Karen Daly was reluctant to go out to have dinner with him, so Kevin Kyle did not insist on it. He took the lead in sitting down and said softly, “Then let’s sit down and talk about the design of the outfits.” Karen Daly nodded and sat down beside him. She took out a notebook and said seriously, “Mr. Kyle, tell me your detailed request. I’ll jot it down.” Seeing that she was so serious, Kevin Kyle thought she was still the person who used to be the former Karen Daly again. When she was working, she was always very serious and never sloppy. After so many years, she was able to be hired by PM as a chief designer with a high salary, it must be the result of her hard work. “Mr. Kyle?” Seeing that Kevin Kyle was staring at her and did not speak, Karen asked. Kevin Kyle came to his senses and said, “I know nothing about design, and it’s hard to say the specific requirements. Why don’t you give me some suggestions? I’ll take it as a reference. Karen Daly thought for a moment and asked, “Then please tell me what your wife and child look like, Mr. Kyle. I can give some suggestions.” When Kevin Kyle heard this, an idea flashed through his mind. He said with a little excitement, ‘If I describe it, it would be very difficult to understand. Miss Asteria, if you don’t mind, why don’t you go back with me to see the child?” In the world of fashion design, the most important thing was having the piece well-tailored. In the past, Karen Daly had been running to her prestigious client’s homes many times to check on their measurements and for custom fittings. After thinking about it, she nodded and agreed. She wanted to see the child and measure the child’s height so that she could design the outfit better. She came up to Kevin Kyle’s car. She first wanted to sit in the back seat, but felt that it was impolite, so she sat in the passenger’s seat. Instinctively, Kevin Kyle wanted to stretch out his hand to help her to put on the seat belt, but just as he leaned over to her, she hurriedly moved towards the window and looked at him with vigilance. Kevin Kyle reluctantly withdrew his hand and said, “In the past, whenever I drive, my wife would be sitting in the passenger seat. She would always forget to wear her seat belt. Just now, I had forgotten that the person sitting next to me was not her.” The person sitting next to him was actually still his wife, but she had forgotten who he was. Kevin Kyle’s words made Karen Daly’s face blush with embarrassment. She quickly put on her belt and smiled politely at him They were driving for more than half an hour, but no one spoke along the way. They simply looked ahead or enjoyed the scenery on both sides of the road. Kevin Kyle’s residence was even more luxurious than Karen Daly had imagined. After entering the main gates it took them more than ten minutes to walk to the building itself. Kevin Kyle walked very slowly, as he if he was deliberately matching her pace. While walking, he introduced the surrounding area to her, which made Karen Daly feel that he was a very polite gentleman “Dad, you’re back.” A small figure rushed to Kevin Kyle from a distance. Kevin Kyle caught her little body and kissed her, “Karen, tell daddy, do you miss daddy?” “Of course I do miss you, even my stomach is hungry.” Little Karen touched her belly as she spoke, looking pitiful. “Then let Aunt Lynn make some milk for you, okay?” “No, I don’t want to drink milk. I am a big child now. A big child doesn’t drink milk.” “You have to drink milk first. Then you can have strawberries in the afternoon.” Watching their close interaction, Karen Daly felt a gush of warmth in her heart. Karen Daly now remembered, she remembered very clearly this lovely child. She had seen her a few days ago, and her name was Little Karen. The father was so good looking. No wonder he had such a beautiful daughter. However, she vaguely remembered that Little Karen had told her that her mother is flying in the sky Thinking of this, Karen Daly felt a little sad in her heart, and her clear eyes fell on Kevin Kyle’s face. She remembered what he had said earlier that day. He said that when his wife returns to his side, he would put on the wedding dress for her personally. What exactly was going on? Had Little Karen’s mother disappeared, or had she passed away? Thinking of how such a young child had lost a mother, Karen Daly suddenly felt a little distressed. Her eyes fell on Little Karen and she couldn’t bear to look away. Kevin Kyle noticed Karen Daly’s gaze and thought in his heart, would she remember anything about their child? If she could recall even by a little bit, it would be good. After waiting for a long time, Karen Daly kept looking at Little Karen, Kevin Kyle then asked, “Do you want to hug her?” “Can, can I?” Karen Daly wanted to hug the child very much, she really wanted to hug her! “Karen, can you let this beautiful auntie hug you?” Kevin Kyle introduced Karen Daly to his daughter. It was not until then that Little Karen looked at Karen Daly The child, who had never been able to remember anything clearly, was very excited when she saw her. “Big Karen?” “Dad, it’s Big Karen. She was the one who helped me save my little sister “Little Karen, I’m very glad to see you again.” Karen Daly smiled gently and said. When she said goodbye to Little Karen that day, Karen Daly thought that it was impossible to meet her again in the sea of people, but she didn’t expect that they would see each other again after only a few days. Kevin Kyle finally understood the situation. It turned out that when he went to the park to pick up Little Karen that day, Big Karen was indeed there, but he didn’t want to believe his daughter’s words. Little Karen opened her little arms to Karen Daly and said softly, “I won’t charge Big Karen any money for carrying me.” “Little Karen, you’re so nice.” Karen Daly walked towards Little Karen and held her in her arms. Her heart was so soft. Little Karen was such a beautiful and lovely child, and Karen Daly had no choice but to like her. Looking at them, Kevin Kyle’s eyes were so gentle that they could melt people’s hearts. He was willing to just look at them this way, for the rest of his life. “Sister, I want to take you to a place, would you like to go?” Little Karen liked Big Karen very much, so she thought of a good place she found to share with her. Karen Daly nodded. “Where are we going?” “Just follow me, I will take you there.” Little Karen took Karen Daly’s hand and said, “Sister, walk steadily and don’t slip!” “Okay, I’ll take good care of myself.” Little Karen held Karen Daly’s hand and took a few steps. Suddenly, she felt that something was wrong. When she turned around and saw her father looking at them, she said, “Dad, you have to come along too.” “Okay. Daddy will accompany my Little Karen.” Kevin Kyle was just waiting for Little Karen to say this, and he then took Little Karen’s other hand. He held on to Little Karen’s left hand, with Karen Daly’s on the child’s right hand. Little Karen walked between them, it was a beautiful picture of their family. As Kevin Kyle thought about it, it seemed as if time had stopped at this moment. He suddenly imagined how their family of three walked hand in hand, until they grew old, and until Little Karen grew up to be an adult. While Kevin Kyle was fantasizing this, Karen Daly pulled back her hand quickly. She felt very shy to hold his daughter’s hand like this. Little Karen did not notice that someone had let go of her right hand, but Kevin Kyle noticed it immediately. All of a sudden, Kevin Kyle felt as if he was going to break through his self control, as if there was a gush of rage in his body. He really wanted to carry Karen Daly home crudely, and never let her leave again. [Public Chat: It’s over today.)

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