However, before she could take a breath, Kevin held her into his arms again, as if he wanted to embed her into his body. “Karen Daly, I won’t let you leave me anymore.” He said it softly, like a murmur, or more like something which had been rehearsed for hundred times, from the bottom of his heart. Abruptly, she stopped struggling. In a trance, she seemed to understand why he was out of control. After a long time, she sighed softly and then whispered, “Mr. Kyle, is your wife… also named Karen Daly?” Kevin seemed to have known her from a long time ago. The way he looked at her was very different from the first time they met, but it was only until now that she realized it. Perhaps it was because she had the same name as his wife, and her figure was somewhat similar, that he mistook her as his wife. Even Little Karen would rely on her so much, it was probably because of this too. With such an explanation, all the unreasonable things could be explained. They all regarded her as another person, while the other Karen Daly was not her. Ugh- Although she had nothing to do with them, being treated as a substitute still made her feel extremely uncomfortable in her heart As soon as she finished her words, she felt that Kevin’s body was slightly stiff, and the strength holding her arm was loosened. “Yes, my wife’s name is Karen Daly, and she looks exactly like you. I lost her three years ago. When I met her again, she was with her scumbag of a father.” This was what Kevin wanted to say to her in his heart, but he knew that he couldn’t say that to her. Regardless of whether Karen would believe it or not, it would only add salt to her wound. If Karen believed him but she was unable to find the memories she had before, it would drive her crazy. If Karen did not believe her, she would stay away from him, and she would not even be willing to see him again. Therefore, Kevin could only push the woman he had missed for three years away from him, watching her getting further and further away from him. Kevin didn’t know what he could say. Her expression now was like a frightened little kitten, full of fear and vigilance. She never looked at him like this before, not even during their first encounter years ago. To her, he was worse than a stranger. Thinking about it carefully, this period of time of her return felt long and painful to him. He got what he wanted but lost it again. He was so happy and then he felt desperate. The difference between Heaven and Hell was just a fine line to him. But even so, he was still glad that he had met her again. His feelings for her was deeply engraved in his heart. Karen Daly, did you know how much I missed you? Although you are right in front of me, I miss you more than ever. Kevin let go of Karen completely. There was a smile on his lips. She could even see the smile on his lips. This smile was definitely not joy, but more like helplessness, the helplessness of a moth darting into a flame. “I’m sorry!” Kevin said. His voice was a little shaky, but he still held his gentleness, “I was out of control.” She suddenly couldn’t say anything. There was a voice in her heart that wanted to break out, but in a flash, it was pulled back to the bottom of her heart and returned to silence. She should be angry. If she was forced to kiss a man as a substitute, she should be angry. But why wasn’t she getting angry? “Have a good rest,” Kevin said, slowly walking out of the room, “Don’t worry, I will never lose my composure again this way.” He stood at the door as he made this promise. He didn’t look back at Karen and then left. His figure seemed so lonely that she wanted to walk forward and hug him. She stared at him for a long time without moving, caught in a daze. … On the breakfast table, Kevin’s face was gloomy. He did not only ignore Mia, but also Little Karen. Seeing that the situation was dire, Mia didn’t want to have breakfast too. She stood up and said, “Sweetie, auntie is going to work soon. See you in two days?” “Little Aunt, sure! I have Big Karen to accompany me.” In the past, when Mia left, Little Karen was always reluctant to part with her, but today she waved her little hand happily. “It seems that you don’t need little aunt anymore now that you’ve got your mother!” Mia couldn’t help murmuring while hurrying away. The reason why she left so quickly was that she was afraid to see Kevin’s gloomy face. She was afraid because of she was guilty. She was worried that her cold brother had found out what she had said yesterday. He said he was on a business trip, but he appeared at the breakfast table early in the morning. Her sister-in-law, who was still there late at night last night, had disappeared in the morning. Mia did not need a high IQ to tell that something must have happened between these two people, leading to a tense situation in the morning. Over the years, she had learned to be very clever. Whenever she encountered something related to her sister-in-law, she would stay away from it to avoid conflict. “CUT-” She didn’t know how many times the director had stopped her, Mia was running out of patience. The director said, “Zander Yew, you are now the male lead. The woman you kissed is the woman you love deeply. Why do you look so bitter?” His acting skills were so bad, and his looks were ordinary. The director really couldn’t imagine why such a person had become famous. Of course, he kept this in his heart without saying it. Zander said, “Director, can we just skip the kissing scene?” Because of the scandal that happened, Zander’s agency had made it clear that he could not have any contact with Polaris. This film contract had been signed before the scandal, and the script he received previously did not have a kissing scene. Somehow, they added the scene after. Zander did not need to be a genius to guess that the photo was sent to the tabloids by Polaris. He also figured out that this kissing scene was added on her request. He didn’t want to have anything to do with Polaris anymore, and he didn’t want his career to be ruined by such a woman. Although Polaris was much more popular than him now and might be able to increase his popularity, she was bad tempered and had a horrible background. If he got along with someone like her, he would be dragged into trouble sooner or later, so it was better to stay away from her Mia had long wanted to get angry because of the frequent cuts, but she also had her own professional ethics. No matter how angry she was, she suppressed it and did not say a word. She did not expect this man to dislike her to this extent. No one else except for Neil Brown dared to dislike her. Mia could not tolerate Zander’s attitude when he requested to remove the kiss scene She raised the sword in her hand and pressed it against Zander’s throat, which scared him and made him tremble. “Polaris, what, what do you want to do?”.

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