The Miwa Fashion Show was world-class. After the event, not only will the models’ values soar, but the designers behind the scenes would also receive a lot more attention. Although the possibility of the designers being recognised by the audience was not as high as that of models, their status would be significantly elevated in the industry. Those who could win awards will definitely be the talk of the town. After Asteria won the award, her life didn’t change much, as her fashion business was handled by her father. She only needed to draft her designs, so her life was still very comfortable. On the third day after arriving in the Chatterton Town, Samuel Daly received a job posting for Asteria, which was an interview on a TV channel in Chatterton Town. The designers were mostly behind the scenes, and Asteria had never shown up in public in the past few years. When she suddenly heard such news, she rejected it in her heart. However, when she saw her father’s expectant eyes, she couldn’t say anything to reject him. In the end, she just nodded and agreed. When they were on the show, the program director arranged a makeup artist for Asteria, Her skin was already very good, and she was not someone who would use makeup regularly. When she needed to attend some occasions, she only put on light makeup, and she would look very attractive instantly. Today, it was her first time putting on thick make up, with thick foundation layer and heavily blushed cheeks. She could barely recognize herself. She even had the thought that these crew members were deliberately making her look like a crown to humiliate her. When she was recording the program, the host asked several questions about her work, such as her plans for her future work. However, the questions gradually went on to discuss her personal matters. Asteria smiled awkwardly and said, “I’m not old yet, so I plan to work hard for a few years and master my own business. Then I’ll consider other matters.” The host said, “Miss Asteria, you are so young and beautiful, and you got the Newcomer’s Award and the Best Fashion Design Award. In the future, the people who want to pursue you will definitely need to get in line. You don’t have to be in a hurry. You can choose slowly.” All of a sudden, Asteria was speechless. Asteria had never been to a TV show, and she didn’t like being involved in other people’s personal affairs. So when the host asked her about personal questions, she didn’t want to answer. She did not answer, but the host did not intend to let her go. The host asked again, “Asteria, what kind of man do you like? Is the appearance or the personality more important? Is talent more important than wealth?” The host asked several questions, but she never thought of those questions before so she didn’t know how to answer. Asteria did not answer, and the host was a little annoyed. She said, “You are so beautiful and your career is successful. I guess your requirements must be very high. You should not be interested in ordinary people.” Asteria said, “I think fate is the most important thing Meeting the right person is the most important part, and the others are not that important.” The host said, “Miss Asteria, do you mean that if you choose to be a couple, you won’t mind his financial status? Don’t you care about his status?” Asteria raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling a little displeased. What did picking a partner have to do with money? What did it have to do with status? Can’t they just be in love with each other? She felt that relationship was a matter between two people. As long as they liked each other, what did their status have to do with each other? However, there was a voice in the depths of her heart telling her that status will matter. But that voice in her heart was far too soft. She just let that go. The host got the hint and knew that Asteria was unwilling to cooperate with this topic, so she reluctantly changed the topic to Asteria’s work. When it came to work, Asteria was willing to speak. She was very serious when discussing about designs, but the interviewer only asked a few superficial questions, and it seemed that she was not interested in her work. After the show ended, Asteria politely exchanged a few words with the host. The host was still very gentle, but when the camera was turned off, the host’s face turned black. She looked at her with dissatisfaction, then turned around and left. As soon as Asteria returned to the locker room to remove her makeup, she heard some gossip. “The so-called top designer, Asteria, is just a newcomer who just made a name for herself. She just got a promotion, but she has some ego issues.” “Yes, yes. When Rosa asked her questions, she always ignored her. Who does she think she is.” “To be honest, new people come and go in the fashion design business. How long can she be famous? Who knows.” “I think she’s just pretending to be pure and lofty. Maybe her private life is too bad for the public.” “That kind of person who always say that status does not matter, where In fact, they won’t consider dating anyone who’s not rich.” Several staff members chatted in the locker room freely. Their tone was extremely sour. Asteria didn’t believe that they wouldn’t know that she’s nearby It seemed that they deliberately provoked her. They wanted her to be furious and film a scene so that it will go viral and cause rumours. She was just a new designer. If such a rumor gets out, it would definitely hinder her future development. Asteria shook her head helplessly. She just didn’t like to partake in empty discussions, but was being labeled as arrogant instead. It seemed that she’d better not come to this kind of program in the future. She just needed to do her job quietly. As long as her designs were fine, she wouldn’t need to worry. Asteria removed her makeup and went out with her bag. As soon as she walked to the door, a group of people walked in from outside. “President Kevin, this way please!” Hearing the voice, Asteria looked up and saw a tall man in a white shirt escorted by a group of people walking toward the broadcast hall. Those people’s expressions and attitude showed how respectful the man was. This kind of person must be the real big shot. There was no need to play with him at all. And those who talked behind her back, were only brave because she was a nobody who had to carve her own path. Let’s see if they could talk about this big shot behind his back. Asteria sighed and walked away. The group of men looked at her instantly With only one glance from afar, Kevin Kyle reacted quickly. He stopped and turned around again. His sharp eyes fell on the woman who was about to leave. Over the years, he had seen countless people who were similar to Karen Daly. But every time he went closer to have a look, he would be disappointed..

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