Mia Kyle made up her mind to seize this opportunity. She would first throw herself at Neil Brown. After everything happened, she would see if he could deny their relationship! She tightly wrapped her arms around his sturdy waist and said arrogantly, “Neil Brown, you can’t escape this time.” However, before Mia Kyle finished her words, Neil Brown pulled her hand away and picked her up. It was not easy for Mia Kyle to admit defeat. She reached out her hand and grabbed Neil Brown’s arm. “Neil Brown, I’m already naked. If you don’t touch me, I’ll suspect that you have something wrong with you.” “It’s my business if there’s something wrong with me.” Neil Brown lifted Mia Kyle up like a doll. “If you grow up and have physical needs, you can find a man who is willing to play with you.” After that, Neil Brown threw Mia Kyle out mercilessly. Bang Mia Kyle fell on the hard wooden floor. With a bang, it hurt so much that her whole body almost fell apart. “Neil Brown, you -” Mia Kyle was so hurt that she had no strength to curse. She curled up and rolled on the ground twice. “Neil Brown, you bastard, aren’t you afraid that I will really go find another man?” Neil Brown said, “That’s really your own choice.” Hearing what Neil Brown said, Mia Kyle grabbed something and threw it at the bathroom door. “Neil Brown, screw you!” She couldn’t believe that he had no affection for her at all. If he really hadn’t, he wouldn’t have waited until now and still not have a girlfriend. Mia Kyle was so angry that she stamped her foot and accidentally kicked her injured foot, which made her cry out in pain “You asked for the pain.” After taking his shower, Neil Brown wrapped himself in a bath towel and walked out of the bathroom. He said while walking, “Put on your clothes and leave on your own. Or do you want me to throw you out naked. Choose one.” Mia Kyle curled up into a ball and did not speak or move. She cursed him again and again in her heart. This disgusting man was so cruel to her. Today, she had been locked up, injured, and even thrown out by him. She had suffered so much. How could she let this go so easily? “Do you want me to throw you out now?” Neil asked, but Mia Kyle didn’t answer. Neil Brown glanced at her, he didn’t want to give her any face. Mia Kyle got up from the ground and pursed her lips. She glanced at Neil Brown and turned her head away, pretending to look very pitiful. “Neil Brown, I only like you, you don’t have to humiliate me like this…” She seemed to be crying, but she was very arrogant in her heart. Hmph, Neil Brown, I’ll let you enjoy my acting! She thought sn’t work in front me.” “Stop acting. Your pitiful look doesn’t work in front of me.” Neil Brown unceremoniously exposed her disguise. “Acting? Who’s acting?” Mia Kyle gritted her teeth in anger. In the past, her acting skills were not as good as they were now, but he had believed whatever she said. Now her acting skills had improved, and the roles she acted in were more in-depth, but Neil Brown was unwilling to believe her words! He was no longer willing to coax her carefully, and it seemed that he would no longer treat her tenderly… Thinking of this, Mia Kyle’s face suddenly darkened. He might think she was a shameless girl who could easily take off her clothes in front of a man. It was not that she was shameless, but that she really liked him too much. She liked him so much that as long as he smiled at her, she was willing to give up everything and go with him. She had been pestering him and chasing him in her own way, but it seemed that this method was not effective. The more she chased, the farther he seemed to be. Mia Kyle didn’t like this feeling at all. Therefore, she was trying hard to get Neil Brown and make him her man as soon as possible. Then no one would dare rob him from her. “Since you think I’m acting, then take it as if I’m acting.” Mia Kyle sniff and tears rolled down from her eyes. She quickly wiped them away as if she didn’t want Neil Brown to see her cry In the past, she had cried with a purpose and deliberately cried for him to see. Today, she had to hide her tears and avoid being seen by him. It seemed that she was not acting, but was really upset Neil Brown went out to pick up her clothes and handed them to her, saying, “Don’t cry. Put on your clothes. I’ll send you back.” Mia Kyle seized the opportunity, she hooked her arms around Neil Brown’s neck and kissed him hard. Neil Brown was slightly stunned, and his lips were suddenly bitten by her. She bit on his lips and sucked at his blood, as if she was taking revenge on him in this way. Looking at her angry face, Neil Brown intended to push her hand away but he stopped. Instead, he moved his hand to hold her waist and lifted her up a little so that it would be more convenient for her to bite him. It was not enough just to bite him. Mia Kyle stretched out her hand and drew blood on his back. Only then did she let go of him with satisfaction. Neil Brown said, “Put on your clothes and i’ll take you back.” Mia Kyle said proudly, “No, I won’t.” Neil Brown calmly changed his clothes in front of her. He put on a coat and was ready to go out. Mia Kyle held him back and asked, “I’m here. Where are you going?” Neil Brown said, “It’s because you’re here that I’m leaving.” “Where else can you go at such a late hour?” Mia Kyle was just about to ask when suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Neil, dinner is ready.” A gentle female voice came from outside the door. Hearing her words, Mia Kyle’s body froze. “Does Neil Brown really have a girlfriend?” She thought. Neil Brown glanced at Mia Kyle, opened the door and went out. He slammed the door and left Mia Kyle alone in the room. Mia Kyle wanted to chase him to see who the vixen was, but she didn’t have anything on her body. When she got dressed and went out the corridor was empty. She didn’t know where Neil Brown and that woman had gone. “Come out, Neil Brown!” She shouted in the corridor, but she didn’t get any reply He had left with a woman, he wasn’t joking with her. Mia Kyle slowly realized this. She had always thought that the reason why Neil Brown avoided her was because of the complicated relationship between the two of them. But now it seemed that it was not the case. Today, she heard from the guards that Neil Brown had a girlfriend, but Mia Kyle didn’t believe it at all. But now she heard with her own ears that there was a woman who came looking for him, and she called him with such intimacy. It was late at night, and he left with a woman. Where else could he have gone? With her usual temper, she would knock on the doors of the whole building until Neil Brown was found. However, the long day. Mia Kyle was also tired and had no energy to fight with him. But she would not give up easily. If she couldn’t do it this time, then she would do it next time, she was willing to spend a few more years on her pursuit of Neil Brown..

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