“Neil Brown, you cannot go!” Mia Kyle reached out from the window to grab Neil Brown but failed. Then she took off her shoes and threw them at Neil Brown but failed again. She was so angry that she shouted, “Neil Brown, are you still a human?” How could this b*stars go so far? He had already come and had already seen her locked up in such a cold and damp place. How could he ignore her and leave? “Neil Brown, if you don’t get me out, I’ll blow up your place.” Mia Kyle was so angry that she kicked against the wall. Because she was too angry and did not notice that she had no shoes on, it was too late, and a large piece of flesh had been grazed off from her big toe. “Ah.. It hurts!” Mia Kyle screamed in pain. Her anguished scream didn’t sound like she was pretending, Neil Brown paused for a moment and looked back at her. Mia Kyle gritted her teeth and was screaming in pain. When she saw Neil Brown looking at her, she knew that this was a turning point. She blinked her eyes, and big tears rolled down from her eyes. Her tears shed as if the whole world owed her. “Neil Brown, my foot is bleeding. But it doesn’t matter. I deserve to be taught a lesson if I did something wrong. Otherwise, I will never learn You don’t have to worry about me.” “You’re right. Then you stay here.” Neil Brown nodded and agreed that she was right. Then he turned around and left. “Wh- what?” Mia Kyle felt incredulous, had she heard it wrong? But when she saw that Neil Brown was getting farther and farther away, she finally realized that Neil Brown left her alone and walked away. “Neil Brown, you b*stard! Come back now! You hear me?” Mia Kyle jumped up in anger. If she had a grenade in her hand, she would throw it at him and blow him up. Her toe was bleeding, but he didn’t feel sorry for her at all. He didn’t care about her and wanted her to stay in this dark and damp place. Mia Kyle was so angry that she jumped and cursed. In the end, she had no strength to curse. She even fell asleep on the hard wooden bed. As she fell asleep in a daze, she was still cursing, “Stupid Neil Brown. You’d better not let me catch you. Otherwise, I’ll peel off your skin, break your bones, drink your blood, eat your flesh.” In her sleep, Mia Kyle also looked fierce. She said these through gritted teeth, as if she hated Neil Brown to the bones. However, after a few seconds, her voice suddenly softened. ” Neil Brown, why do you hide from me? Don’t you know how much I like you?” Hearing Mia Kyle’s words, the female doctor shook her head, gently held Mia Kyle’s foot, and cleaned the wound on her foot with a sterilized cotton cloth. Mia Kyle was in a bad temper, that kick just now had been with great strength. Her foot was soft and fair. With this kick, a large piece of flesh on the big toe of her right foot had gone missing. Mia Kyle frowned because of the pain. But because she had used too much strength just now, she slept deeply. The doctor cleaned up the wound, but didn’t wake her up. After treating the wound, the doctor left and reported to Neil Brown who was waiting outside the door, “Miss Kyle has a big piece of flesh missing from her right big toe. It must be painful, even as I helped her clean the wound. I didn’t expect that such a delicate little girl like her wouldn’t cry out in pain.” “I see. Carry on with your other work then.” After the military doctor left, Neil Brown walked to the dark and damp room and his eyes fell on Mia Kyle, who was lying on the dirty and hard wooden bed. She could adapt really well given she could fall asleep on such a bed. After looking at her for a while, Neil Brown picked her up and carried her on his shoulder. Then he left the room with her. Mia Kyle woke up as soon as she was carried by Neil Brown on his shoulder. Actually, Mia Kyle had already woken up when Neil Brown came in the room. She quietly opened her eyes and looked around, and then closed them immediately. She pretended to be asleep and waited for him to take her out of the room. She knew that Neil Brown would be reluctant to part with her. There were few girls as beautiful as her in the world. Neil Brown was carrying Mia Kyle, like carrying a bag of goods, without any pity. Mia Kyle was hanging upside down on his shoulder As he walked, she put her face on his back and felt the warmth of his body. It felt so good. Just as Mia Kyle was still immersed in her beautiful fantasy. Neil Brown had already carried her to the suite where he lived in the military base. After entering the room, Neil Brown slammed the door and threw Mia Kyle on the sofa in the living room like throwing down a bag of goods. Then he turned back to the room without looking at her. What if she had fallen off the sofa? Mia Kyle touched her butt which ached in pain and scolded silently, “Stinky Neil Brown, remember what you’ve done!” When she finally gets him and becomes his wife, she would teach him a good lesson. After a while, the sound of running water came from the room. When Mia Kyle heard it, an idea came to her mind. She felt that a good opportunity was coming. opportunity. If she did not act now, she It was such a good would not forgive herself! Mia Kyle thought for a moment, gritted her teeth, and took off all her clothes. She didn’t believe that he could control himself if she did this. Mia Kyle took off her clothes really quickly. Then she trotted to the bathroom in the room. The bathroom door was not closed, and Mia Kyle could vaguely see the figure moving around in the bathroom. However, no matter how bold she was and how wild she was, she was still a girl after all. She had never done anything like this before. At this moment, she still felt a little nervous and shy. She took a deep breath and clenched her fists. After standing for a long time, she plucked up the courage to kick the door open. When the door opened, Mia Kyle looked over and saw Neil Brown taking a shower. The water splashed on his naked and strong body, forming a very beautiful picture. Mia Kyle was stunned for a moment and did not know what to do next. Neil Brown looked back at her. It was just a glance, and then he turned around to wash as if Mia Kyle was transparent to him. Mia Kyle felt that it was an absolute insult. She was standing in front of him wearing nothing, but he acted like he didn’t see anything. He acted like he didn’t see anything, but he must have already seen everything. While naked, he looked a little different from what she imagined, but she did not care much about this. Her purpose was to throw herself at him! Mia Kyle took a few steps forward and held him tightly from the back, with her soft body clinging to his back..

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