Boom As soon as she came out of the Kyle house, there was thunder rumbling in the sky. The thunder was getting louder and louder, and the sky was wrapped in darkness. It seemed that there would be heavy rain soon. Karen Daly should have gone home long ago, but Little Karen was playing with her for a while, and then dragged her look at other things. She forgot the time as she played, so she didn’t go home until it was so late. Karen Daly wanted to take a taxi home, but Kevin Kyle insisted on sending her home. Not only did he want to send her home, but Little Karen also wanted to follow them! Therefore, Karen Daly was sitting on the right at the back seat, and Kevin Kyle was sitting on the left. Little Karen and their pet Momo were sitting between them. Little Karen was very excited today. She would climb into Kevin Kyle’s arms coyly, and then, she would be climb into Karen Daly’s arms. It was as if she knew that these two were her parents! Karen Daly was a little absent-minded. She didn’t know whether it was because of the weather or because she was in a hurry to get home. Her father had already called her several times and urged her to go home, but the chauffeur was driving too slowly. Karen Daly felt that she could even run faster than the car. If he kept driving at this speed, Karen Daly estimated that it would already be the next morning when she gets home. After a few more claps of thunder, it began to rain heavily. It was late at night, and given the heavy rain, there were not many vehicles around. It was very dark all around. Karen Daly had spent many dark nights running and shouting, shouting and running, shouting, as if she wanted to break through to another dimension, to find the person she had been looking for. However, no matter how hard she ran, she never could get to the destination she wanted to go to, as if there was an invisible force weighing her down. An inexplicable feeling of uneasiness suddenly came upon Karen Daly. She was a little frightened and clenched her fists to control her emotions. “Sister, don’t be afraid. Daddy is here. Daddy will protect both of us,” the child suddenly piped up. It was said that children may not be sensible, but in fact, they could often see things that adults could not see. Little Karen knew that her father was very happy today, and it was because of Big Karen that he was so happy. Little Karen reached out and held Karen Daly’s clenched fist. In an instant, Karen Daly was no longer afraid. She looked at her and smiled. “Thank you, Little Karen. I am not afraid anymore.” Little Karen’s soft voice sounded again in the narrow space, “Sister, please take down my phone number and call me when you get home.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded, took out her mobile phone, and heard Little Karen skillfully read aloud a string of numbers. After she saved it, she heard Little Karen say, “This is Daddy’s number. Call Daddy when you think of me, then you can find me!” “Okay,” Karen Daly nodded again and looked up at Kevin Kyle, just in time to meet his gentle gaze. He nodded at her with a smile and said nothing. About half an hour later, Karen Daly finally got home. After watching the Kyle father and daughter pair drive away, she turned around and went upstairs. In the dark night, the dazzling white Bentley continued to move in the rain In the back seat of the car, Kevin Kyle, who was tall and handsome, had his adorable Little Karen sitting on his lap. And on Little Karen’s lap was the adorable white Pomeranian puppy. Kevin Kyle kissed Little Karen’s small face and said softi “Karen, there is still some time before we will reach home. Put down Momo and sleep in dad’s arms for a while, okay?” Little Karen raised her head and patted Kevin Kyle’s face. She said in a soft voice, “Daddy, I want to play with Momo for a while.” “Okay, sure,” In the past three years, Kevin Kyle had always been reluctant to refuse any of his daughter’s requests. No matter where they went, he would take Little Karen and Momo with him. When his Big Karen had disappeared from his life, Big Momo had also left the world too, so he wouldn’t let anyone have the opportunity to hurt Little Karen and Little Momo. “My little sister, I really like Big Karen. Do you also like Big Karen?” Little Karen looked at Little Momo and asked very seriously “Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof..” Little Momo barked, that meant Little Momo liked her too. Little Karen touched its head and kissed it, “Then Big Karen is now our big sister!” Tss! All of a sudden, the car screeched to a halt. Kevin Kyle steadily held Little Karen in his arms and asked in a low voice, “What is it?” The driver turned around and said, “Director Kevin, there’s a bloodied man lying in our way.” “Just go around him!” Kevin Kyle ordered coldly. He had never meddled in other people’s business. He never cared about another’s life nor death. “Yes, sir,” The driver started the car, turned the steering wheel to the left, and drove around the left of the boy lying on the ground. “Daddy, save that big brother-” Little Karen suddenly said. The street lamps light shone on the man lying on the ground. When the car passed by him, Little Karen turned her head and inadvertently saw a boy covered in blood. She was a little scared, but she still asked her father to save the man “Karen, do you really want to save that man?” Kevin Kyle rubbed Little Karen’s head and asked gently “Yes, save that big brother!” She nodded her little head with an unusually firm look. “Okay, I’ll listen to you,” Kevin Kyle said. He kissed his daughter, glanced at the boy lying on the ground, and said to the driver, “Pick him up and send him to the hospital.” The boy was only about sixteen years old. He had many cuts on his body. At this time, he was still breathing, he could still be rescued. “Dad, will Big Brother be fine?” Little Karen blinked her bright eyes and looked at her father, who to her, could do anything. Kevin Kyle said, “As long as Karen thinks he is fine, he will be fine.” Little Karen nodded vigorously. “Then I will think the best for big brother.” “Okay!” Kevin Kyle replied. It was because Little Karen thought the best for this big brother that the doctors at the hospital were able to perform an emergency rescue and saved his life. The rain was still ongoing, which made people feel weary. After taking her medicine, Karen Daly lay down, but she couldn’t fall asleep in bed. Her mind was full of Little Karen’s beautiful little face. She thought of Little Karen’s sweet smile, her soft voice, and all of her adorable expressions. She had seen children before, and she didn’t know why, when she saw Little Karen, she felt as if her heart was melting. Little Karen also liked her, didn’t she? When she left the Kyle family, Little Karen didn’t want her to go. In the end, she followed her father and sent her home. When she got off the car, Little Karen made a pinky promise with her and asked her to see her again in two days. Karen Daly agreed to Little Karen’s invitation without thinking, and kept it in mind..

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