George Ken had gone to Secret Garden for the first time, when Karen Daly was pregnant three years ago. At that time, Karen Daly was very wary of him. Later, after Karen Daly disappeared, he came to see Little Karen several times Although Little Karen was just a little girl at three years old, many children could not compare to her in terms of intelligence. She was very mature for her age. However, there was a reason for Little Karen being so smart. Little Karen’s father, the chief of Rovio, was the man who had once skipped several grades in school, but till now no one had broken his record. As for Little Karen’s mother, when Karen Daly was at school, if she was in second place, no one would dare to claim first place. Karen was also offered a place at the best university in Beaford city. Most importantly, George Ken felt that his niece was so smart because she had an extremely nimble-minded uncle. People always say that nieces are like their uncles. He felt that Little Karen was the most similar to him in terms of intelligence and mindset. They could understand a person’s character at a glance. He had not stepped into this place for months. It was different from his memory, but also a little similar. It seemed that he felt a little warmer than the last time he had come. Perhaps it was not the place that had changed, but that the person they had been looking for three years was now in the house. The real owner of this place had come back. George Ken was a frequent visitor of the Kyle family. Without asking the servant to lead the way, he went to the living room on his own. Before he entered the house, he heard Little Karen’s soft voice. “Sister, apart from Daddy, my favorite person is you, am I your favorite person apart from Daddy?” “Yeah, my favorite person is also Daddy, and also our Little Karen!” Of course, Karen Daly was talking about her own father. George Ken heard her voice. Even though he hadn’t heard it for three years, he could immediately recognize it. It could be no one else but Karen Daly. George Ken entered the house and saw Karen Daly kneeling on the ground with Little Karen. He didn’t know what the two of them were playing with. But they were very focused on their game, and did not notice him. Karen Daly’s words resonated differently into Little Karen’s ears. Little Karen felt that sister’s favorite person was her father, then herself. However, she felt that she was much cuter and more adorable than her father. Shouldn’t this sister like her the most? Could it be because when her father left today, he said that she would cry and Big Karen had heard him? Perhaps Big Karen did not like her? Little Karen thought. However, even beautiful. However, even if she cried, she would still look very beautiful. Seeing the little girl look upset, and was about to cry, Karen Daly felt funny and distressed. She couldn’t help but touch the tip of the little girl’ nose and say, “Little Karen, why aren’t you happy?” “Sister, why don’t you like Karen the most? Daddy is not as cute as mel” Little Karen blinked her eyes, and tears of grievance swirled in her eyes. Knowing that Little Karen had misunderstood, Karen Daly wanted to explain, but thinking about it again, even if she explained, Little Karen might not be able to understand. She held Little Karen in her arms and rubbed Little Karen’s pink face. “I like you the most. I won’t like others anymore.” Hearing this answer, Little Karen smiled with satisfaction. “OK, I like you the most. And then Daddy.” “Karen, don’t you like your uncle?” When they were talking happily, a male voice suddenly appeared, Karen Daly and Little Karen turned back at the same time. Little Karen immediately ran up, opened her small arms and shouted, “Uncle, hug me.” George Ken walked over and hugged Little Karen in his arms. He pinched her cheek and said, “Karen, don’t you miss me at all?” Karen Daly didn’t know this man. When she heard Little Karen call him uncle, she knew this man was from Little Karen’s family, so she couldn’t help but stare at him. George Ken noticed her eyes and replied with a polite smile, “Miss Daly, nice to meet you!” “Nice to meet you!” Karen Daly nodded. She thought to herself, “This is the first time I’ve met this person. How did he know my surname, Daly? “Before I came here, I was on the phone with Little Karen’s father. He said Little Karen invited an important guest home, that is why I know your name!” George Ken saw through Karen Daly’s mind at a glance. Karen Daly, “.” “I’m George, George Ken” George Ken said, “I’m Little Karen’s mother’s half brother, we have the same father, but different mothers.” Karen Daly nodded and did not continue. She just felt that it was strange that everyone she saw recently all told her something very personal about themselves. To be honest, Karen Daly didn’t care about the relationship between George Ken and Little Karen’s mother at all. The reason why she came to the Kyle Mansion was that she just liked being with Little Karen and had no other purpose. “Miss Daly, don’t think too much of it. I like you. And Little Karen is very good at looking at a person’s character. Anyone she likes must be a very good person!” After a few simple words with Karen Daly, with George Ken’s years of experience, he was sure that Karen Daly had really lost all memories of the past. It was definitely not a disguise. “Sister, you are a good person. I like you very much!” Little Karen opened her arms towards Karen Daly. “1 like your hug!” “Little Karen, you two haven’t had dinner yet, right? Shall I have dinner with you?” George Ken passed Little Karen back to Karen Daly and walked to the dining room. “Aunt Kim, please prepare for food us.” Karen Daly caught Little Karen and was stunned for a while. It was the same when she saw Mia Kyle two days ago. They all passed Little Karen to her, as if she was the closest person to Little Karen. At the dinner table, George Ken did not ask Karen Daly any special questions. He just chatted casually for a while, but it was enough for him. After the meal, George Ken left. He said that he was going out to hang out with his friends. But in fact, he was going to report the situation to Kevin Kyle. After having Big Karen around, the servants at home were not wanted by Little Karen anymore. After dinner, Little Karen took Karen Daly upstairs and wanted Big Karen to sleep with her. The servants had prepared a guest room for Karen Daly, but she had been led away by Little Karen, and Karen Daly couldn’t bear to refuse her. She thought that Little Karen should have her own room, so it didn’t matter for her to be with Little Karen. She didn’t expect that Little Karen would pull her into the master bedroom? Karen Daly took a quick look and saw the desk near the balcony in the hall. There were a few books on the bookshelf and a painting rack beside the desk. It seemed to look familiar to her. Karen Daly grabbed Little Karen and said softly, “Little Karen, this is Daddy’s room. Can we go to your room?” “I sleep with Daddy, and you sleep with me. Let’s sleep together!” Little Karen had a separate room, but she had never slept there. To her, her father’s room was her room..

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