In the night of Chatterton Town, lights were shining brightly It was called the City of No Sleep for a reason Kevin Kyle stood at the balcony and looked at the lights from the thousands of houses outside. He smoked one cigarette after another and didn’t stop. Although he had never smoked in front of Karen Daly, he had secretly stopped smoking after learning that Karen Daly was pregnant previously. Similarly, three years ago, because Karen Daly suddenly disappeared from his side, he began to be obsessed with the smell of tobacco again. It seemed that he used this method to numb his nerves, but he would never smoke in front of Little Karen. Tonight, he had already smoked nearly a whole pack of cigarettes, but he still couldn’t suppress the uneasiness in his heart He and Karen Daly were in the same city. She was close at hand, but they seemed to be thousands of miles away from each other, making it impossible for him to reach her, “President Kevin, this is the information you want.” Nick Black rushed over, handed the prepared information to Kevin Kyle with both hands, and stepped back two steps to widen the distance between them. Kevin Kyle put down the cigarette butt in his hand, opened the folder quickly and flipped through it. Every time he flipped through a page, Kevin Kyle’s face became more and more serious. Nick Black stood in front of Kevin Kyle. Looking at Kevin Kyle’s face, he felt even more uneasy. After three years of searching, no clues were found. When the hope in their hearts was getting smaller and smaller, the person who they had been looking for for three years suddenly appeared. She appeared so suddenly, and without warning, Moreover, judging from the information he got today, it was obvious that someone was playing a cat-and-mouse game with them. In this game, the other party was a cat, and the other party regarded them as mice. Kevin Kyle didn’t speak for a long time. Nick Black was anxious for his orders and couldn’t help asking, “Boss, what should we do now?” Kevin Kyle threw away the documents in his hand and said in a cold voice, “Don’t do anything for the time being.” Kevin Kyle had always been thoughtful. After reading the information, he quickly analyzed the causes and consequences of the matter. Three years ago, he also suspected it, but because he couldn’t find any definite evidence, he didn’t dare to come to a conclusion easily. He didn’t want to wrong his most trusted families, but today he understood everything. Three years ago, the cremation had been deliberate, and the car accident had also been deliberate. It was a trick to cremate Karen Daly before he returned to Chatterton Town. Except for his most beloved grandfather, Kevin Kyle had never expected that there would be a second person who could do such a perfect job. But there was one thing that he couldn’t understand. If it was done by his grandfather, how could Karen Daly fall into Samuel Daly’s hands? How could she forget all the things in the past? What kind of unknown secrets did his grandfather and Samuel Daly have? What have they done to Karen Daly… Thinking of this, Kevin Kyle inhaled sharply. His fingers were clenched so tightly that they turned white. His heart ached so much that waves of attacks come one after another But now there was no time for him to feel heartache. There were more important things waiting for him to do. Samuel Daly had been hiding with Karen Daly for three years. And now he took Karen Daly back to Chatterton Town and made Karen Daly appear in front of him. Kevin absolutely had reason to believe that Samuel Daly must want to take advantage of Karen Daly to get something from him. Karen Daly had forgotten all the things in the past, so Samuel Daly seized Karen Daly’s weakness and made Karen Daly treat him, this horrible criminal, as her father. Now in Karen Daly’s heart, Kevin Kyle was just a stranger to her. Samuel Daly was her closest and most trusted person. Therefore, Kevin Kyle couldn’t do anything to Samuel Daly, let alone bring Karen Daly back from Samuel Daly’s side. Now, he must find a way to remind Karen Daly of the past. He must find out Samuel Daly’s real purpose. Only in this way could he ensure that Karen Daly would not be hurt and return to his side willingly. Samuel Daly was not surprised that Karen Daly would meet Kevin Kyle, because he had tried his best to arrange everything that happened today. He found out that Kevin Kyle would be on a TV program today, so he tried his best to pick up get a similar slot for Karen Daly. As long as they appeared in the same place on the same day, they would have a great chance to meet each other. Today, he had been guarding outside the TV station and saw Kevin Kyle chasing after Karen Daly. When he saw Kevin Kyle following Karen Daly, he also knew that they had gone through the elevator incident together. At first, he was worried that something wrong might happen to his plan, but when he saw Karen Daly’s expression at night, all his worries were gone. As long as Karen couldn’t remember the past memories, she is his powerful weapon. Even if Kevin Kyle found out that Samuel Daly was in Chatterton Town, he wouldn’t dare attack him. At this time, Samuel Daly was also standing by the window and looking at the moon in the sky. It seemed that he could see a shadow on the moon, as if he could hear disdainful voices speaking to him. “The Daly family? Who do they think they are ?” “A few decades ago, the Daly Family was still a privileged family. But now, the Daly Family is just a poor, disgraced family. With Samuel Daly capabilities, he could never let the Daly Family return to its previous state.” “Samuel Daly’s capabilities?” Samuel Daly repeated this again and again. He wanted to create a glorious Daly family on his own, so that everyone would know how powerful the Daly family was. Tonight, what he had to do was to have a good sleep so that he could revitalize and do what he wanted to do tomorrow. The next day, Samuel Daly got up early as usual. After washing up early, he took out his new suit and put it on. The suit was one of the latest Armani designs, which he had specially prepared for himself. Now that he was the father of a well-known designer, he naturally had to wear a well tailored suit when seen out and about. “Dad, what party are you going to attend today?” In the few memories Asteria had, she had never seen Samuel Daly dressed so formally, so she couldn’t help but be surprised. “I’m going to help you contact the new company today. If you can reach an agreement, then the contract can be signed and you can officially start work.” Samuel Daly sat down at the dinner table and said, “Karen, sit down. I have something to tell you.” “Dad, what’s the matter?” Asteria sat down and asked. Samuel Daly said again, “You know, I always don’t want to tell you why you were seriously ill three years ago, and I don’t tell you what your real name is.” Asteria looked at Samuel Daly and said, “Dad, you don’t want to tell me. Of course, you have your reasons. I don’t want to know either.” She guessed that she had forgotten the past after having a serious illness, and that meant her memory of the past must not be good. It was better to not remember bad things. Now, although she occasionally felt empty in her heart, as if something was missing, as long as she worked hard, the inexplicable emptiness would disappear. Therefore, she was not interested in the past and never asked her father about it. Samuel Daly patted Karen Daly’s hand and said, “Your actual name is Karen Daly. It’s more convenient for you to use this name here in the future.” “Karen Daly?” Karen Daly said it again. “It’s sounds nice.”.

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