“President Kevin, we have already found out. Asteria has been hired by the international bridal brand, PM Corporation, with a high salary, to be the chief designer here.” Kevin Kyle’s car had just arrived at Rovio Building, and Amelia Gray, who had been waiting for a long time, came forward to report the situation. “Okay.” Kevin Kyle nodded and said, “Arrange to purchase this company right away. The sooner, the better.” Director Kevin, this…! “What’s the problem?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows, glanced at Amelia Gray, and said, “Let Rovio’s best corporate finance team handle this matter. I want to hear good news in three days.” “Yes.” Amelia Gray did not dare to raise any objection. She had watched Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly’s story since they were together. Later, Karen Daly had “died”, and she saw how Kevin Kyle had lived in the past three years with her own eyes. Karen Daly’s position in Kevin Kyle’s heart had already surpassed what they had initially thought it would be. They all believed that Karen Daly was gone, but Kevin Kyle didn’t give up. He had hired people to look for her for three years. Now that Karen Daly had finally come back, what he wanted to do was to stand by her side all the time and not let anyone take Karen Daly away from him. In her new working environment, Karen Daly liked it very much. It was a spacious and bright office, beyond the wide French window was the city park with the best view of Chatterton Town. The park was facing the sea, and across the bay was the city of Kingbet. Looking out from where she stood, she could vaguely see the skyscrapers in Kingbet. “Asteria, please lead our local design team to greater heights!” The person who spoke was Hector Cheng, the chief director of PM Corporation in the country. Hector Cheng was in his 30s and he was extremely handsome. He was a top student at an Ivy League university. After studying abroad for several years, he worked at PM Corporation and had been promoted to the position of country head very quickly. He was a hot young talent in the industry Karen Daly smiled confidently and said, “Director Cheng, since you offered me a high salary and invited me here, I will try my best to lead everyone to do well for PM, and I will never let you and the headquarters down.” In reality, Karen Daly didn’t speak very much. It was not that she didn’t like to talk, but she liked to be quiet. In the past two or three years, when she was not working, she would travel around, to enjoy the scenery alone with her backpack on her back. She would also stay at home, holding a book, and it would keep her busy a whole day. If Samuel Daly hadn’t reminded her, she would even skip meals. Perhaps because of her quiet character, she rarely communicated with others in the past three years except for during work, so she didn’t make any good friends. But when she was at work, she was different. She was capable, intelligent, and strong. She never dragged the team behind. Before Karen Daly spoke, Hector Cheng saw that she was very slim and always had a gentle yet frail smile on her face, In his heart, he was still a little suspicious of whether she was competent for this job. However, Karen Daly’s words gave him a completely different feeling. Every word she said was sonorous and forceful. It seemed that an energy that he could not imagine was emanating from her frail body. Hector Cheng nodded. “I’m relieved, as long as you’re here.” Karen Daly smiled and said, “Director Cheng, you’re flattering me.” After talking with Karen Daly, Hector Cheng took her to tour the company and meet the colleagues from the design department. He also assigned her an assistant, Linette. Linette had just graduated from college, and to be able to learn from the famous designer, Asteria, right after graduation, her excitement was off the charts! From time to time, she would knock on the door of Karen Daly’s office and serve Karen Daly tea, she was very enthusiastic. Thump, thump It was the fourth time that Linette had knocked on the door of Karen Daly’s office. She couldn’t stand it anymore, but she still said “Please come in!” patiently. Linette pushed the door open and came in. “Asteria, there’s an honored guest in our company today. Director Cheng wants you to see him.” Karen Daly nodded. “Okay.” When she followed Linette to the reception room, she pushed the door open and entered, but Hector Cheng was not there. There was only a man in a white shirt and black trousers standing before a French window, with his back to the door. The man stood straight. His back was perfect, but he gave people a feeling of loneliness, as if he had left something very important behind. Linette said, “Asteria, you go in first, and I’ll go serve two cups of tea. Karen Daly nodded her head, stepped into the room, and her eyes fell on the man again. Just as she was staring at his back, he suddenly turned around and met her eyes. Their sight was entangled in the air for a moment. She was still a distance away from him, but she felt the heat of his eyes. Karen Daly was shocked by this intensity of his gaze and looked away. However, Kevin Kyle’s eyes were reluctant to move away from hers. If he could look at her for just another second, it would make him very happy. After a long time, he said, “Asteria! I didn’t expect you to be the well-known fashion designer – Asteria.” Karen Daly said politely, “Hello, Mr. Kyle!” In the past, Karen had him “Mr. Kyle with some teasing connotations, but now there was only courtesy and politeness in her voice. Her polite voice was impeccable, but it was harsh to his ears. In an instant, Kevin Kyle felt that it was a little difficult to breathe. This painful fact reminded him that she really did not remember him anymore. However, he had always been strong in self-control. Although he was heartbroken, he did not show any emotions. He still smiled gently at her and said, “Thank you for remembering that my last name is Kyle.” Karen Daly asked again, “Mr. Kyle, do you come to see me specifically?” Kevin Kyle did not answer her directly, but slowly talked about his past. “My wife and I met each other on a blind date and we quickly registered for marriage. We have been married for many years, and our child is also three years old, but I still owe her a proper wedding. I want to wait until she comes back to me, so that I can make up for this wedding that I owe her.” Kevin Kyle was talking and Karen Daly was listening in silence. From his eyes and tone, she could tell that he loved his wife very much. Looking at Karen Daly’s calm eyes, Kevin Kyle felt a surge of emotion in his heart. He really wanted to tell her that his wife was her. But he couldn’t He tried his best to restrain his impulse and tried to talk to her in a calm tone, “Asteria, I heard that the gowns designed by you are very special. I have come here to you to ask you to help us design three sets of outfits for our family.” Karen Daly nodded. “There’s no problem with that. You can tell me your requirements, and I’ll try my best to satisfy them.” Kevin Kyle said, “I have a lot of demands, and I can’t finish talking about them in a short time. It’s not good for us to stand and work here. Why don’t I treat you to dinner? Let’s eat and talk, and I should thank you for your help two days ago.” Karen Daly shook her head and politely refused. “There’s no need for dinner. If you have any request from me, just tell me here.” She was not familiar with this man, at least she felt strange enough if he were to treat her to dinner..

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