If there was hope, there would also be countless disappointments. This time, Kevin Kyle did not immediately take action. Instead, he quietly watched the woman, who looked similar to Karen Daly, walking farther and farther away. Just as she turned around and disappeared from his sight, Kevin Kyle couldn’t care less about anything else, he stepped out of the crowd and rushed out. Regardless if that was Karen Daly or not, he still needed to be sure. He would rather be disappointed again than let go of any chance to find her. Kevin Kyle ran away all of a sudden, and the others followed behind. “President Kevin” It was Nick Black who called him. After this job appointment, there was an important meeting waiting for him. “Don’t come with me,” Kevin Kyle said without looking back. As soon as he spoke, Nick Black stopped the group of people. He looked at Amelia Gray and could not do much. Kevin Kyle’s legs were long, and he walked very fast. Soon he caught up with the woman. Today’s weather was very good. After walking out of the TV station, she looked up at the sky, took a long breath and smiled. Looking at her back, Kevin Kyle was so nervous that he swallowed hard. His Karen Daly liked to do these actions the most. Although she looked silly, she was so cute. He fixed his eyes on her and watched her take out a map from her backpack. She looked at it carefully for a while with her head down and then looked around. When she looked at him and saw that face clearly, Kevin Kyle froze instantly It was the face that he had been thinking about constantly. It was the face that he remembered so clearly. It was her. It was her. She was his wife, whom he had been thinking about day and night. It was his Karen Daly Maybe his eyes were too shocked, or maybe he was the only one at the gate, so she also saw him. There were only a few steps between the two of them. As long as he took two steps, he could catch her and hold her in his arms as he used to do. He could feel her breath, heartbeat, and everything about her. However, Kevin Kyle stood where he was and couldn’t move at all. His heart was beating so fast that it seemed that it was about to jump out of his chest. She walked over to him, pursed her lips and smiled politely at him, saying, “Sir, do you know which direction to the Skyscraper Tower?” Although she was a designer, she couldn’t understand the map and was poor with directions. According to the map, the Skyscraper Tower was not far from here, and she would be able to get there in ten minutes, but she just didn’t know if she should go left or right. All of a sudden, Kevin Kyle heard her voice, which was so familiar to him, and it shocked him. He was confused but he stretched out his hand to point to his right. “Thank you!” After saying thank you, she smiled at him again and then stepped away. Her smile was still so sweet, as if it could melt his heart. As long as he saw her smile, the haze in his heart would disappear in an instant with the wind. After she walked for some distance, Kevin Kyle followed her without hesitation, and he followed her for quite some time. Along the way, she would touch her surroundings. And Kevin Kyle would touch whatever she touched. This was his way of staying in touch with her. He did not dare to get too close to her, nor did he dare to catch her. He was afraid that as soon as he touched her, she would disappear in front of his eyes as she did many times before. So he followed her from a distance and looked at her. Even if he had no contact with her, he felt inexplicably happy when he could follow her for such a long time. About ten minutes later, they arrived at her destination, the Skyscraper Tower. The Skyscraper Tower used to be the landmark of the Chatterton Town. Although Rovio Tower became the new landmark of Chatterton Town, the hype of the Skyscraper Tower, a sightseeing spot, had not dissipated. Many tourists came to the Chatterton Town to visit the Skyscraper Tower. If they didn’t travel to the Skyscraper Tower, they would be too embarrassed to say that they had been to Chatterton Town. When Kevin Kyle saw her buying sightseeing tickets, he also followed her and wanted to buy tickets with her. The ticket price was 100 dollars, which was not a big deal for him at all. But he never took any money with him, so when he had no assistants around, he couldn’t afford it. “Are you going sightseeing? You don’t have any money with you?” She stood next to him and asked him in her gentle and pleasant voice Kevin Kyle looked at her and nodded stupidly. “Yes.” “Please give me another ticket” she said to the ticket seller. She took out another 100 dollars and bought a ticket for him. “Thank you for showing me the way.” Kevin Kyle looked at the ticket she handed over, but he didn’t reach out to get it, as if he didn’t dare to take it. Today, Karen Daly was so real, as if she really existed beside him. He wanted to get along with her for a while, but he didn’t want to touch her. He was afraid that she would disappear from his eyes in an instant. He didn’t reach out to take it, and she was a little embarrassed. She put the ticket on the counter and went to wait in line for the elevator. Kevin Kyle grabbed the ticket and also followed her, but he did not dare to get too close to her. There was still some distance between them. The people behind them bought tickets and lined up too. They saw that there were seats in between them and wanted to sit. Kevin Kyle glared at them coldly, and the people retreated back. The elevator could carry more than a dozen people at a time. As soon as the elevator door was opened, people were pushed into it. Kevin Kyle wanted to keep a distance from her, but he was pushed by someone and hit her. He stood next to her. There were more than a dozen people in the elevator, but he could only see her and only hear her. This Karen Daly was solid, she could breathe, and she could speak He stopped other people from approaching her, and he kept a certain distance from her to protect her under his wing. Suddenly, someone accidentally pushed him, and his hand accidentally touched her hand. Her hand was cold, but the touch was so real. Wasn’t this his dream? Or was it true that his Karen Daly really appeared beside him? He couldn’t believe it. He wanted to hold her hand and confirm it again. But at this time, the elevator shook, and the lights in the elevator suddenly turned dark, and the ladder quickly fell down. Screams were heard one after another in the elevator. “Ah, no, don’t. Asteria let out a beast-like roar and trembled with fear. She held her hands up, forbidding anyone from approaching her In the dark, Kevin Kyle grabbed her hands and held her in his arms, trying to calm her down and to stop her from being so scared. However, his hug made her even more resistant. She punched him again and again, almost heart- wrenchingly shouting, “Let me go, don’t touch me” [ping: It’s over today. I’ve newly built a QQ group. The group number is 33356711]”.

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