Lying on the large and soft bed, Karen Daly didn’t feel sleepy at all. Thinking of what Mia Kyle said to her, and thinking of Mia Kyle’s sad expression as she spoke, even a cheerful and optimistic person like Mia could not help but shed tears when she talked about Kevin Kyle’s past. Karen Daly could not help but be curious. Kevin Kyle obviously loved his wife so much, so why did his wife leave him and their child behind? Of course, Karen Daly was just curious. She never had any improper thoughts of Kevin Kyle. She promised Little Karen to come to the Kyle Mansion only because of her love for Little Karen. Thinking of Little Karen, Karen Daly was a little worried. Such a little child sleeping alone in the master bedroom with no one by her side. What if she kicks the quilt away and gets cold? What if she falls down from the bed after rolling a few times? Thinking about it, Karen Daly sighed helplessly. She was not a mother, but already had a mother’s heart. She had only seen Little Karen a few times, how could she feel so close to the little baby girl? She thought, as long as Little Karen spoke, there was probably nothing she didn’t want to do for Little Karen. This was not good. … Daddy, I want Daddy…” Suddenly, the child’s cry came from the corridor. Karen Daly sat up straight and listened carefully. She wanted to make sure if she had heard it wrong. Then she turned over and got out of bed, running out in a hurry. She was so anxious that she didn’t even put on her slippers. When she opened the door, she saw Little Karen walking alone in the corridor barefoot. She cried for her father while wiping her tears. Seeing Little Karen’s pitiful little face, Karen Daly was startled for a long while. The corridor was empty, and no one answered Little Karen’s cries. She cried sadly. “Daddy, I want Daddy…” “Little Karen…. Karen Daly rushed over and held the little fellow tightly in her arms. She kissed her hard on her face again and again. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. I’m here with you. Don’t be afraid.” “Daddy, I want Daddy.” Little Karen cried so sadly. She wouldn’t listen to what Karen Daly was saying. When she woke up, her father was not beside her and no one was around her. She was so afraid. “Karen, I’ll go back to the room with you and wait for Daddy to come back, okay?” Karen Daly patted Little Karen’s back, picked her up, and carried her back to the room. However, no matter how Karen Daly coaxed Little Karen, Little Karen was still crying. Her little body kept twitching as she cried, and she had no intention of stopping. “Karen, Daddy is not here. Can Mommy accompany you?” Karen Daly did not know what to do, so she thought of using this method to coax Little Karen. “Mommy, I want Mommy…” Hearing the word “Mommy”. Little Karen seemed to have a sense of security at once, and her crying gradually faded away. “Karen, Mommy will be here with you,” Karen Daly patted her on the back and walked around with Karen in her arms. After a long time, Little Karen finally calmed down in her arms. “Sister.” Little Karen, who had stopped crying, turned over her little body and said after a long time, “Doesn’t Daddy want Karen? Did Daddy fly to the sky like Mommy did?” In the past, Kevin Kyle would take Little Karen with him if he was on a business trip, so Little Karen, who was now three years old, had never left Kevin Kyle even for a night. She slept in her father’s arms every night. No matter where she was, when she woke up and opened her eyes, she would see her father. Today, when she woke up and opened her eyes, her father wasn’t there. Nobody else was around her. For a moment, she was scared. “Your Daddy is only going away for some work and will come back soon!” Karen Daly kissed Little Karen’s small face and comforted her softly, “His Karen is so cute, of course, Daddy wouldn’t leave her behind.” “Sister, will you stay with me?” Big Karen had promised to accompany her, but when she opened her eyes, she was not there. Do adults like to lie to children? Little Karen thought Karen Daly nodded and said, “Yes. I won’t leave you alone anymore.” “Sister, pinky promise. You can’t break pinky promises!” Little Karen stretched out her little finger and twisted it around Karen Daly’s finger. Then Little Karen said, “Please stay with me to sleep. Let’s wait for Daddy together.” As she spoke, Little Karen blinked her tearful big eyes and looked very pitiful. Looking at her, Karen Daly felt so distressed that she didn’t have the energy to remember that she was in the master bedroom. She lay down on the bed with Little Karen in her arms and held the little baby’s trembling little body in her arms. “Karen, can I sing for you?” “Okay, Little Karen lay on Karen Daly’s body, clutching at her clothes tightly with both hands. It seemed that she was afraid that Karen Daly would leave her alone again. Seeing Little Karen like this, Karen Daly felt uncomfortable in her heart. She could not help but lower her head and kiss Little Karen’s forehead. “Little baby, go to sleep quickly…” As she hummed, Little Karen slowly fell asleep in Karen Daly’s arms, but she twitched from time to time while she slept. It could be seen how sad she was when she cried just now. Karen Daly hugged Little Karen with one hand and covered both of them with the quilt with the other. Then she kissed Little Karen’s face and said, “Good night, little baby!” In the room, there was only a glowing bedside lamp, dimly lighting up the room. When Kevin Kyle returned to his room, he saw such a warm scene. His wife was holding their daughter, and the two of them were lying quietly on the bed. In the past three years, Kevin Kyle had fantasized about such a scene many times, and reality disappointed him time and again. But this time was different. This time, Kevin Kyle knew that it was real. The large and small figures sleeping on the bed were really his wife and child. He slowly approached them and sat at the bedside, staring at them. He couldn’t help stretching out his hand when he saw them. He wanted to touch Karen Daly’s face and feel her warmth. He wanted to verify that she was really by his side. However, just as his hand was about to touch her, Kevin Kyle paused again He knew that Karen Daly was real, but he was still worried that once he reached out to touch her, she would disappear before his eyes as she had done many times in the past. He shouldn’t have come back tonight, but after several struggles, he was unable to control himself and came back to the house quietly He wanted to take a look at them from a distance and leave at a glance, but after that, he wanted to touch her to tell himself he wasn’t dreaming. After struggling for a long time, Kevin Kyle’s palm gently fell on Karen Daly’s face. As soon as he touched her gently, he withdrew his hand. In fact, he wanted to kiss her, but he couldn’t… Just as Kevin Kyle retracted his hand, Karen Daly suddenly moved and opened her eyes. The two of them looked into each other’s eyes. For a moment, the atmosphere was very awkward, as if the air was frozen.

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