Karen Daly had only met Kevin Kyle a few times within the few days. From their conversations, she knew that he was a gentleman and also an excellent man. The most important thing was that he had deep feelings for his wife… Therefore, she would never have improper thoughts for him. But they had only seen each other a few times, yet she was sleeping at his house… It would indeed cause a misunderstanding “When Kevin Kyle comes back, it’s better to stay away from him. Don’t let others misunderstand, and don’t let Little Karen misunderstand.” She thought to herself. “Don’t worry, I’m just here to take care of Little Karen. I won’t go too far. I can see that your brother loves your sister-in- law very much!” Karen Daly smiled harmlessly. “It’s late. I’m going to rest first.” After that, Karen Daly nodded and turned to leave, leaving Mia Kyle, who was stunned again. What? Wait! Mia Kyle stretched out her hand and wanted to grab her sister-in-law! “Sister-in-law, wait! That’s not what I mean! You are my sister-in-law! The woman my brother loves the most is you!!” Mia Kyle thought to herself. “Please, you must go beyond the limit! Hurry up and push on to my brother! He has been hungry for three years. During these three years, he has not enjoyed the pleasures between a man and a woman. Please save his exhausted little heart quickly!” Mia Kyle roared in her heart, but she didn’t dare to really say these words… She had a hunch that if her cold brother knew about what she had done, she might not be able to see the sun ever again. Chatterton Town was a humid place, and the weather in spring weather was also quite warm. Today was a good day. There were a few stars in the sky, and a crescent moon was hanging between the stars. It was a magnificent night sky. Kevin Kyle was not in the mood to appreciate such a beautiful scenery at all. He focused all his attention on Karen Daly and Little Karen in the villa. He had sent George Ken to investigate the situation. It had been a long time, but George Ken didn’t get back to him yet, so he didn’t know what the situation was. Looking around, Kevin Kyle was still waiting for George Ken to come out. Kevin Kyle lit up a cigarette and took two puffs, using the nicotine to calm his nerves. At work, people often said that Kevin Kyle was an iron hearted and decisive leader. His decisions had never been wrong. No one could replace him as the king in the world of business. But in his private life, especially in his personal relationships, Kevin Kyle was always an idiot. Not to mention others, Nick Black and Amelia Gray, who had always been by his side, also thought so too. Karen Daly had appeared in front of Kevin Kyle, and he had already found a way to let Little Karen bring Karen Daly home for the night. However, he still could not think of how to treat Karen Daly right, so that she could accept him easily and not reject him so much. George Ken walked out of the villa and watched the flickering lights at a distance. He knew it was Kevin Kyle out there, who was smoking. “How is Karen Daly?” Seeing George Ken, Kevin Kyle put out the cigarette. Although he tried to calm his voice down as much as possible, he could still hear the anxiousness in his voice. George Ken also leaned against the car, took out his cigarette, and lit it with Kevin Kyle’s lighter. He took two puffs and said slowly, “Karen has really forgotten about us, she is not pretending. “She really forgot about us!” Kevin Kyle lit another cigarette and smoked with George Ken while leaning on the car. After taking a puff, he asked, “Do you know why?” George Ken took a puff of his cigarette, and said, “I only chatted a little with her. I only know that she has really forgotten everything about the past. As for the reason, we have to look into this slowly.” “In this field, you know more than I do. What do you think need to do?” As long as Karen Daly could get better, Kevin Kyle would give away Rovio as an exchange. George Ken paused for a moment and said, “I have met many people who lost their past memories. There are a lot of types. Some of them are caused deliberately, some others are because of great trauma and they choose to forget their past memories.” “You mean Karen might have experienced some great trauma, and then she chose to forget everything from the past?” Kevin Kyle looked at the lights in the villa. After a long time, he shook his head and said, “The Karen I know is definitely not that kind of person.” A few years ago, she had experienced various betrayals and was abandoned by her family. In that kind of situation, she still went through it strong and lived positively and happily. She was so active, optimistic, and strong. Kevin Kyle did not think that there was anything else that could cause so much damage that she would choose to shut down her memories of the past. George Ken added, “Memory loss can be categorized into different forms and different degrees. General memory loss can be treated. But I think Karen Daly’s symptoms are different from what I have seen before.” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows. “What are you trying to say?” He demanded. George Ken sighed. “If we can find a chance to get Karen Daly to the hospital for a physical examination, and check if her brain has been seriously damaged, it would be useful. If there is no problem with her brain, then we can find reasons in other aspects, eliminating one possibility can quicken the process.” Kevin Kyle, “..” After a pause, George Ken added, “I guess, for whatever reason she forgot her past memories, those memories should have been bad memories. In my opinion, it’s better that she doesn’t remember the past. As long as we stay with her, she will always accept us.” “But Samuel Daly stays with her” Kevin Kyle said coldly. His eyes were so sharp that they seemed to be able to kill at a glance. If Karen Daly were not able to restore her memory, she would never believe what Samuel Daly had done before. At the thought of Karen Daly spending the past three years with that beast Samuel Daly, Kevin Kyle felt that he was about to suffocate. They all knew very well, what kind of evil person Samuel Daly was. Kevin Kyle had given thought that perhaps Karen Daly’s memory shouldn’t be restored. He was also worried that what happened three years ago had caused a lot of damage to Karen Daly. Perhaps she chose to forget them because the damage had surpassed her tolerance He even wanted to give up the beautiful memories of their past and let Karen Daly start over with him. It was okay for them to rebuild their family. However, at the thought of Samuel Daly taking advantage of Karen Daly’s weakness to make Karen Daly acknowledge him as her father, Kevin Kyle would never forgive him. “Samuel Daly, his tricks again!” At the mention of this name, George Ken’s eyes revealed a hint of malice. “Don’t mess around. We can’t touch him now,” Kevin Kyle said. “Don’t worry. I know how serious it is,” said George Ken. They were very clear that Samuel Daly was the only family and dependence Karen Daly had after losing her memory. If something happened to Samuel Daly, the person who would collapse would be Karen Daly..

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