It had only been a few days since she arrived in Chatterton Town. Karen Daly felt that she came to know more people than she ever did in the past two or three years. And everyone she met was so enthusiastic to her, as if they were all very familiar with her, like friends who hadn’t seen each other for many years. Take Faye Reed, whom she met this morning, for example. She cried so hard when she saw Karen, hugging her and crying until her nose was runny. She cried for a long time before she stopped crying. People who didn’t know them would think that Karen had been scolding Faye! She was confused but looking at Faye Reed’s worried look… Karen Daly also felt very warm in her heart. Kevin Kyle? Faye Reed? Mia Kyle? Little Karen? Karen Daly chanted these names several times in her heart. After thinking for a while, she still couldn’t remember that there was such a group of people who had appeared in her memory Karen Daly shook her head, feeling helpless and amused. Apart from that, she also had some faint worries about the lost memories. Her father had never said anything about her past. But it was not to protect her from harm, then why would he hide those memories? Buzz.. While Karen Daly was deep in thought, the phone on her desk started to buzz. She picked it up and saw the 2 words “Little Karen” on the phone screen. Thinking of Little Karen, the corners of Karen Daly’s mouth couldn’t help rising slightly. She smiled and answered the phone, “Is it Little Karen?” “Yes, yes! It’s me!” Little Karen’s soft voice came from the other end of the phone. Just listening to her voice, one could imagine how cute she was when she spoke. “Sister, I would like to treat you to a meal. “Little Karen, I’m at work. Can I have a meal with you some other day?” Karen Daly couldn’t bear to refuse such an adorable little baby girl. But she still had to attend to her work today, how could she not refuse? “But, but, I’m already waiting for you downstairs!” Little Karen’s soft voice was tinged with a hint of anxiety, as if she would cry if Karen Daly refused. “What do you mean?” “I’m downstairs your building!” Little Karen replied. Karen Daly looked at the time and it was almost 12 o’clock. It was time for lunch, so she said, “Little Karen, wait for me for a while, I’ll come down to find you.” When she went downstairs, Karen Daly saw Little Karen at first glance. The little girl was running around outside the building entrance. She looked very cute with her fairy-like eyes looking around. Her father was not beside her. There was only a woman following her. As Little Karen walked, the woman would walk beside her, worried that she would fall and knock something. “Sister -” Little Karen also saw Karen Daly approach her. She smiled and threw herself into Karen Daly’s arms, kissed Karen Daly’s face with her tender little mouth, and said, “I’ll kiss you for free.” Karen Daly picked up Little Karen and kissed her tender face. “I’ll kiss you for free too.” Little Karen held Karen Daly’s face and suddenly asked in a serious tone, ” Big Karen, how much would it cost for you to kiss Daddy?” Karen Daly, “.” Little Karen said, “Sister, you have to ask for a lot of money. Haha.” Little Karen felt that she was the cutest child in the world. She didn’t ask Big Karen for any money. But if Big Karen kissed her father, he must pay a lot of money. But it didn’t matter, her father had money. Karen Daly smiled and didn’t respond. Who would treat her seriously? She’s only a child. Little Karen invited Karen Daly to have lunch at a restaurant named Baiha Restaurant not far from the company. They had booked the private room 1808 – the room that had created many memories. Only when Karen Daly pushed open the restaurant door did she realize that Little Karen’s father was also there. Kevin Kyle was on the phone. When he saw them coming, he smiled apologetically and hung up after a few words. Kevin Kyle pulled out a chair and invited Karen Daly to take a seat. Then he put Little Karen on her baby stool and said, “Little Karen has been clamouring to have lunch with you. I really can’t do anything about her, so I had to ask someone to take her to you. Miss Daly, do you mind if Little Karen disturbs you?” “Not at all, Karen Daly immediately shook her head. In fact, she liked to be with Little Karen, but she didn’t expect that Little Karen’s father to be there, which made her a little embarrassed. Karen Daly’s embarrassment somewhat upset Kevin Kyle, but he still kept smiling and saying in a low voice, “Little Karen’s mother has been away from her since she was a child. I always wanted to be kind to her, so I unconsciously spoiled her so recklessly. “It’s not a bad thing for a father to dote on his daughter. Besides, I think Little Karen is very cute and not spoiled at all!” Karen Daly touched Little Karen’s head. “She’s a lovely and sensible child. Karen Daly did not notice how distressed her tone was when she heard Kevin Kyle say Little Karen was willful. She didn’t have a mother. Although she had her father to help her in the past three years, sometimes she still hoped that she could have a mother by her side… Even as an adult, she yearned for a mother’s love, let alone a cute child like Little Karen Hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Karen realised that Little Karen’s mother should still be alive, but just that he didn’t know where she had gone… She really didn’t know what was going on in that mother’s mind. With such a good husband and daughter, what would she be doing running around? “Yes, Karen is the loveliest. Daddy is not good@ Little Karen naturally didn’t know what Karen Daly was thinking, but when she heard Karen Daly praising her, she was very proud. She smiled at Karen Daly, as if Karen Daly and she were a family, and Kevin Kyle was just someone else. “Yes, my Karen is the most adorable one in our family. Daddy is not good at all!” Kevin Kyle got up and kissed Little Karen on the face. “Since you are the most obedient, you cannot cry if Daddy goes out to work alright?” When Little Karen heard this, she looked at Kevin Kyle in shock. “Ah! I’ve been tricked by my father.” She thought to herself as she became upset. What should she do? She really wanted to know how to do magic and make her father disappear from her eyes for a while. Kevin Kyle scratched Little Karen’s little nose, looked at Karen Daly, and said softly, “There is still something for me to attend to at my company. I have to go on a business trip for a few days. I have to go first. You two can take your time.” “The dishes. Since the dishes were all on the table, why didn’t he eat them before he leaves? Karen Daly wanted to say that, but when she thought of how he was just a stranger to her, she swallowed back her words and nodded with a smile. Kevin Kyle looked at her smiling face and his breath was slightly stagnant. He quickly turned his head and leaned over to kiss Little Karen’s face as a farewell. “Daddy kissed Little Karen. You have to kiss Big Karen too..” Little Karen blinked her eyes and said softly. As soon as Little Karen finished, Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly almost looked at each other at the same time. In Kevin Kyle’s eyes, Karen Daly saw a light that shouldn’t appear. It was so sharp that it was blinding. She immediately turned her head away and quickly blinked, pretending that she didn’t see anything. Seeing that Karen Daly turned her head away, Kevin Kyle felt a little distressed. They were at the same Baiha restaurant, in the same private room. She was still sitting in the seat she used to sit in, but she would not blush at him like she used to. But it didn’t matter. Everything would go back to the way it was eventually.

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