In order to ensure Little Karen’s safety, Kevin Kyle had hired someone to install surveillance cameras in the places where she often played. Moreover, they were directly connected to his mobile phone. Therefore, at this time, all the actions between the mother and daughter were witnessed by Kevin Kyle. He stared at them on the mobile phone screen. His eyes were gentle enough to melt the whole world, but there was also a sharpness that could turn the world upside down. The tenderness between the mother and daughter, snuggling up to each other on the screen, was emanating towards him. Although Karen Daly did not remember Little Karen, her eyes were full of pity and love, as if she had never forgotten. This happiness was what they deserved. And the sharpness in Kevin’s eyes, was directed to those who robbed them of this happiness. Kevin Kyle smiled coldly. No matter who it was, he would make them pay the price for the memories that Karen Daly had lost. “Brother, what are you looking at?” Mia Kyle suddenly stretched out her head from behind Kevin Kyle and looked at his mobile phone. “You look silly.” As soon as Mia Kyle finished speaking, she saw clearly who the person on Kevin Kyle’s mobile phone was. She was so surprised that her eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. She was surprised for a long time before she spat out a few words, “Brother, she is … sister-in-law…” It was incredible. How could a person who had been dead for three years appear again? Could it be that Mia had seen a ghost in the daytime? Perhaps the person on the screen was not the Karen Daly from three years ago, but her cold brother could not forget Karen Daly, so perhaps he searched the whole world and found a substitute who looked the same as Karen did. Kevin Kyle put away his mobile phone, looked at Mia Kyle, and said in a low voice, “Don’t be surprised. Sit down, I have something to say to you.” “Brother, that’s just someone who looks like sister-in-law, it’s really not her, isn’t it?” Mia Kyle still felt that finding a person who looked like Karen Daly was more believable than a sudden resurrection of Karen Daly who was already dead. “She is your sister-in-law, but she doesn’t remember us. Don’t talk nonsense in front of her.” Although the truth was very cruel, Kevin Kyle had to explain it to Mia Kyle and so that she wouldn’t scare Karen Daly away. “Brother, I know there is something wrong with your EQ, but are you sure your IQ is okay? How can you believe that a person who died three years ago can be resurrected?” Because Kevin Kyle cared too much about Karen Daly, Mia Kyle was a little worried that he would be tricked by someone else. “Be careful. Maybe she is just a woman who looks similar to my sister-in-law and claims that she can’t remember the past, and take her as Little Karen’s mother!” “She is Karen Daly!” Kevin retorted. From the first time he saw her, Kevin Kyle was 100% sure that she was Karen Daly. Perhaps a lot of people would have the same thought as Mia did, thinking that someone with the intention to take advantage of his weakness would send a woman who looked just like Karen Daly to him. A person’s face could be similar, but no one could imitate personality, the manner of speaking, and other little gestures. Now Karen Daly didn’t remember what had happened in the past, but many of her actions were the same as before, there was no change at all. Her speaking voice was also extremely pleasant, which could not be imitated by others. “Brother, since you have Little Karen here, perhaps you should think of a way to do a DNA test between them so that you can be rest assured,” Mia suggested. Regarding this matter, Mia Kyle was an outsider, so she was being very rational Something felt wrong with the sudden appearance of a person who had died three years ago. Although Mia Kyle had never seen Karen Daly’s body, her father and grandfather had seen it. They would not lie to her. If the elders had not been lying, then this Karen Daly was very likely to be a fake.. This fake Karen Daly who approached her brother must have an ulterior motive. Mia thought that she must help her brother, who had been hoodwinked by the fake Karen Daly. She thought, she must help to uncover the truth. “I don’t want to hear that anymore.” After saying this coldly, Kevin Kyle stood up and left, leaving Mia Kyle behind. Looking at Kevin Kyle walk away and thinking of his expression when he watched the surveillance video on his mobile phone earlier, Mia Kyle knew that her silly brother had completely believed that the woman beside Little Karen was his wife. In the past three years, apart from smiling at Little Karen, he had never smiled at anyone else, and yet he could smile so gently when he looked at that Karen Daly on his mobile phone. Mia Kyle sighed. Her cold brother had never been close to a woman before. She didn’t expect that he would fall into a woman’s hands in the end. That scumbag Neil Brown was the opposite of her cold brother. Neil Brown could get along with anyone, but he chose to avoid Mia. In the past three years, she had pursued him many times, but when he saw her around, he would keep a straight face and ignore her, as if she owed him in her last life. However, it didn’t matter. She had a new plan. By tomorrow, that news would blow up. She wanted to see if Neil Brown could still sit still by then. There was still some time today. To not let her cold brother be cheated by a doppelganger, Mia Kyle decided to test the woman, to see if that woman was really her sister-in-law on a random woman who had been sent by others! “Big Karen, I’ll treat you to some strawberries, is that okay?” Mia Kyle was about to take action when Little Karen, who was holding Big Karen’s hand, walked into the living room from the outside and bumped into Mia Kyle. Mia Kyle took Little Karen over, glanced at Karen Daly inconspicuously, and said, “Karen, sweetheart, did you make a new friend?” Little Karen nodded vigorously and said, “Little Aunt, this is my sister Big Karen.” After Little Karen introduced her, Karen Daly nodded politely and added, “Hello, Miss Kyle! I’m Karen Daly.” Mia Kyle looked at Karen Daly in a daze. They had the same name, the same voice, and the same appearance. Not to mention how her cold brother could not resist thinking so, even Mia could not resist thinking that this actually was the real Karen Daly! Mia Kyle still remembered how Karen Daly always smiled so gently, and her voice was the same as it was now, which made people feel comfortable when speaking to her. Especially Karen Daly’s calm temperament, Mia Kyle would never forget it. Whether she remembered the past or not, Karen Daly still gave people around her that familiar feeling as if she had never left. After staring at Karen Daly for a long time, Mia Kyle went over and gave Karen Daly a big hug. “Miss Daly, hello! My name is Mia Kyle. We will be friends from now on. You can call me Mia.” Being suddenly hugged by Mia Kyle, Karen Daly was slightly stunned. She found that everyone in the Kyle Family seemed to be very friendly. For starters, Kevin Kyle, she had only met him once, but he actually took the initiative to reach out to the company to ask her to design a dress for his family of three. She had met Little Karen in the park once. Such a young child should have forgotten everything immediately after, but she actually remembered her. Now, even the Little Aunt who Little Karen had mentioned, had given Karen Daly a big hug the first time they met. Mia Kyle put Little Karen into Karen Daly’s arms again and said, “Miss Daly, my brother left earlier, and I am in a hurry to go out to run some errands. It’s rare for Little Karen to like to play with someone else. Please accompany her today!” Karen Daly, “. She had just come to the Kyle house to see the kid. Why did she seem to fall into a wolf’s den now? But when she thought of how she was going to accompanying Little Karen for a day, she realised that she was very willing to do so.

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