Karen looked at Kevin. His inky eyes were so deep and full of emotions that attracted her curiosity. Was there something deep inside? At the end of the darkness? Although the light in the room was not very bright, she was sure that his eyes were full of affection. She saw the affection that should have belonged to another woman, and it felt very wrong! Why would he stare at her this way? Did he mistake her for his wife? Perhaps he misunderstood her purpose? Kevin wanted to look away, but he couldn’t move his eyes at all. His eyes were fixed on her face noticing every single slight change of her expression Seeing her stunned for a few seconds, he frowned and looked away quickly. “Mr. Kyle, you are finally back. I was just taking care of Little Karen. She just..” She stuttered in a panic, and she was embarrassed. The man of the house had returned, but she was sleeping on his bed. How embarrassing it was for her. Kevin couldn’t catch what she said. To be precise, when he heard her say “Mr. Kyle”, he didn’t want to hear the rest of the sentence. Mr. Kyle! It was back to Mr. Kyle again! These two words were obviously the same, but now there was only the sense of alienation between them. It sounded so cold that he hated it! Kevin only felt the anger burning in his body, that he wanted to not care about anything. He no longer cared about her feelings, nor did he consider if she remembered the past. He just wanted to hold her in his arms desperately, kiss her fiercely, and tell her, “Karen Daly, you are my wife.” The rage in his chest was overwhelming, but in the end, he suppressed everything and said with a faint smile, “Because I have never left her alone without me so I rushed back after finishing my work. So sorry that Little Karen caused some trouble for you!” “Little Karen is a good girl.” Karen glanced at the child who was sleeping soundly on her body. She smiled awkwardly at Kevin. She gently carried Little Karen off her body, put her aside and get out of the bed. “I’ll leave her to you then. I’m going to rest first.” Kevin nodded in the same polite manner, “Well, I’m sorry to bother you.” “It’s okay.” Karen smiled politely and said, “You’ve been busy all day, you should also rest early.” After that, she turned around and left quickly. “Miss Daly-” Just as she was about to walk out of the door, Kevin suddenly stopped her. Karen turned around and smiled politely, she said “Mr. Kyle, yes? Kevin pulled up the quilt and covered Little Karen properly Then he walked towards her gracefully and said, “I would like to have a chat with you. Would you give me this opportunity? His eyes were fixed on her. She wanted to dodge, but she felt that as long as he looked at her, she would have nowhere to hide. Those eyes, which seemed to have followed her for thousands of years, were full of determination and perseverance. But… what could a man and a woman talk about in the middle of the night? And what did he mean by giving him this opportunity? Did he think that she was interested in him? He should not think so as all her focus now was on work. She was not interested to be in a relationship, moreover interfering with another person’s family. However, since Kevin had already started the conversation, she could also take this opportunity to talk to him about it. She would say that if it was not necessary to meet him in future, she would not meet him. Karen nodded, “Okay,” Kevin was happy when she agreed. This was the first step he took to get close to her. As long as he succeeded, he could get close to her naturally in the future. However, before he could celebrate his little success, the happiness was abruptly ended by her next sentence. “Mr. Kyle, I promised Little Karen to come to your house was because I like her and I thought that you were away on your business trip so you won’t be back. I also know that you love your wife very much. Please be rest assured that I really don’t have any improper thoughts for you or that I am interested in you.” Kevin, “..” Her voice was still so gentle, but every word was so powerful that they seemed to pierce his heart. The pain was so great, it could not be more intense. He wanted her to have ‘improper’ thoughts for him. The more she thought of him, the better it would be. How could she not have any ideas? Seeing that Kevin did not respond, Karen continued without hesitation, “Mr. Kyle, I will leave tomorrow morning. As your family’s outfit designs, I will send someone to show you the first draft as soon as possible. Just let her know if you are not satisfied. She finished her words in one breath, but he didn’t want to listen. The anger that he had just suppressed was rolling again this time. It was far more turbulent and uncontrollable than the last time. Kevin lost control. He held her chin and held her in his arms before she could react. He lowered his head and kissed her hard. For a man who had been controlling himself for three years, once he kissed her, he was like a hungry beast. The kiss was so hard that it seemed that he wanted to make up for what she owed him in the past three years, Three years of yearning, three years of loneliness, and three years of despair were all concentrated in this kiss. It was fierce, but full with love. “Oh ” Karen’s words were blocked by this kiss, leaving only a few vague syllables. With her eyes wide open, she looked at the magnified handsome face in front of her in disbelief. For a moment, she forgot that she should have pushed him away. When she realized that this was extremely improper, she wanted to push him away, but she couldn’t. Kevin’s was much stronger than she had imagined. He wore glasses and looked gentle, but there seemed to be some infinite power in his body. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t push him at all. She couldn’t push him away, so she lifted her foot and kicked him hard, but he didn’t feel any pain, and he didn’t stop kissing her. Karen was so angry that it boiled from the bottom of her heart. She thought he was a gentleman not long ago. How could he do such a thing to her? “Isn’t he deeply in love with his wife? Do all men change their feelings so quickly and fall in love with another woman so easily? Just when Karen felt completely helpless, Kevin finally let her go.

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