Karen Daly understood Little Karen’s words. The child’s mind was very simple, but it carried a different meaning to an adult’s ears Karen Daly shook her head and told herself not to think too much. She could help Little Karen take a bath first and accompany her to sleep before leaving. “Miss Daly, this is Little Karen’s towel, pajamas… Sorry to trouble you with these things,” Lynn, who usually took care of Little Karen, handed over Little Karen’s toiletries to Karen Daly and left right after. Karen Daly went straight to the bathroom with Little Karen in her arms. She didn’t even look around the large room, but how could she have known where the bathroom was? Little Karen liked playing with water. She flopped in her bathtub and splashed the water all over Karen Daly’s body, Karen Daly rubbed Little Karen’s head and said softly, “Little Karen, if you play with water and you’ll catch a cold. Then you’ll get a snotty nose. That way, you won’t be very cute.” Little Karen immediately stopped moving and said, “I don’t want to catch a cold, I want to be cute.” Karen Daly said, “Well then don’t splash around anymore. Let me help you with your bath. After that, let’s go to bed, okay?” “Okay!” Little Karen nodded vigorously Karen Daly had never taken care of such a small child. The child was tiny, and her small arms and legs were particularly cute. When helping Little Karen with her bath, Karen Daly thought of Little Karen’s mother, the woman who had disappeared. Her husband was so good, and the child was so cute. How could she give them up so cruelly? Or perhaps what Karen Daly saw was only superficial. How could she, an outsider, know about the family’s relationships? Little Karen had been making a fuss for the whole day, and didn’t take a nap at noon. Now that she was quiet, she was soon sleepy. While she was sitting in the bathtub, she was already nodding off Worrying that she would catch a cold, Karen Daly quickly wrapped her up with a bath towel, wiped her face, carried her back to the room, and put Little Karen in bed. She also helped her put on her pajamas. Karen Daly pulled the quilt over her. When she was about to turn around to clean up the bathroom, the little child reached out her little hand and grabbed one of Karen’s fingers. “Mom Suddenly hearing this, Karen Daly felt that her heart seemed to be pierced. It was a little painful and a little sour. Little Karen never missed her mother during the day, but when she was sleeping, she did miss her mother. Karen Daly stopped in her tracks and sat down beside the big bed. She held Little Karen’s hand and lowered her head to kiss her little face. “Good girl Karen, go to sleep.” “Sister-in-law… Miss Daly, I was wondering why the door was not closed. It turns out that you are here to take care of Little Karen. Where is my brother? Is he taking a bath?” Mia Kyle said as she walked in, and even stretched her head to look at the bathroom. “Your brother is on a business trip. Little Karen asked me to accompany her. She just fell asleep.” Karen Daly replied. Hearing this, she felt a little embarrassed. However, she was not afraid of what other people would say. She had no other thoughts. “Your clothes are wet, I’ll get you some pajamas.” “It’s fine. I’ll take a bath in the guest room later. I’ll just blow them dry with the hair dryer.” Mia Kyle turned around and walked to the wardrobe in Kevin Kyle’s room. There were new clothes prepared for Karen Daly every season, and they all hung in the wardrobe, untouched. Mia could easily pass a set to Karen and it would fit. Mia Kyle took a set and said, “These are all in your size.” “In my size?” “No, I mean my sister-in-law’s figure is almost the same as yours. You can definitely wear them.” It was not good to wear another’s clothes. Karen Daly was a little hesitant and did not reach out to take them. “These are all new. They are unworn!” Mia Kyle put the clothes into Karen Daly’s arms and said, “Don’t worry, since you have come here, this is your home too!” Karen Daly smiled awkwardly. The fabric in her hand was soft and comfortable, but no one had worn them before. After thinking it over and over again, Karen Daly couldn’t help but look at Mia Kyle and asked in a low voice, “Where is Little Karen’s mother? Why doesn’t she even have a picture around here? After coming here, she realized something strange – there was no picture of the lady of this house. Looking at Kevin Kyle, he should love his wife very much, but there was not a single photo of her in such a big house. This mother who was “flying in the sky” in Little Karen’s words seemed to have left no trace at all. Upon hearing this, Mia Kyle was stunned and confused. “What should I say? That you are her mother? Because I wanted to trick you to come back, that’s why I had put the photos away?” Mia thought to herself. “No, no, no… Sister-in-law would be overwhelmed if I tell her the truth now. I’m afraid that she will run away… Kevin Kyle will probably send me to hell..” Mia pondered. After thinking about it, Mia Kyle cleared her throat seriously and said, “Well.. My sister-in-law left because of something that had happened. My brother put all her photos away because he was afraid of overwhelming emotions.” Karen Daly nodded thoughtfully. She just thought that it might be because there were some irreconcilable arguments between Kevin Kyle and his wife that they separated, but she felt pity for Little Karen. “However Miss Daly, my brother absolutely did not do anything wrong to my sister-in-law!” Seeing that Karen Daly did not speak, Mia Kyle thought that Karen Daly misunderstood and hurriedly explained, “My brother and sister-in-law separated because of a fault in the stars! It is not because of their feelings that they are separated!” She said quickly and urgently, for fear that Kevin Kyle would be thought of as a playboy who was unfaithful and heartless. Karen Daly smiled helplessly and said lightly, “I know.” “No, you don’t understand!” For some reason, seeing Karen Daly so calm, Mia Kyle suddenly burst into anger. “My sister in-law is not here for the past few years. My brother has been living a terrible life. It’s the first time that I have seen him so absent-minded. I feel like his sky has collapsed. If it weren’t for… If it weren’t for Karen… My brother may not have lived any longer.” Mia Kyle paused for a moment and tears welled up in her eyes. She stared at Karen Daly with sadness and sincerity in her eyes. “My sister-in-law was my brother’s everything, my brother’s whole world. Do you understand?” Karen Daly was not close to Mia Kyle, but after a few opportunities of meeting her, she knew that Mia was a cheerful and optimistic person. At this time, Mia Kyle’s eyes were full of tears, as if there was a deep sadness in her, which made her look like she would collapse at any time. Karen Daly couldn’t help but pat Mia Kyle on the shoulder. She wanted to comfort her, but she didn’t know what to say. Perhaps… Mia Kyle said those words to her because she thought that Karen Daly might be interested in her brother. Perhaps Mia wanted Karen to understand that there was only her sister-in-law in Kevin Kyle’s heart. She hoped that Karen would not have any improper thoughts of Kevin Kyle. Karen thought, while comforting Mia Kyle.

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