The rapidly descending elevator suddenly stuck and did not continue to descend. The screams in the elevator also stopped instantly, but Karen Daly’s fists did not stop. She seemed to be greatly frightened and regarded the person who held her as a fierce beast. Kevin Kyle hugged her tightly and kept comforting her. “Karen, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. I’m here. It’s okay, it’s okay. I won’t let anything happen to you again. Not anymore Three years ago, he had lost her, and he had always regretted it. Now that he met her again, no matter how much he had to pay, he would never let her get hurt again. No one could hurt her again. Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly tightly and ordered, “Who has a mobile phone? Please dial for emergency outside. Hearing his steady voice, the people trapped in the elevator seemed to calm down. No one made any noise. Some took out their mobile phones to light up the dark space, and some called for help. While in Kevin Kyle’s arms, Karen Daly’s body was still shivering. The light of the mobile phone shone on her delicate face, which made him see her pale face. What kind of things had she experienced in the past three years to make her react so violently when she encountered such a thing? However, it was not the best time to ask these questions. He had to find a way to stop her from being so scared. He had to wait until the rescue personnel rescued them safely first. If they followed the usual procedure, it would take at least half an hour for them to be rescued. So Kevin Kyle took out his mobile phone to inform Nick Black and asked for his assistance. As soon as Nick Black received the news, he immediately informed people that Kevin Kyle was trapped in the elevator, and those in charge took action immediately. All the repair staffs, firemen, police, and rescue personnel, arrived at the scene in the shortest time possible. About ten minutes later, they were rescued successfully. No one was injured, but everyone was shocked. After they were rescued, Nick Black and Amelia Gray, who had been waiting outside for a long time, ran over at the same time and asked worriedly, “President Kevin, do you have.. Madam!!” The words of concern turned into shock before they could speak, just because they saw the person around Kevin Kyle – the woman who was as gentle as a pool of spring water, the woman who had been searched for by Kevin Kyle for three years, and the woman who had been dead three years ago, now stood by Kevin Kyle ‘s side. She was still beautiful, just like how she used to be. The two of them widened their eyes and opened their mouths wide. For a moment, they couldn’t tell if it was a reality or a dream Kevin Kyle glared at them in time and motion for them to leave. Then he took his Karen Daly to the temporary ambulance and asked the doctor to do a simple routine check. Earlier, Nick Black called out for Madam. At that time, Asteria was still in a state of shock and did not hear it clearly At this time, after a check-up, Asteria calmed down. Thinking of what she had just done in the elevator, she was very embarrassed and smiled apologetically at Kevin Kyle. “Sir, I’m sorry, I’m a little afraid of the elevator.” She bit her lip, and a faint blush appeared on her white face. Then she said, “I just overreacted and didn’t hurt you, did 1?” Her tone was polite and distant with a mix of guilt and sincerity. However, her soft words were like a sharp sword, piercing into Kevin Kyle’s heart deeply. The joy of reunion was torn apart layer by layer, and he just realized that his Karen Daly didn’t remember him. Kevin Kyle fixed his eyes on her and felt so confused. She did not remember him. There was no longer his existence in her memory, and their common memories had turned into bubbles… He did not speak. Asteria thought he was still paying attention to what had just happened and said, “Sir, I’m really sorry! I.” Kevin Kyle saw her anxious and apologetic look, and he only felt that it was very dazzling. He couldn’t help but move his head away. But he was afraid that his action would make her feel uncomfortable, so he quickly put a gentle smile on his lips and whispered, “Afraid of the elevator? Did something like this happen before?” His voice was very light and soft. It was clear that they had just met today, but he gave her a feeling that they had known each other for many years, and she felt inexplicably familiar with him. However, Asteria did not see Kevin Kyle’s clenched hands on his side. His hands were so tensed up, as if they were resisting something with all their strength. Listening to his gentle voice and his kind eyes, she took a deep breath and said, “It’s not a big deal.” She smiled again. “Just a few years ago, I was trapped in the elevator in the hospital. I almost died that night.” Asteria said calmly, but it was definitely traumatic. At that time, she had just recovered from a serious illness and just begun to walk slowly, but soon she was trapped in the elevator of the hospital. At that time, she tried hard to call for her. The air in the enclosed space was thin, and the cold and hard walls around her seemed to collapse into her closer. She was curled up in a corner in a hospital gown. She only felt that the darkness was full of danger and despair. It seemed that she had returned to the time when she was in a coma. No matter how hard she ran in the darkness, she could not find a way out… She screamed, ran, screamed, and shouted, but the people she had been waiting for did not come. However, who was she waiting for? She didn’t know. She had never mentioned to anyone about being trapped in the elevator. Because she was afraid that her father would worry about her, she did not even tell her father about it. But since then, she had been somewhat traumatized by the elevator. Today, there was an accident, and those dark memories came back. Therefore, she acted beyond her control. “Fortunately, I have this man’s help. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to calm down.” After thinking about it, Asteria wanted Kevin Kyle to throw a grateful smile on his face. She said it very calmly, as if there was nothing. However, Kevin Kyle knew that there probably was more than her words. If it had not been for the unforgettable fear, she would not reacted excessively earlier. In addition, she had always been this kind of person. Even if she was suffering, she would still smile through her problems and soothe everyone else. This smile… was once a lie to him. He really wanted to hold her in his arms and comfort her. He told her that he would not let her suffer any more grievances with him in the future, but he couldn’t. He was afraid that his sudden action would frighten her, and he was afraid that she would regard him as a pervert who wanted to take advantage of her. After thinking for a long time, Kevin Kyle suppressed the heartache in his heart and pretended to be relaxed, “My name is Kevin Kyle. What about you?” “Asteria.” He asked, and she answered. It was quick, without any hesitation, but he was lost for words..

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