Kevin Kyle stared at Little Karen’s red face for a long time. He couldn’t help but reach out and touch it. “Wake up little pig!” “Dad, no… Suddenly, she turned over and stuck her small body into Kevin Kyle’s arms like glue. She pursed her lips, closed her eyes and fell asleep. Kevin Kyle pinched her little face again and said softly, “Little pig, you won’t get strawberries today if you get up late.” Little Karen suddenly opened her eyes and pursed her lips. She looked as if she was about to cry. “Dad, you’re not nice to me…” “Daddy is not nice, but if my Little Karen is good girl, you will have strawberries and chocolate today” Kevin said. Looking at his daughter’s pitiful appearance, Kevin Kyle lowered his head and kissed her. I’ll wake up now!” Little Karen said, then she opened her arms to ask for her father’s hug. “Okay, daddy will carry you. My little Karen is really cute!” Kevin Kyle said as he hugged her. He lowered his head and patted her little face a few times. “Then let’s go wash our faces and brush our teeth.” Kevin Kyle was reluctant to let the little fellow sleep alone in the nursery. So in the past three years, he slept with the child, and took care of her very carefully. Every morning, he got up and coaxed Little Karen to wake up, which was his happiest time of the day. When he heard her calling him ‘daddy’ and saw her acting coyly in his arms, his cold heart would be warmed by her. Kevin Kyle held Little Karen’s face and brushed her teeth seriously. He was such a big man, but he acted gently when doing these things, for fear of hurting the little fellow even just a little bit. Little Karen blinked his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror. She laughed happily and said, “I’m good, so is Daddy.” “Of course, little Karen is my child. You are surely well behaved.” Although Little Karen couldn’t explain it clearly, Kevin Kyle understood what she wanted to say, However, the little fellow was saying that both her father and herself were very good-looking. She was only a child but already so full of herself. Neither he nor Karen Daly were smug people, he wondered where the little fellow got this from. Thinking of Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle couldn’t help but think of the things that she might have experienced in the past three years. Kevin Kyle’s heart seemed to have been pinched again. A bone-chilling pain rose from his heart, as if it was going to swallow him “Dad – Little Karen reached out her small hand, gently grabbing her father’s big hand, and blinking her amber-like eyes. He was held by her soft little hand and her warmth e was transmitted to him little by little. Suddenly, Kevin Kyle came to his senses and held little Karen tightly in his arms. “Dad, smile.” Little Karen was small, but her mind was extremely sensitive. She could see that her father seemed to be unhappy at this time. “With my Karen here, Dad is very happy.” “Karen wants daddy to smile.” “Okay, I will smile, and you’ll give half of your strawberries to me. Are you willing to do that?” Kevin asked his child. “Of course I am willing.” Although Little Karen liked strawberries very much, her father was more important than the strawberries. As long as her father was happy, she was willing to give all of them to him! “Good girl! Let’s go have the strawberries!” Kevin Kyle went downstairs with Little Karen in his arms. Because the little fellow really liked to eat strawberries, the kitchen staff had been thinking of various ways to make all kinds of delicious strawberry dishes to keep the little princess happy When they came to the dining room, the strawberry puree that Little Karen liked was already placed on the table. Kevin Kyle put Little Karen in her favorite lounge stool, circled it around, handed her a spoon, and let her eat it on her own. Little Karen picked up the spoon and took two big scoops. Then she scooped up another spoonful and said, “Daddy, eat it.” Kevin Kyle opened his mouth and ate it. He nodded with satisfaction and said, “Well, it tastes better when Karen feeds daddy.” However, she scooped up another spoonful and said, “Have some, little sister.” While having her meals, Little Karen never forgot Momo who grew up with her. “Woof, woof, woof…” Momo squatted in another chair to respond to Little Karen. Kevin Kyle picked up a paper towel and wiped the strawberry puree on Little Karen’s mouths. He said, “Karen, eat it. Momo can’t eat this, she will have a stomach ache.” When she heard that her sister would get a stomachache, she took a bite of the strawberry puree in the spoon and said softly, “I don’t want my little sister to get a stomachache.” Kevin Kyle stroked Little Karen’s head and said, “Okay. Karen, eat quickly.” Most of the time, Kevin Kyle could see the shadow of Karen Daly in little Karen, especially her big watery eyes, they were almost identical to Karen Daly’s. “Karen.” Hearing a beautiful female voice, Little Karen hurriedly looked back and saw her beautiful Little Aunt. She waved her little hand excitedly and said, “Little Aunt, whoosh.” Mia Kyle took off her sunglasses and handed it to Jacky Ball, who was by her side. When she ran over, she picked up Little Karen and twirled her twice. “Do you miss me, Karen?” Little Karen stretched out her hand to hold Mia Kyle’s face and said seriously, “Yes I do! I miss you! I want my Little Aunt to ‘whoosh’ at me.” “Whoosh-” Mia Kyle blew on Little Karen’s face and rubbed her little face. “Little Karen, I think you’re more and more beautiful. You look more and more like Little Aunt.” Little Karen replied, “I am more beautiful than you, Little Aunt.” Mia Kyle twitched her mouth and looked as if she wanted to cry. “How can Little Karen be more beautiful than me? I will be so sad.” Now Mia Kyle had already won an award after her movie, so her acting skills came as she wished. If someone didn’t know her well, they would really think that she was competing with a child. “Little Aunt, don’t cry. You are as beautiful as I am!” Little Karen said. As long as it was someone who was good to her, Little Karen could not bear to let them be sad. Mia Kyle laughed and rubbed Little Karen’s pink and tender face. “No, Little Karen is the most beautiful one in our family. I’m far worse than you are! Little Karen’s parents were so good looking, Little Karen had the perfect genes of two people at the same time. How could she not be beautiful? “Little Aunt, one pinch costs 500, give me the money.” Little Karen suddenly said seriously. “Five hundred is not enough. It costs at least fifty thousand. When your father pinches you once in the future, you can ask him for fifty thousand,” Mia Kyle said. “50,000..” Little Karen was having a headache. 500 had a five, and 50,000 had also a five. What was the difference? “Why are you here?” After dinner, Kevin Kyle put down his spoon and wiped his mouth gracefully before asking. “The shoot is over. I come here to accompany our little princess,” Mia Kyle said. After what happened to Karen Daly three years ago, Kevin Kyle was cold to everyone except Little Karen. In front of his family, he had fewer words than before. He was getting farther and farther away from them and more and more like a being from another world. The elders of the Kyle family were all abroad. After Mia Kyle graduated, she often came to Secret Garden because she had been filming in the country all year round. She also had a closer relationship with Little Karen. “Daddy, I’ll play with Little Aunt.” Mia Kyle would play with Little Karen like a child. Little Karen naturally liked this Little Aunt of hers. Kevin Kyle came over and kissed Little Karen on her face, “Karen, play with Little Aunt at home today. I’m going to work now. Call daddy when you miss me.” “Daddy, goodbye!” “Karen, goodbye!”.

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