“What do I want to do?” Mia Kyle looked at Zander Yew’s trembling legs with disdain in her eyes. “I didn’t mind kissing you but what are you doing now? I’ve seen so many good looking men but none of them was as unappreciative as you.” No one could be comparable to her cold brother or Neil Brown. Zander Yew had starred in a film with her previously, and she had taken advantage of him to test whether the scumbag Neil Brown would get jealous. She didn’t expect the news to be suppressed by cold brother so quickly. The news didn’t reach Neil Brown, on the contrary, Zander Yew was so self-absorbed to think that she was into him. Sh*t! Polaris swore in her heart. This Zander Yew was frightened just by a prop sword and almost peed his pants! She wouldn’t even spare any attention for this kind of guy. She liked the manly type of guy, just like how Neil Brown was. Even if he was pointed at with dozens of guns, he wouldn’t even frown a little. The more Mia Kyle thought about it, the more admiration she had for Neil Brown. He was so handsome but only had few friends. Fortunately, Mia was in love with him. Otherwise, he would be single all his life. To be honest, only a beautiful and smart woman like her, who was outstanding in all aspects, could be a good match for him. “Polaris, you may take a rest. I’ll brief Zander Yew through this.” Mia Kyle was so angry, even the director had to give in. They didn’t even know of Polaris’s true identity, they only knew that she was managed by Rovio Entertainment. Everyone in the industry knew that Rovio Entertainment didn’t take artists in easily, but once their contract is signed, they would try their best to protect the artists. All the artists under Rovio had their strength and skills in acting. They never needed commercial publicity, but relied on their skills to market themselves. Whoever that was offered contract with Rovio Entertainment either had good acting skills or great potential during their time in film school. As for Polaris, who had no background in film school and zero acting skills, everyone’s guess was that she gained a contract with Rovio Entertainment because she probably had a rich and supportive investor As for who this sponsor was, people had taken guesses but none of them were certain. “Why are we taking a break? He has spare time to waste but I don’t Let’s give it another try, if the scene fails again, perhaps we just need a replacement?” Mia Kyle was busy shooting so many scenes each day and wanted to find an excuse to spend time with Neil Brown. She had no spare time to waste with these people. “Master Yew, can you please be more mindful of what I’ve said? If this take fails again..”, the director paused halfway but Zander Yew presumably should be aware what was wrong “This is a film shoot, and it’s not up to her! Can she even decide on a replacement?”, Zander Yew was not worried to be replaced as he had a powerful investor backing him up as well. Everyone in the industry assumed that the reason Mia Kyle managed to sign a contract with Rovio Entertainment was that someone was supporting her from behind, where they had an ambiguous relationship. The man could protect her now but if anything really happened, no one would care about her. “Looking so ugly and having poor or even no acting skills, how dare you talk to me like that? Be careful with your words, I’ll beat you up!”, if Mia Kyle wasn’t in a rush, she would have him replaced immediately. She felt that it was good enough that she had even agreed to star in a production with such unprofessional actors. When Mia Kyle was furious, she could really beat someone up. There was a previous incident where Mia Kyle hit someone but no one knew the actual reason because the news had been taken down so quickly. Zander Yew knew that she always followed up with action after speaking her words. So he decided to endure her scolding and quietly vowed to take revenge in the future. After being scolded by Mia Kyle, Zander Yew’s attitude was much better. Although the performance was not perfect, it was still usable. After that, Mia Kyle had another important scene that required stunt rigging, and she was sharing the scene with the supporting actor, Tori Yard. In fact, Tori Yard, the supporting actor, looked far more handsome and had better acting skills than the leading actor, Zander Yew. Perhaps Tori Yard just didn’t have the same background, and that his management company wasn’t very helpful. Therefore, after several years of acting, he was still taking on supporting roles. It was such a pity for his acting talent to not be recognized. Mia Kyle was quite pleased to meet the supporting actor, and both of them could chat quite well after the filming. They had once acted in the same film and went drinking together. He was at the very least, a friend. “Polaris, do you need me to help you with your lines? Don’t be too scared and forget your lines later when doing the stunt!”, Tori Yard joked while sitting down next to Mia Kyle. “Don’t worry, the lines are etched in my mind. Even if I were to wet my pants, I won’t forget them.” Although Mia Kyle had been seemed carefree, and not too serious, she had never taken her career lightly. She also never took advantage of her true identity. She worked according to the rules amongst the film crew, and most of the time she put in more effort than anyone else. However, she sometimes accepts the preferential treatment her family elders showed as a caring act in order to let them be at ease. Tori Yard grinned and said, “Since you’re so confident, I won’t bother you anymore. Get ready. It’s our turn soon.” “No problem.”, Mia Kyle said while making an OK gesture. Just after Tori Yard left, she immediately took out her mobile phone to take some selfies and send it to Neil Brown. – Neil Brown, how do I look in my ancient costume? Am I pretty? I know you won’t answer but it doesn’t matter. I know deep in your heart, you think I’m gorgeous. – Neil Brown, let me tell you a secret. Every time when I get cast in a romance film, I would think of you as my lover. In that case, I could hug and kiss you. – Neil Brown, I haven’t seen you in a few days. Shall I treat you to dinner after my shooting today? – I know you won’t answer me, but who cares? I’m now going to a do a stunt! I’ll talk to you when I’m done. You can miss me and think about me as much as you want. XX Although she clearly knew that Neil Brown would not reply. Mia Kyle still bombarded him with text and voice messages whenever she had time to spare. “Hmm.” She wanted to routinely appear in his life where he would get used to her existence. One day if she stopped contacted him, perhaps he would feel the loss. “Polaris, it’s soon your turn. Let’s get prepared,” said the assistant. “Okay!” Mia Kyle responded and took a short video for Neil Brown, accompanied with a short text, “Miss me, Neil Brown.” Because her mind was full of Neil Brown, Mia Kyle was in a very good mood. She was usually afraid of heights, but she wasn’t terrified even after being rigged and hoisted up for the stunt.

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