Kevin Kyle hoped that she could say a few more words. He had a lot of things to say to her. He wanted to know how she had lived in the past three years. He wanted to tell her that Little Karen was already three years old. She is cute, sensible, but sometimes she’s a headache. But he couldn’t say that to her right now. Or, he didn’t know what to say. His wife, his Karen Daly, she could no longer remember their past. “Asteria?” Kevin Kyle repeated her name several times and said with a smile. “Asteria sounds very interesting. She’s the Goddess of the Star Night in Greek mythology. Presumably, your real name should be nice too.” Suddenly, she heard someone ask for her real name again, and Asteria could not help but felt a little embarrassed. After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Two years ago, 1 was seriously ill and forgot everything about the past. My father didn’t tell me my real name, but he called me Karen.” Karen. The tip of her tongue was pressed against her lower lip, and the corners of her lips were slightly raised. She could say these two words. It was simple but unforgettable. His Karen came back. This time, she really came back. It was not a dream for him to really appear beside her. “Well, thank you for today!” She said. If she hadn’t met him today, she wouldn’t know how crazy she would be in the elevator. She might hurt innocent people, so she should thank him. “You bought me a sightseeing ticket. I should thank you first,” he said. “You’re welcome.” She smiled shyly again. “If there’s nothing else, I want to go home first.” “Do you need me to send you home?” He asked carefully, afraid that she would refuse his offer. She shook her head and said with a smile, “No, I’ll take the subway home.” “Then-Could you give me your contact number? Kevin Kyle didn’t say more. He was afraid that it would make her feel uncomfortable. Finally, he could only swallow back his words and nodded. “Be careful on the way.” “Well, goodbye. See you.” “Okay, goodbye.” She turned around and left without hesitation. Looking at her figure getting further and further, Kevin Kyle didn’t keep up with her. He just clenched his fists, restrained and suppressed them. The person in front of him was clearly his wife and his child’s mother. However, he was a stranger to her. Even the “farewell” that he just said was so polite. She definitely didn’t mean to see him again. In the past, he had fantasized about all kinds of scenes when he met her again. He had thought that when he found her, he would hold her in his arms and never let go of her. He would be with her all the time. He had thought that when they meet again, she would happily throw herself into his arms and ask him if he missed her in her beautiful voice. He had fantasized about many scenes of reunion with her, but none of them was the same as what he had seen today. She had forgotten about him completely forgotten their child, and forgotten their past completely. It was as if he had never left any traces in her life. Everything in the past was just a dream. After waking up from the dream, he was still alone. None of his family and friends could get close to him. If it weren’t for Little Karen, who accompanied him every day, calling him “daddy” daily, even he would doubt if there was once a person like Karen Daly in his life. After Asteria left for some time, Kevin Kyle withdrew his reluctant eyes and waved to Nick Black. “Send your best bodyguard to protect her 24 hours a day. Go to the TV station immediately. I want her contact information and want to know everything she has gone through in the past three years as soon as possible.” On the way home, Asteria had been thinking about the man she met today. She felt that he looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen him. As she looked up at the TV screen in the subway, the media advertisement was introducing the world’s most famous young entrepreneur. Kevin Kyle, who was the CEO of Rovio Corporation Inc, also known as Leo Kyle. Every photo of him was the same as what she saw today. He wore a white shirt, black trousers, and a pair of glasses with golden frames. He looked calm, yet restrained. The only difference was that he looked cold and noble in the photo, while in real life, he looked gentle and approachable, and seemed to be a little silly. After seeing this news, Asteria understood why it felt so familiar with him today. When she was in Milan, her father liked to watch news about this person, and she would occasionally see him on TV. Every time she saw the news about this man, it was about investment, or him being young and rich. She never thought that she would have something to do with him. When she was deep in her thoughts, she had already arrived at the destination. After getting off the car, Asteria took a deep breath, stretched a little, and forced smile. She would hide the things she had encountered at the TV station today and the meeting with Rovio’s CEO. And then she would work hard at the new job tomorrow. Now, she had a new starting point in her work. She had to work harder and draft better designs so that she could go further When she got home, she smelled the fragrant aroma of dishes. When her father saw her coming back, he looked at her with a caring look and said worriedly, “Karen, where did you go after leaving the TV station? You are not familiar with Chatterton Town. I am very worried about you.” “Dad, I just went out for shopping. In the future, if I want to live in this city, I have to get familiar with it first.” She changed her shoes and walked to her father. “I’m no longer a child. I won’t lose my way. Dad, don’t worry.” Samuel Daly sighed and said, “After your illness, you always forget things. I’m just worried that you’ll lose yourself, and I won’t be able to find you again.” “Dad.” Asteria suddenly couldn’t say anything. She was already so old. At this age, she should be taking care of her father, but she had to make her father worry about everything. Before she went out, her father would definitely remind her that she should remember to eat and go home on time. If she didn’t come back due to some delay, her father would definitely pick her up. For the past two or three years, it had been like this every day. Her father’s hair was already turning white, but she was always like a child, making people worry about her. Samuel Daly turned around and handed the medicine on the table to her. He handed her a cup of water and said, “Eat the medicine first, and then eat dinner later.” Asteria took the medicine and the glass of water, then she ate her pill. She smiled at Samuel Daly and said, “Dad, don’t worry about the medications in the future. I’ll remember to take the medicine according to the instructions. Samuel Daly rubbed her head and said, “Silly, I am your father. How can I not be worried about you?” Asteria miles and thought, it’s so nice to have such a father who takes care of me!”.

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