Kevin Kyle looked in the direction of Karen’s finger, but still did not see anything. Finally, he shook his head helplessly. What’s wrong with him recently? Even when he saw an ordinary heart-shaped bandaid and heard Karen’s childish words, he could only think of Karen Daly “Dad, I’m hungry. I want to eat strawberries and chocolate.” Karen raised her small hand to hold her father’s face and said in a sweet voice. Very soon, Little Karen couldn’t remember what Big Karen had done for her earlier. She was focused on eating delicious food. “Do you want to eat it now?” Looking at his daughter’s blinking big eyes, Kevin Kyle lowered his head and kissed her red face. “Five hundred dollars for a kiss.” Little Karen spread out her hands and said softly, “Daddy will need to pay for it.” Kevin Kyle said, “But do you want money or strawberry?” Hearing her father’s words, she tilted her little head and blinked her beautiful big eyes. She was seriously thinking about it. She wanted money and wanted strawberry too. How could she choose? After some thoughts, Little Karen raised her little hand and made a gesture of two. She said softly, “Dad, I want both of them.” Kevin Kyle shook his head. “No, you can only choose one.” Being rejected by her father, Little Karen felt sad. She threw her head into her father’s arms and said, “Dad, I need money and strawberries.” Kevin Kyle was worried that he would make his daughter cry. so he quickly raised his hand and surrendered. “Okay, okay, you’ll get the both of them.” “Daddy’s the best.” Karen got up and looked up at her father’s face and gave him a kiss, “One thousand dollars. Daddy.” “Your kiss costs 1000 dollars now?” Kevin Kyle picked Karen up and kissed her little face several times, and then he said, “Well, how much should I give you now?” Karen counted with her little fingers and said seriously, “One, two, three-one more, two-” She counted with her fingers several times, but no matter how hard she counted, she couldn’t figure out how much money her father should give her. She had a deal with her father. If she kissed him, her father would give her 1000 dollars. If her father kissed her, he would give her five hundred dollars. And if he pinched her face, he would give her a hundred dollars. And… There were a lot of promises between her father and her. She really couldn’t remember so many things at once. “A thousand dollars.” Karen counted with her fingers for a long time, and finally came up with such an answer. She looked at her father and smiled very proudly, as if to say to him, “Daddy, you’d better praise me. I’ve counted it correctly.” “Okay. But remember that I owe you so much, and I will give you back in the future.” Kevin Kyle held Karen with one hand and picked her up from the ground with the other. “Karen, Momo, let’s go home.” Karen leaned into her father’s ear and said, “Dad, and there are sister’s thousand dollars too.” Kevin Kyle smiled and said, “Well, okay, whatever you say, it’s up to you.” The bodyguards and nannies behind them saw the father daughter duo. No, it should be the father and his daughters, three of them. In their master’s eyes, the pet dog, who was born almost the same time as Little Karen, was also his daughter. Now in the Kyle family, the most precious thing was their young lady, Karen Joy Kyle, and the next one was the dog, who grew up with the young lady. Nobody dares to provoke the young lady and the puppy. The whole family looked after them like gems. After Karen Daly had an accident three years ago, Kevin Kyle replaced all the workers in his house in Secret Garden. Besides replacing the helpers who worked in Kyle’s family for decades, he replaced the nanny who took care of Litle Karen too. He personally chose this new nanny. Now the bodyguards who protected Litle Karen were all Kevin Kyle’s men who followed him when he was in the United States. He replaced all the people around him with the ones he trusted the most, and he didn’t need anyone else. Litle Karen was already three years old and had been practising Taekwondo for a few months. Kevin Kyle had invited the best Taekwondo coach to teach her Taekwondo at home. Every day when he got off work and went home, he would certainly accompany Little Karen to practice for an hour. No matter what Karen did, he would accompany her patiently. When Little Karen’s mother could come back one day, he could tell her every detail of Little Karen’s growth to her. He’ll tell her that their child was good, but she only needed her mother to come back to her side. After changing into a white Taekwondo suit, Karen gently kicked him twice. Kevin Kyle clapped his hands and encouraged her, “That’s great!” Being praised by her father, Karen became more serious when she learned from the coach. Although her arms and legs were small, her every move was really like that of a little warrior After finishing her class, she suddenly threw herself into her father’s arms and gulped down a few mouthfuls of water while holding the bottle. “Dad, I’ll protect you and sister in the future.” “Well, good girl.” Kevin Kyle took a towel to wipe the sweat on her head. Looking at her face, he couldn’t stop thinking of his wife, whom his daughter looked like. If Karen Daly was with them, what would she do with their daughter? “President Kyle, I’ll go first” said the young male coach. “Yes.” Kevin Kyle nodded. “Teacher, goodbye!” Little Karen waved at the coach and said softly “Goodbye!” The coach also waved to her. It was a kind of enjoyment to teach such a lovely and beautiful child. “Dad, I’m hungry.” Kevin Kyle looked at the time. As he was careless, it was already past Little Karen’s meal time. No wonder the little girl was starving. He picked her up and said, “Let’s go for dinner.” “Dad, can I have a big brother?” Every day, she could only play with her sister. She felt so bored, and it would be good if there was another brother to play with them. “Why do you want a brother?” As long as his daughter was happy, he could consider adopting a child to grow up with her. Little Karen pinched his fingers and said in a soft voice, want a lot of brothers and sisters, but I only need one dad.” Kevin Kyle understood that Little Karen wants brothers and sisters because she was too lonely and wanted someone to play with her. That night, after coaxing Little Karen to sleep, Kevin Kyle was thinking about this question. After thinking about it for a while, he decided to send Little Karen to a kindergarten in the military area of Chatterton Town. The security there was much better than the so called expensive kindergartens outside. Three years ago, he had lost his wife, Karen Daly. He couldn’t afford to lose his daughter again. “Karen” Looking at Little Karen’s quiet sleeping face, Kevin Kyle called her name softly. he didn’t know whether he was calling for Karen Joy Kyle, his daughter or Karen Daly, his wife..

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