At the same time, Samuel Daly, who was in another room, also couldn’t fall asleep. The reason why he couldn’t fall asleep was because of the phone call he had received that afternoon. If he wanted to meet that person head-on with his current strength, he would definitely lose. The only thing he could hold that person back with was the secret, it was his only bargaining chip. And as for that Kevin Kyle, he was calm. Samuel did not believe that such a smart person like Kevin Kyle would not be able to guess the real purpose of his return with Karen Daly If Kevin Kyle had already guessed his purpose, but did not send anyone to find him, it only showed that Kevin Kyle had other plans in mind and was not willing to be controlled by Samuel Daly. The old head of the Kyle family was very concerned about Samuel Daly because of this matter. The old man wished he could get rid of Samuel as soon as possible. Because of what happened to Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle hated Samuel Daly to the core. These two people were now under Samuel’s control because he was withholding the most important person and thing for them. Once these two things were out of his control, Samuel knew he might be destroyed by them and disappear without a trace. Therefore, he could no longer sit still and wait for death. He needed more connections, and he needed to build some of his own strength to fight against the Kyle family. And the last people he could think of are the two people who were doing well in Beaford city. They were good partners that he could choose to cooperate with. Thunder struck the whole night, and rain fell endlessly. That night, Karen Daly didn’t fall asleep at all. As soon as she closed her eyes, she would see horrible scenes, some that she wasn’t familiar with but felt real. Perhaps Little Karen had left a deep impression on her, she even dreamt that she had a child. It was just that she tried her best to remember where the child went, but she couldn’t think of anything. She would only be swallowed up by endless darkness again and again. Since she couldn’t fall asleep, Karen Daly didn’t want to continue trying. She got up early to tidy up and tried to go to the office earlier. She arrived at the office very early. When she was waiting for the elevator, there was no one next to her. Just as the elevator door was about to close, a woman’s voice came, “Please wait.” Karen Daly immediately pressed the “open” button. The elevator opened and the woman squeezed in. Her eyes fell on Karen Daly’s face and looked at it for a long time. Finally, she suddenly hugged Karen Daly. “Silly girl, we have been looking for you for so many years, and you are finally back. When I thought I will never see you again, you finally came back.” “Madam, you may have mistaken me for someone else. I don’t know you.” Karen Daly wanted to push away the woman who was holding her, but the woman held her too tightly. She couldn’t push her away at all. “Your name is Karen Daly, and my name is Faye Reed. We are high school classmates, college classmates even. We came to Chatterton Town from Beaford city together. We opened a studio together and did a lot of things together..” Faye Reed said cheerfully. Faye Reed wouldn’t be able to finish talking about the things that happened between them even if she had a full day to do so, she was so ecstatic and only was able to tell Karen some important things. Three years ago, after Faye Reed had been burned by the fire, Kevin Kyle hired the best doctor to help her with the treatment. The surgery was also successful. There was almost no trace of burns on her face, only there were several obvious scars on her body. Karen Daly had disappeared. During these years, Faye Reed was still managing the studio that she and Karen Daly founded. With the help of Kevin Kyle, the size of the studio was now more than ten times larger than before. The previous day, Faye Reed accidentally saw a photo. When she saw the photo, she was shocked – Karen Daly was in the photo. She immediately called her friend who posted the photos to confirm whether there was such a person. After getting a positive answer, she was so happy that she almost went crazy She once thought that Karen Daly had really left this world, and because Karen had gotten into an accident on the way to the hospital when Faye was burnt, she had felt guilty all this while. If she had been careful enough to not have gotten into that burn accident, Karen Daly would not have gone to the hospital. If Karen Daly had not gone to the hospital, there would not be a car accident, let alone what happened after. “Faye Reed?” Karen Daly repeated the name and shook her head apologetically. “Sorry, I really don’t know you. I grew up in Milan. This is the first time I’ve returned to Chatterton. I think you might have mistaken me for someone else.” “How could it be my mistake?” Faye Reed shook Karen Daly in her arms and asked, “You are Karen Daly, aren’t you?” Karen Daly nodded. “I am Karen Daly, but there are many people with the same name in the world.” Faye Reed said, “Yes, there are many people with the same name. But how many people with the same name and the same face could you find?” Karen Daly did not understand what Faye Reed was trying to say, so she looked at Faye Reed doubtfully. Faye Reed added, “Karen Daly, we’ve known each other for more than ten years. We are best friends in the world. Do you think I’ll mistake you for someone else?” Seeing that Faye Reed was so serious and didn’t seem to be lying, Karen Daly thought about it seriously, but she still couldn’t think of any memory of Faye Reed. Karen Daly shook her head and said, “Miss Reed, I’m sorry. I really don’t remember anything about what you said at all.” “You are Karen Daly, but you don’t know me?” Faye Reed also realized that something was wrong. “My name is Karen Daly, but I really don’t know you, Karen replied. This was the second time that Karen Daly had been mistaken as someone, and she began to have some doubts in her heart. Her father has been hiding something that he didn’t want to tell her. What happened three years ago? Faye Reed was not willing to believe this, so she said, “Karen, do you really not remember me at all? Or did something happen to you so you don’t want to admit it?” Faye Reed didn’t think it was possible. Even if Karen Daly didn’t want to admit that she knew the people from her past, it could be possible for someone else. It would definitely not be her. She was Karen Daly’s best friend. There were no secrets between them. Suddenly, Faye Reed thought of the words Karen Daly said a few years ago, Karen’s expression on that day scared her. Karen Daly had once told her that someone had told her that she did not deserve to stand by Kevin Kyle’s side, that she was born inferior, and that she was asked to leave Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly went missing for three years and she didn’t recognize Faye when she returned. Were these orchestrated by someone else? Faye Reed also didn’t know much about the Kyle family. Although she had seen Kevin Kyle several times, she wasn’t very close to him However, Faye Reed could tell that Kevin Kyle was a good man who really cared for his wife. The person who hurt Karen Daly must not have been Kevin Kyle, but someone else. Faye Reed said, “Karen Daly, whether you remember me or not, I just want to tell you that no matter what happens, you will always be the friend I value the most.”.

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