“He said…” Jacky Ball knew that this was too hurtful, but he didn’t dare to lie. After thinking for a while, he said honestly, “He said that your business has nothing to do with him. He told you not to bother him with anything in the future.” “My business has nothing to do with him?” Mia Kyle was so angry that she threw her mobile phone on the ground. She turned around and went to the bathroom to clean up, then changed her clothes Jacky Ball followed her and said, “Polaris, where are you going? Don’t mess around.” “I’m in a bad mood now. You’d better not follow me.” Mia Kyle went to the underground garage and drove straight to the military base at Chatterton Town. If she didn’t see Neil Brown today, she would not leave. The military base only allowed people in on military affairs, so nobody else could come in. Mia Kyle was stopped by a soldier before she got close to the gate. She was not afraid of being stopped. She needed someone to stop her so that someone could pass on the message for her. She winked at the guard and said with a smile, “Soldier brother, I’m your captain Neil Brown’s girlfriend. You just need to inform him so, and ask him to come out.” “Our captain’s girlfriend often comes here, and we all know her. Don’t pretend to be her! Just go now, and we’ll pretend that we haven’t seen you.” “What?” Mia Kyle narrowed her eyes. “Your captain’s girlfriend often comes here? Who is your captain? Who is your captain’s girlfriend?” She swore that if this person dared to say that it was Neil Brown, she would beat him up. As a matter of fact, Mia Kyle would not be able to make the calls if the captain asked some technicians to alter the settings. However, since their captain did not do so, it could be possible that he wanted to receive her calls. The attitude of their captain towards Mia Kyle affected what his subordinates thought of her. So even if she hit someone, the soldier did not dare to do anything to her. Mia Kyle could tolerate just anything, but she couldn’t tolerate anyone saying that she couldn’t be with Neil Brown. She couldn’t vent her anger with just one punch. She threw another punch at the soldier’s abdomen. The soldier covered his abdomen with his hand and said, “You-” “What?” Mia Kyle hit him and took two steps back. She clapped her hands and said, “You had it coming.” The soldier pointed at her angrily and said, “Don’t think that I wouldn’t dare arrest you.” “Shouldn’t you arrest me?” Mia Kyle arrogantly looked at the soldier, who had been beaten twice by her, and said, “I not only hindered your job, but also hit you. Are you going to let me go like this?” “…” The soldier’s face was swollen, and he was in a dilemma because of Mia Kyle’s aggressive manner. He had been instructed by his superiors to say those words. But there was no real instruction to arrest someone in this situation, so he did not dare to make a decision by himself. “You won’t arrest me, will you?” Mia Kyle took out her mobile phone and said with a smile, “I’ll take a few photos and post them to the Internet now. I want everyone to see that the soldiers of the military in Chatterton Town will tolerate people who bully them. How can they protect the country and people?” The soldier was furious. He was provoked by Mia Kyle’s words. If he didn’t take action, his military badge would be confiscated. Therefore, Mia Kyle was locked up in a place where criminals were held in the military. The room was dark and damp, which was far different from what she imagined. Mia Kyle squatted on a wooden plank on an iron bed frame. She looked over and nagged, “If I had known that the conditions here were so bad and there were so many stinky mice, I would have chosen another way to march into the military base.” Now that she was locked up here, she didn’t even know whether Neil Brown was aware of it! If he didn’t know of this, she would be locked up in vain. No, she must let Neil Brown know that she is here and find a way to lure him over. Only when she sees him, could she move on to the next step of her plan. Mia Kyle’s mobile phone had been confiscated and she couldn’t send a message or make a call. She could only rely on her lion-like roars. She jumped off the iron bed frame, stood in front of the iron window, and shouted, “Neil Brown, I came to see you on purpose. Before I came here, I told my family that if something happened to me, they should ask you for me.” “Neil Brown, you said that I wouldn’t eat you! Then why do you hide on me all day?” “Neil Brown, are you deaf, did you hear that? If you don’t speak again, when I go out, I will definitely teach you a lesson.” “Neil Brown, I was bitten by a rat. I’m dying. Come and save me.” Mia Kyle shouted at the top of her voice. It didn’t take long for her throat to ache and her voice to be hoarse. “I can see that you’re shouting so loudly and still in good spirits. You don’t look like a dying person at all.” When Mia Kyle was about to lose her breath, Neil Brown’s voice rang in her ears. She looked over and saw him, in his military uniform, walking towards her. Neil Brown was about the same height as her cold brother, but he was in the military area all year round and had many assignments on duty. His skin was much darker, and he looked healthy and full of strength. Looking at the tall, strong and handsome Neil Brown, Mia Kyle felt that she was salivating in anticipation. Just now, she had lost all her strength to shout. But at the sight of Neil Brown, Mia Kyle regained full strength energy as if she had been injected with steroids! Mia Kyle said while jumping up and down, “Neil Brown, know that you can’t bear to let a powerless and beautiful girl like me spend the night here. If I stay here, you must feel very distressed in your heart.” Neil Brown raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “I haven’t seen you for a while, and couldn’t notice that you have learnt anything new. But you are more shameless now.” Mia Kyle grinned and said, “That’s because you’re the one like. In front of you, I have to be the most real version of myself. The words “shameless” had no effect on Mia Kyle. She knew she was thick-skinned. How could she chase after Neil Brown this way if she was not shameless? Neil Brown asked, “So your most real self is when you’re hitting people and stirring up trouble?” Mia Kyle said, “Don’t talk about anything else now, Neil Brown. Open the shutter and let me out. There are so many mice and mosquitoes here, and I’m going to be bitten to death.” Neil Brown asked, “Who said you could come out?” Mia Kyle said, “Didn’t you come to pick me up?” Neil Brown said, “You caused trouble by yourself. Of course, you have to bear the consequences. I am just here to see if you are as miserable as you sound.” Mia Kyle asked, “And then?” Neil Brown said, “Then you can play as you like.” Mia Kyle said, “I want to play with you.” Neil Brown said in a low voice, “The military base is for military affairs. Any intruder should be punished in accordance with the law, and no one can be an exception.” Mia Kyle said, “Neil Brown, what do you want?” Neil Brown said, “This is what I want.” After saying that, Neil Brown turned around and left..

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