“The famous actress Polaris and the famous actor Zander Yew grew fond of each other after a film shoot, and on Zander Yew’s birthday, the pair went back to Zander Yew’s house together, staying the whole night.” As soon as the news was released, the popularity of Polaris and Zander Yew’s names rose again and again, and soon rose to the headlines of all major websites. Before the two actors came out to speak on this issue, the fans on both camps began to quarrel, claiming that it was the other party wanted to steal the popularity of their idols. There were some rational fans who commented that these were their private lives. Everyone should not interfere too much and only wish the best for their idols. However, the rational fans’ voices were too small, and soon they were suppressed. On the internet, it could be seen that the two camps of fans were at war with each other. Zander Yew received a call from his agent. Before he could speak, he was scolded by his agent. He had just become popular in the entertainment circle. At this time, he could be a couple with just anyone, but he couldn’t let the news out that he had spent the night with someone. Zander Yew was also so anxious that he didn’t even know how to explain, because he did bring Polaris back to his apartment Although the two of them had not done anything inappropriate, no one would believe a single man and woman who had stayed in the same room for a whole night with nothing happening between them. At this time, Zander Yew was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, while the actress, Polaris, was just lying on the sofa at home, eating fruits, browsing Twitter on her mobile phone, watching this fierce “war” like an outsider. She muttered as she scrolled, “Neil Brown, keep on hiding from me! If you have the ability, hide from me for the rest of your life.” In the photos that were posted online, the first one seemed to be of Zander Yew who was kissing her, and the second one was Zander Yew on top of her and lay on the sofa, with half of her shoulders exposed. The third one and the fourth one were even worse… Looking at these photos, Mia Kyle couldn’t help praising the photographer. The photos looked so real that even she could be deceived. Especially when she saw the hate comments on her account, Mia Kyle couldn’t help but register a fake account and joined them to make a fuss for a while. Everyone cursed her. The worse it was, the better. She had been scolded so badly by the netizens, and she had been “f*cked by another man. Neil Brown would definitely not sit by and do nothing. Even if he wanted to sit back and do nothing, Mia Kyle would not let him do so. She had already told Jacky Ball to call Neil Brown when the matter was boiling over. However, she thought about it again and realized that Neil Brown was not an idiot. It was not easy for her to deceive him. She had to continue to play the game. The more vivid her acting was the better it would be. The first thing she did was to turn her mobile phone to flight mode so that Neil Brown couldn’t get through to her phone. If he couldn’t get through to her phone, he would be anxious, and then he would definitely come over to see her. Secondly, she had to pretend to be miserable. First, she had to think of a way to make her eyes swollen, and then look like a mess. The third thing was that she had to eat enough. Only when she was full could she have the strength to fight with this scumbag, Neil Brown. Mia Kyle first had a big meal, then messed up her hair and smeared something on her face. She tried to make herself look miserable as much as possible. After all the preparations, Mia Kyle turned around in front of the mirror and was very satisfied with her poor image. She took out her mobile phone and took a picture. She came out and looked at Jacky Ball who was standing there silently. She poked him in the chest and said, “Hey, Jacky, if you continue to look at me with such a serious face, I will be unhappy.” “Polaris, once this news spreads out, your reputation will be ruined!” He exclaimed. Jacky Ball couldn’t stop Mia Kyle’s nonsense, so he protested silently. “Don’t worry about it. Call Neil Brown now!” Mia replied. As long as she could catch up with Neil Brown, Mia Kyle would not care about her reputation. Yes, her reputation would be judged by others, and they could say whatever they liked. But her life was her own, living with the person she liked was her main pursuit. “Polaris..” “Jacky, you are on my side! So you have to listen to me, or will make you leave the country!” Mia Kyle punched him on the chest again. “Your muscles are getting stronger and stronger.” Jacky Ball blushed and said, “I’m going to make the phone call now. Mia Kyle was lying on the sofa, thinking about how worried Neil Brown would be for her. She couldn’t help but smile. Neil Brown must like her. If he didn’t like her, he wouldn’t have been single for so many years. He was the only heir to the Brown family Mia Kyle turned on her tablet again and went on Twitter again. The trending hashtags about her news were all gone. None of the top 50 hot searches were about her. She searched frantically, but there were no news about her and Zander Yew at all! All the news had been cleared up, leaving no trace behind! Not only did she feel that she was hallucinating, but also many netizens had the same thoughts. “Ah,” Mia Kyle was so angry that she wanted to hit somebody. She had spent a lot of time and energy to make such a big scene today. Her cold brother had suppressed these news again. He just needed to take care of his wife and child. Why did he have to take care of her affairs? Mia Kyle was so angry that she rolled from the sofa to the ground and shouted, “Jacky Ball, I wanted you to inform Neil Brown about this. Who did you inform instead?” Jacky Ball came in and said hesitantly, “Polaris, I’ve called him, but he didn’t say he wanted to see you.” Mia Kyle said, “Honestly, what did he say?” “He said…” Jacky Ball knew that this was too hurtful, but he didn’t dare to lie. After thinking for a while, he said honestly, “He said that your business has nothing to do with him. He told you not to bother him with anything in the future.” “My business has nothing to do with him?” Mia Kyle was so angry that she threw her mobile phone on the ground. She turned around and went to the bathroom to clean up, then changed her clothes Jacky Ball followed her and said, “Polaris, where are you going? Don’t mess around.” “I’m in a bad mood now. You’d better not follow me.” Mia Kyle went to the underground garage and drove straight to the military base at Chatterton Town. If she didn’t see Neil Brown today, she would not leave. The military base only allowed people in on military affairs, so nobody else could come in. Mia Kyle was stopped by a soldier before she got close to the gate. She was not afraid of being stopped. She needed someone to stop her so that someone could pass on the message for her. She winked at the guard and said with a smile, “Soldier brother, I’m your captain Neil Brown’s girlfriend. You just need to inform him so, and ask him to come out.” “Our captain’s girlfriend often comes here, and we all know her. Don’t pretend to be her! Just go now, and we’ll pretend that we haven’t seen you.” “What?” Mia Kyle narrowed her eyes. “Your captain’s girlfriend often comes here? Who is your captain? Who is your captain’s girlfriend?” She swore that if this person dared to say that it was Neil Brown, she would beat him up..

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