, woof-” The little dog also barked a few times, indicating that it agreed. “Well, I like you too. Little Karen, goodbye!” Big Karen said goodbye to Little Karen and touched her little face again. Looking at Little Karen, a strong sense of reluctance emerged in Big Karen’s heart. Such a beautiful and lovely child, she really wanted to spend more time with her. She stood up and said goodbye to Little Karen again. “The world is so big. See you again… Maybe we won’t see each other again. Rovio Corporation Inc’s officer tower in Chatterton Town was the new landmark of the Chatterton Town. As the headquarters of Rovio Corporation Inc in the country, it lived up to its name. There were 88 floors in total, and the 85th to the 88th floors were meant for sightseeing. From the 85th floor to the 87th floor, it served as the company’s resting and entertainment area. On the 88th floor, there was a sightseeing area and a children’s playground. To put it bluntly, this floor was the playground prepared by Leo Kyle for his daughter. When he took her to work, she would not feel bored as there was a place for her to play. Most of the time, Kevin Kyle would bring his daughter to work. At work, he asked his babysitter to play with her. Today, Kevin Kyle just came back from a business trip and was at the headquarters. After he came back, he was busy holding an important meeting. He asked some people to take care of Little Karen by bringing her outdoors. He would pick her up after he finished the meeting. In the bright and spacious meeting room, the atmosphere was very tense. Because of Kevin Kyle’s gloomy face, the managers sitting around the conference table were particularly cautious, due to the fear of having their big boss be dissatisfied with their work. As the host of this meeting, the chief manager of the real estate development in the Western region was even more frightened. Whenever he said a word, the face of the big boss darkened, which made him feel that he made a mistake. A long while later, he couldn’t continue anymore. He wiped his cold sweat and said, “President Kevin, if there is anything wrong with me, please tell me directly.” “Just say it directly. Don’t use your cold eyes. Your gloomy face is scary, okay?” He thought to himself but was so scared that he almost cried. “The details of the project are very good. Let’s continue,” Kevin Kyle said. His face was still serious, and his voice was also cold, but the words were praises. The incongruent messages made the team leader of the Western Group even more frightened. He thought it over and over again. He just couldn’t figure out why was his boss so unhappy. How could he torture him like this? One manager stammered with fear, “President Kevin, I-” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and said impatiently, “Nathan Jim will be in charge of this project, and you will be his assistant. As for the project on Fallon Lime’s side, no matter what method you use, you’ll have to take it down, and the profit could be reduced by 1 per cent.” Kevin Kyle spoke very quickly, but several secretaries next to him still remembered his words clearly. After saying that, he turned around and left. Amelia Gray and Nick Black immediately followed, and Nick Black said, “President Kevin, Nathan Jim had never been in charge of this If he tries to, I’m afraid…” “No, we wouldn’t know until we try it.” Kevin Kyle walker away and gestured for his assistants to now follow him. He returned to his office, pulled out a chair and sat down. He stretched out his hand to massage his temples, In a trance, he thought of a figure that was very clear but also very vague. Three years, three whole years. He would think of her every day and dream of her every night, but her appearance was getting more and more blurred. He couldn’t remember what she looked like. There was a photo frame on his desk. In the photo, there were his daughter little Karen, little Momo, and him, however, without her. Without her, what made him happy was his lovely daughter, Karen. It had been a while since they parted. He had to go and see her, or the little girl would be angry with him again. When Kevin Kyle came to the park not far away from the company, Karen was keeping herself busy. He had already walked to her side, and she hadn’t noticed him yet. He reached out and pinched her little face gently, which immediately attracted Karen’s attention. He smiled very gently and said, “Karen, what are you looking at?” “I’m looking at Big Karen.” Karen threw herself into her father’s arms and jumped a few times. “Big Karen’s as beautiful as me.” Kevin Kyle looked in the direction that Karen had been looking at just now. He looked around and found nothing Even if he did, it was just his dream. “Dad, my sister is hurting.” Karen was happy, but she still remembered her sister, who was lying on the side because of her injury. Momo was injured, and there was a bandage on her leg. Kevin Kyle asked, “Who was the one who helped her?” “Big Karen.” Karen pointed to the direction in which Big Karen had disappeared. “A very beautiful Big Karen.” [Public Chat: It’s over today. I’ll update it around eight o’clock tomorrow evening.)

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