After Kevin Kyle left, Little Karen took two bites of the strawberry pie and wiped her face with her hand. For an instant, her face was full of cream, making her look like a little clown. She smiled at Karen Daly and urged her politely. “Sister, you eat.” “Little Karen, eat slowly!” Karen Daly was hungry as well, but she was busy attending to the little girl and had not taken a bite. She took a tissue and cleaned Little Karen’s face. She only met Little Karen twice, but she had already gained her father’s trust. He believed Karen Daly enough and handed Little Karen over to her. What if she were a wrong person with evil intentions? “Sister, Daddy is on a business trip. Why don’t you go home with me?” Karen Daly had just wiped Little Karen’s face clean but she stained her face with cream accidentally again. Karen Daly cleaned Little Karen’s face and said, “I have work to do in the afternoon, you should go home first after eating, I’ll call you at night.” “Hmm, but I want you to accompany me!” Little Karen twitched her mouth and said with a sense of grievance. She didn’t forget her father’s instructions. His father had told her to trick Big Karen to follow her back home. She even used her trump card. She didn’t believe that Big Sister Karen wouldn’t take the bait. “But..” Karen Daly wanted to go to work, but she couldn’t bear to refuse such an adorable little baby girl. For a moment, she didn’t know whether she would agree or not. “If I follow you to work, then you will accompany me home!” At the last minute, Little Karen proposed a solution. Little Karen put on an expression that plainly said, “I will cry if you refuse.” Her big watery eyes blinked, which were more irresistible than the sharpness in her father’s eyes… Karen Daly sighed silently. “What’s wrong with this father and daughter duo?” She thought. “Sure, let’s do that!” Her heart softened, so she agreed to the little girl’s demands In any case, Karen Daly had not much to do home with Samuel Daly, and Kevin Kyle was not at home. It should not be a big deal to accompany this little baby girl, shouldn’t it? … “After I received your phone call, I booked a flight back to Chatterton Town immediately. Now you tell me that Karen Daly has forgotten all the things in the past, and I can’t talk to her?” After listening to Kevin Kyle’s words, George Ken roared in fury. He was even more emotional than when he heard the news of Karen Daly’s death three years ago. Three years ago, he had just reconnected with his long-lost sister but suddenly received the news of her untimely death. He rushed to Chatterton Town as soon as he received the news, but before he could see his sister for the last time, the Kyle family had cremated her. No one could accept this kind of thing. At that time, George Ken had gotten into a fight with Kevin Kyle. He was actually no match for Kevin Kyle at all, but Kevin Kyle did not really fight back, and he was bruised by George all over. That had been the first time Kevin Kyle had been beaten to this state. In actual fact, George Ken knew very well that Kevin Kyle was more devastated than anyone else about the fact that Karen Daly had disappeared from this life. In the past three years, he had been living a life that was worse than death. But Kevin Kyle firmly told George that Karen Daly was still alive and that he would send many people to look for her. But the world was so big and without a clue, it was not easy to find a person. His parents had died early, so Karen Daly was the closest person in the world to George Ken. When he returned to Beaford city, he closed the studio in Beaford city. He then started to search in Beaford city and then all over the country, then went abroad to look for her. He went to the all the places where Karen Daly might have gone. In the past three years, he had gone to many places and asked a lot of people, but there was no news about Karen Daly. But George Ken didn’t give up, as Kevin Kyle didn’t give up looking for Karen Daly. As Karen Daly’s biological brother, it was impossible for him to give up looking for Karen Daly. Just as he got the news that Karen Daly might be in Milan, he received a call from Kevin Kyle, saying that Karen Daly was back. Karen Daly had returned, she forgot her past memories. That was to say, they were all strangers to her. George Ken’s anger was ignited when he heard this news all of a sudden. But he soon calmed down. After calming down, George Ken felt a little embarrassed. Kevin Kyle definitely would not want Karen Daly to forget everything about the past too. The reason why George Ken lost his temper was that he wanted to vent his anger, which had been pent up in his heart for three years. He needed an emotional outlet for all this distress. However, if he could vent his anger on Kevin Kyle, who could Kevin Kyle vent his anger on? Kevin Kyle could only swallow all these grievances in his heart, and he had to bear all the consequences on his own. After being scolded by George Ken, Kevin Kyle still remained calm and said calmly, “Little Karen will take Karen Daly home tonight. You can go to my house and see her. Find a way to talk to her.” George Ken raised his eyebrows. “Aren’t you going home too?” Kevin Kyle said, “I’m going on a business trip.” George Ken gave him a look of surprise. “I didn’t expect that Rovio’s Leo Kyle would tell a lie.” Kevin Kyle said, “I’m no longer in Karen Daly’s memory, and I don’t know what I can do, so it’s better for you, an esteemed psychiatrist, to talk to her.” Kevin Kyle was very clear that if he were at home, Karen Daly would never go home with Little Karen. He was taking advantage of Karen Daly’s pity for Little Karen so that Little Karen could spend more time with Karen Daly alone. Blood was thicker than water. This child was hers. Perhaps if Karen Daly stayed around Little Karen a little longer, one day, Karen Daly’s memory of Little Karen would be back. Kevin Kyle couldn’t trust any other psychiatrists, so after learning that Karen Daly had lost her past memories, Kevin Kyle first thought of Karen Daly’s biological brother George Ken and asked him to return from abroad. George Ken then said, “Give me your Ferrari and let me drive it for two days so that I can look cool.” George Ken was such a person. He seemed to be carefree about everything, but he had actually was very careful with things in his heart. Karen Daly was back. As long as she was back, the things from the past were really not so important. A man like Kevin Kyle, who was so excellent and had such good qualities, it’s impossible for Karen Daly not to like him. As for George and Little Karen, they were all people who had blood ties with Karen Daly. Even if Karen Daly couldn’t remember them, they were Karen Daly’s closest family. After thinking through these things, George Ken was now in the mood to crack a joke. He even started to think of showing off by borrowing Kevin Kyle’s car. With a Ferrari driving around in Chatterton Town, he could get all kinds of women he wanted. Kevin Kyle said, “As long as Karen Daly gets better, the car is yours. “I’m so lucky to have a brother-in-law like you!” George Ken slapped Kevin Kyle’s shoulder jokingly and said, “A sister for a Ferrari sports car. If I had known earlier, I would have asked my parents to have a few more daughters. I can just depend on my brother-in-law to live a luxurious life.” Kevin Kyle gave him a cold look. George Ken shut up immediately. Kevin Kyle was worried about Karen Daly at the moment. He had joked too much with him, so George Ken stopped. George Ken had been manipulated by Kevin Kyle more than once, so he was all too clear about Kevin Kyle’s personality.

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