Kevin Kyle stopped. His left hand was empty and clenched into a fist. His eyes were slightly narrowed, and there were surging undercurrents in them. He was angry, not at her, but at himself. If he had stayed with Karen Daly all the time, then those people would not have the opportunity to carry out their plan. She would not have been taken away for three years, let alone forget about him and the child. Little Karen also noticed that something was wrong. She let go of her father’s hand and took a small step to Karen Daly’s side. She held Karen Daly’s hand with her small hand and said, “Sister, I’ll hold your hand so that you won’t slip while you walk!” Karen Daly held Little Karen’s small hand and nodded with a smile. “Karen, you are in charge of entertaining Sister Karen. I have something else to do, so I won’t accompany you two,” Kevin Kyle said. Since Little Karen was willing to get closer to Big Karen, and Big Karen was also willing to get closer to Little Karen, Kevin decided to let them hang out by themselves. Without him by their side, Karen Daly should be able to be less reserved. Perhaps being with Little Karen could remind Karen Daly of some things from her past. “Okay, Daddy.” Little Karen nodded her little head vigorously and said softly, “I’ll take care of Big Karen.” Kevin Kyle rubbed her head. “Daddy believes in you.” He looked at Karen Daly and said softly, “I have something to attend to. I’ll be back later.” Karen Daly nodded with a smile. “Daddy, go and do your work.” Little Karen took Karen Daly’s hand and walked forward with small steps. Despite not having her father by her side, she was still happy. When Kevin Kyle walked out of their sight, Little Karen immediately grabbed the braid on her head and looked at Karen Daly with a look of expectation and pride. “Sister, do you think my braids are pretty?” The two braids on Little Karen’s head were like horns on a goat. To be honest, they were not very well braided and even a little messy. However, Little Karen looked very cute, which made her melt the hearts of people around her, However, Karen Daly would not give such a blow to the child’s confidence. Karen Daly simply nodded her head and smiled gently, “It’s beautiful.” Hearing her praise her braids, Little Karen said proudly. “Daddy braided them for me.” Karen Daly was stunned… She could not imagine how a god like man like Kevin Kyle would braid his child’s hair. She imagined Kevin Kyle combing the little girl’s hair in a clumsy way… Karen Daly felt that the thought of it was so beautiful, and she did not dare think too much about it. It was really warm and sweet of him. His wife must be very happy. She was so lucky to have such a husband who knew how to dote on others! Thinking of this, Karen Daly couldn’t help but smile. She was just a little envious, nothing else. Looking at Karen Daly’s beautiful smile, Little Karen couldn’t help but pounce on Karen Daly’s thighs. She blinked her big bright eyes and said, “Sister, are you happy?” Her words were clear, and her tone was soft. With her big eyes, she made people want to hold her and take a bite out of her. Not to mention her messy little braids, a cute child like this should deserve the whole world, Karen Daly couldn’t help pinching the little baby girl’s face. “I’m happy.” “Daddy is also happy!” Little Karen answered. “Huh?” Karen Daly was puzzled. “Daddy is very happy!” Little Karen paused for a moment and then added, “He’s very happy today.” “Oh?” Karen Daly blinked. “He wasn’t happy before?” “In the past, in the past… Daddy misses Mommy. But Big Karen is here today. Daddy’s happy!” There was no fear when a child spoke, she would say whatever she wanted to. However, Karen Daly felt that something was wrong… She and Kevin Kyle had only met once. There should be no other reason, right? It was just a child’s nonsense. “Where’s your mommy?” Karen Daly still couldn’t help but ask. “Mom is flying in the sky!” Little Karen opened her hands and flapped them up and down, like a pair of wings. “Daddy and I are waiting for her to come back.” Little Karen’s words were cute and naive, but when Karen Daly heard them, she felt very uncomfortable. She couldn’t help rubbing Little Karen’s head. “Little Karen, who told you that your mommy is flying in the sky?” “Little Aunt told me that,” Little Karen blinked her eyes and pointed to the sky. “Little Aunt said that my mother flew away by accident. When I grow up, mommy will come back to me.” Karen Daly bent down in front of Little Karen, pinched her pink face, and said softly, “Little Karen, I want to hug you, is that okay?” Little Karen opened her arms and threw herself into Karen Daly’s arms. “Big Karen can hug me all you want, I won’t charge you any money.” Karen Daly held Little Karen in her arms and hugged her tightly. Somehow, when she heard Little Karen talking about her mother, she felt inexplicably uncomfortable. Little Karen pointed at a small playhouse in front of her and said happily, “Sister, that’s the playground for my little sister and I.” “So, Little Karen, do you want to bring Big Karen to your playground?” “Yes.” Karen Daly came to the playhouse with Little Karen in her arms. It was a small detached building next to the main house, a pink playhouse for children, just like what could be seen in cartoons. “Sister, come in.” Little Karen enthusiastically dragged Karen Daly into the house and took care of Karen Daly like a little host. Little Karen had seen strangers around before, but she had not been so friendly to them. She would not tell anyone about her Fairytale Kingdom, let alone allow them in She was so enthusiastic to entertain Karen Daly, not only because Karen Daly helped her to save her little sister, but also because she liked Big Karen very much. Little Karen’s Fairytale Kingdom was actually a scaled-down house. Every item in the house was a scaled-down version. There was an actual miniature kitchen, bedroom and utensils, convenient enough for Little Karen to learn to take care of herself. Every decoration in the room was very exquisite, and it could be seen that the person who set all these up was very detailed. Little Karen took Karen Daly’s hand and brought her around her Kingdom. After making a round of introductions, she blinked her big, watery eyes and asked, “Sister, do you like it?” Karen Daly nodded. “I like it. I like it very much.” Little Karen added, “It’s all done by Daddy.” Listening to Little Karen’s soft and soft voice, for some reason, Karen Daly felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. Her eyes became more gentle when she looked at Little Karen. Little Karen’s father loved Little Karen very much. Little Karen was also very cute and sensible. But there was no other love like a mother’s love. “Sister..” Little Karen tugged at the corner of Karen Daly’s clothes and wanted to show something else to Karen Daly. “Little Karen, you are so cute. May I kiss your face?” Karen Daly asked. Karen Daly had wanted to kiss Little Karen’s face for a long time. After thinking for a long time, she took the courage to ask her. Unexpectedly, as soon as she finished her words, Little Karen leaned over to her face and said, “Ill give you a kiss, sister!” Suddenly, Little Karen’s lips pecked Karen Daly on her cheek, and Karen Daly felt her heart go soft and melt.. She picked up Little Karen’s face, carefully kissed her cheek, and then she grabbed Little Karen into her arms.

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